Related Rates Example

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so let's take a look at his watch and problem for a lot of hitler's orders few years
with great ease and it for me
what is going on is a at a rate of teenagers permanent in one of four in the race
and what's the water levels write letters years
first there were a few
tonight the are us
the reasons owners commuters was caller is are
for maria ours to you
the height of the salingers for rieders
behind those who originally were talking or too concerned with the height of the water
for me to do this
those behind the water is that actually changing
some was think that apparel how high the water age
now what they were
great the height of the water is rising
hi David three years
so what we want
he's he he he
agency quoted three
the plight of the water think is increasing at a rate of teenagers key permit
now is it really that while it was being reported
so that's going to be a change in volume with respect to time so he's a
he didn't he
it's going to be important to you
now whether or not
it is so ordered
and then the label on it
was a this side of the water
in the water is changing anything that's changing needs live with that
so recall the height of the water age
now we also have a rating is are still in there
what's called the media's are
not only that it was very touching it with her
ABC's jerry King
because the water levels in Iraq
if you mean he wasn't there
the rate is is not changing in this case 'cause we had a cylinder
the always going to be to you
but the problem
that might be the evidence in the case this is their sole owner
it really is an option
now we're going to do this kind of relationship between the high eighties which is changing
and of all of these policy
the volume is still under hires orange
this is this is going to be new elections whatever it is
stories that by relationship between our rates
so that means differentiated both sides with respect to time
now before we do that if we have a
parts of our decision that are constant mission one of those values in
the simple find a little bit
worry that are almost constant is always going to be to you
so what that is
our poor blacks was so President of the the polls
what I did
the difference here of all sizes respect to the timing of DDT
the polls
for I was just a constant
it really is a racist at this time
he he he
now for me forget that he he was important to you
so let's put that in
and this is a form of putting everything you know
if we hit
Don hewitt or me missing what we're trying to solve for the GATT
some extent is this all for the speech he we can do that is by dividing by were hiding
and what we're hearing is that heidi
he's increasing point one five nine two meters process
that go for two years
the interest in this particular problem we do not need to use the fact that the water
was three years
will come into play in different problems for we had a problem
we would need to use that happened because
what we have is a cylinder
it turns out
at the height
is brought in the water is rising at the same rate
no matter what hi
the water's edge