HERSHEY'S - Halloween Craft - Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin

Uploaded by CelebrateWithHershey on 07.01.2012

Have fun handing out Halloween candy with our festive Pumpkin Bowl!
Here's how to make your own! You’ll need a foam crafting pumpkin, HERSHEY'S Candy,
and some spooky pizzazz. Carefully cut the pumpkin in half using a serrated knife or
hand saw. Next, line the bottom of the bowl with fabric. We like a dark color for contrast.
If you're feeling extra crafty, stick some Halloween decorations around the pumpkin.
These spooky spiders are sure to scare up a good time! Now, fill with HERSHEY'S products
– and you're ready for Trick-Or-Treat fun! HERSHEY’S makes life extraordinary!
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