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Hi, everyone.
Settle back in your easy chairs and join us for another It's Academic.
Peakhurst Public is the green school all week.
Today, please welcome Kylie,
Adam is the team captain, and Marcus.
Ashbury Public School.
Esme, Lara is the team captain, and Serena.
And finally, Warragamba Public School, purple.
Travis, Isabella is the team captain, and Josh.
Welcome, one and all.
Do people still have easychairs? I guess they do.
I think I'm just about ready for an easychair.
Not right now, though. Got some work to do, I have.
On the show today, one of my good friends, Saxon Horn.
He is a fantastic mountain biker.
We're going to rip down the hills with the boys and girls today.
Sal has a story about a monster baby from prehistoric times.
Do tell, Sal.
And we head to a state of a country
on the other side of the Pacific Ocean,
where it's very possible many of you have been for holidays.
A very popular destination, this destination.
It's Peakhurst first.
Kylie, Adam, Marcus,
Round 1 questions are coming your way right now.
Good luck.
How long is the normal gestation period, or pregnancy,
of most horses - A, 11 months or B, seven months?
Is correct.
I should have known that, but I didn't.
A little bit longer than humans.
Which vowel is missing from the word 'universal'?
'O' is missing from 'universal'.
The 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands are spread out
over around 2 million square kilometres of ocean.
True or false?
False. (WHISPERS) True.
True, it is, in the South Pacific - the beautiful Cook Islands.
How is the number 116 represented in Roman numerals?
CXVI, Adam, is correct.
Question 5...when he gets it.
What's the name of the character,
A, Scratchy Fastfeet or B, Kitty Softpaws?
B is correct. Kitty Softpaws it is.
Peakhurst, 130 points. Take a breather.
Let's go, girls. Ashbury, good luck.
Question 1.
Approximately how long is the normal gestation period, or pregnancy,
of most domestic cats? A, 100 days or B, just 60 days?
(WHISPERS) 60. 60.
60 is correct.
Which vowel is missing from the word 'overestimate'?
'U' missing from 'overestimate'.
They're never easy, those ones.
Your brain goes into overdrive.
True or false?
The smallest American state by total area is Hawaii.
True or false?
True. False.
Rhode Island, measuring 60km east to west
and just 77km north to south.
How is the number 122 represented in Roman numerals?
Lara, correct.
In the 2011 movie 'The Smurfs',
who plays the role of Patrick Winslow -
is it A, Neil Patrick Harris or B, Chris Hemsworth?
Ashbury, the girls, 130 points.
Bring on a darkened room
and a Random Spotlight question now for...
Special topic - spelling.
Spell 'acrobat',
Acrobat. Nice work, Lara.
Back on your easychairs.
answer some questions now.
Approximately how long is the normal gestation period, or pregnancy,
of most house mice - A, 20 days or B, 50 days?
20 days.
20 days, Josh. Correct.
It all happens pretty quickly for them mices.
Which vowel is missing from the word 'incubate'?
'Incubate'. 'O' is missing.
True or false?
The largest of the Galapagos Islands is called Elizabeth.
Is that true or false?
False. False is correct.
It is called Isabela.
Again, didn't know that.
195. Let's help you out.
CXCV, it is, Josh.
Question 5.
In the 2011 movie 'Spy Kids: All the Time in the World',
who plays the role of Marissa Wilson -
A, Jessica Simpson or B, Jessica Alba?
That is correct, Isabella. Jessica Alba.
130 points, Warragamba. Same score as Peakhurst.
Today, for Globetrotting, we are heading to a state
which is part of a country in the Northern Hemisphere.
Found in the southern part of this state,
recreational activities abound in this desert resort.
In 1890, this national park was first established.
and television productions.
And this city - beautiful city - is famous around the world
There's a song there that says, "It never rains in..."
We'll tell you the answer right after this.
Let's give you some more clues. I know you don't need them.
A famous spot in this state is Palm Springs,
where you find more than 50 golf courses within a 30km radius.
A lot of Hollywood heavyweights used to have their homes down there.
You can find Yosemite National Park in the central part of this state.
The Universal Studios theme parks are also found in Osaka, Japan,
and in Singapore.
The city of San Francisco
boasts one of the windiest streets in the world,
as well as the Golden Gate Bridge and trams as well.
The capital of the state, not everyone knows, is Sacramento.
Of course we are in California.
The most populous US state as well.
Tony Bennett - oh, that song - 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco'.
One of my favourite cities too.
Um, Ashbury - Esme, Lara, Serena.
150 are the girls into Round 2, as we get all nostalgic.
If you dissect something, do you -
A, cut it up or B, glue it to something?
Cut it up. You do cut it up.
What is 58.9 - 46.8?
Nice work, Serena. Well done.
On average,
about how close are asteroids to each other -
A, about 10-20m
or B, about 1-3 million kilometres?
(WHISPERS) I think it's 3 million.
B. That is correct.
If they were 10-20m apart, we would all be in trouble.
Spell 'window', as in,
Window. Correct, Lara.
Question 5.
Name one of the divisors of 16.
Four. Four will do it for us.
One, two, four, eight or 16.
Well done.
200 points, Ashbury.
Random now comes to Warragamba, purple, for...
..captain Isabella.
Special topic - 'Teenage Dream', the album by Katy Perry.
Finish the title of this song
from Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' album -
'The One That Got...'
'..Away', of course it is, Isabella.
150 into Round 2. Purple now.
Question 1.
If your plan is flawed, that's F-L-A-W-E-D, is it -
A, perfect and foolproof or B, weak and faulty?
(WHISPERS) Weak and faulty. (WHISPERS) Weak and faulty.
B. That is correct.
You might want to revisit your plan. Make it a bit more watertight.
What is 62.5 - 31.4?
31.1. Is correct.
At roughly what speed does our solar system travel
as it orbits the centre of our galaxy -
A, 220km/s or B, 220km/h?
That is correct. Well done, Josh.
That sort of stuff does my head in.
I just can't get my head around that.
I'm not the smartest person who ever came down the pipe,
but there you go.
Spell 'pelican', as in,
"The pelican swallowed the fish whole."
Pelican. That is correct.
Well done, Isabella.
I can't understand going 220km/s, if you know what I mean.
Name one of the divisors of 26.
One, two, 13, 26.
Well done, Josh.
200 points, Warragamba, also joining Ashbury in the lead.
Back to Peakhurst.
If you utilise all the available resources, do you -
A, throw them away or B, make good use of them?
(WHISPERS) B. (WHISPERS) Make good use of them.
B. B is correct, Adam.
What is 74.6 - 32.3?
42.3, Kylie, correct.
What's the average depth of Earth's global ocean -
A, 15m or B, 4km?
That is correct. The average depth.
Spell 'pirate', as in,
"The pirate was made to walk the plank."
BOTH: Pirate. That is correct.
Question 5.
Name one of the divisors of 35.
In fairness, it works, though.
Five, seven, 35 as well.
Peakhurst, 180 points.
Give them a Random Spotlight
and we've got 200 points across the board.
Beat the Buzzer.
Good luck, everyone. Clock starts now.
What is 99 - 13?
'It's My Life' is a song by American rock band Bon...?
Jovi, correct, Isabella.
What is a treehopper - a plant or an insect?
A plant. Insect.
Typically, are Galapagos tortoises herbivores?
Yes. Yes, correct.
What is 85 + 13?
What word inside the word 'hippopotamus' means to burst?
'Pop' is the answer.
So, you were close, Serena,
but it was 'pop' in the 'hippopotamus'
that we wanted there.
Checking scores. Very close.
190, Ashbury and Peakhurst.
Warragamba have the lead - 200 points.
Halfway stage of today.
Back with more Academic after this.
ANNOUNCER: This series, our contestants will take home
the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2012 Ultimate Reference Suite on DVD-ROM.
Whether it's for homework or just for fun,
students can explore subjects like science, sport,
history and geography, thanks to Encyclopaedia Britannica.
And thanks to Literacy Planet,
our contestants will be motivated to work on their literacy skills
with a 12-month home subscription
to a digital online English literacy resource
that is aligned with the Australian English curriculum.
A little science for you now.
A little science lesson from Sal, who is talking about a...
Well, we can only describe it as a monster baby.
When it comes to reptiles,
some chameleons give birth to live young,
but turtles lay eggs.
Anacondas give birth to live young too.
But if we're talking about skinks, it totally depends on which species.
No wonder palaeontologists weren't sure
how the ancient plesiosaur had its young.
Plesiosaurs were large predatory marine reptiles,
up to about 15m long,
that inhabited the oceans around 78 million years ago.
Because of their size, long necks and large flippers,
climbing out of the water to lay eggs was probably unlikely,
plesiosaurs gave birth to live young.
The problem, though,
was that there was no real evidence to back this theory up.
That was until the discovery of a 4.7m-long fossil
which also contained the skeleton of a little plesiosaur embryo.
But before coming to the conclusion
that plesiosaurs did indeed give birth to live young,
palaeontologists had to first confirm
that the adult and baby were the same species
and died at the same time.
They also had to confirm that the baby wasn't just eaten by the adult.
And in the end, it all checked out, so it's time to get excited.
It looks like one more dinosaur mystery has been unlocked.
That's a beauty. Thank you, Sal.
Being a palaeontologist would be very cool indeed.
The question goes like this. On the buzzer.
does Sal say gives birth to live young?
ALL: Anaconda.
Anaconda is correct. Well done, kids.
Up to 200 they go and we go.
Warragamba, also 200 points. Round 3 starts purple.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'mouth', 'mouse' or 'mountain'?
Mountain, Josh, correct.
Have a look at the picture.
What animal is this - A, a Californian sea lion or B, a spotted seal?
It is A, a California sea lion.
Bit of a California theme running today.
Bengali, correct. Also known as Bangla.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
For 'gentle giant', Isabella, is correct.
What's the nickname of Australia's national men's softball team -
A, the Aussie Steelers or B, the Outback Stunners?
(WHISPERS) Aussie Steelers. A.
A is correct, Travis. The Aussie Steelers.
I'm sure they are stunners as well.
Warragamba, 240. Good round, purple.
Back to Peakhurst - Kylie, Adam, Marcus.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'rubbish', 'rubber' or 'rugby'?
Rubber. 'Rubber', correct.
Have a look at the picture.
What animal is this -
A, a West African dwarf crocodile or B, a gharial?
West African crocodile.
Dwarf crocodile?
It's actually a gharial, Adam, it is.
What is an official language of Monaco -
A, Finnish or B, French?
(WHISPERS) French. French.
French. Of course it is.
Finnish is spoken in Finland.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
(WHISPERS) 'T'. 'T'.
'T' would be 'natural history'. Correct.
What is the nickname of Australia's national men's water polo team -
(WHISPERS) The Sharks. The Killer Whales.
The Sharks, it is. A.
Peakhurst, 230 points.
Chance to pop their noses into the lead, though,
Trailing by 10.
Marcus has the responsibility.
Special topic is a beauty - the Taj Mahal.
Beginning with 'A', name the Indian city
where the famous Taj Mahal mausoleum is located.
I can see it was there for you.
Staying on 230.
We go to Ashbury - Esme, Lara, Serena.
Red, Round 3.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'paddle', 'painter' or 'paddock'?
'Paddle'. We heard 'paddle'. That is correct.
Have a look at the picture.
What animal is this -
A, a Mediterranean trout or B, a trumpetfish?
It is a trumpetfish.
Which language is the official language of Algeria -
A, Spanish or B, Arabic?
(WHISPERS) Arabic, I think. (WHISPERS) Arabic.
B. Arabic is correct.
French is also widely spoken in Algeria.
A former colony of France.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
'G', it is, for 'magic kingdom'.
What's the nickname
of Australia's national men's under 21 basketball team -
A, the Gators or B, the Crocs?
B. The Crocs it is indeed.
No gators in Australia.
Ashbury, 230.
Warragamba have the lead.
Unscramble. On the buzzer.
With initials 'EW', name this actress.
(BUZZ!) Ashbury.
SERENA: Emma Watson.
The girls are straight onto it. Serena, Emma Watson is correct.
Fact or Fiction choices for red are Sporting World Number Ones,
the Boomerang or 'The Goonies', the movie.
Captain Lara says Boomerang. Let's go, everybody.
Five questions.
Fact or Fiction 1.
Boomerangs can be used as hunting tools.
Fact or fiction?
Fact. That is a fact, Esme.
Fact or fiction?
Boomerangs are traditionally made
from three separate pieces of wood glued together.
Fiction. Fiction is correct.
Fact or fiction?
In 1973, a preserved boomerang around 10,000 years old
was found in an Australian swamp.
True. That is a fact, Josh.
Fact or fiction?
The curved thin body
and large surface area of the boomerang help it stay in the air.
Fact. Fact it is, Isabella.
Fact or fiction?
Modern boomerangs used for sport
are usually made of aluminium or titanium.
Fiction. Fiction is correct.
Well done, everybody. Great game.
260 - the lead is still with Warragamba.
Final round after this.
In the sport of downhill mountain biking,
mark down the name Saxon Horn for the years ahead.
Get your helmets. Let's go.
I'm Graham from Cairns Mountain Bike Tours
and today, I'm going to talk to you about downhill mountain biking.
is first of all, you need a good helmet,
a set of gloves and some goggles,
and you need a purpose-built dual suspension mountain bike
with at least 7-10 inches of travel.
Some techniques for downhill mountain biking would be,
one - keep your bottom right back off the saddle,
and two - lean the bike over into the berms.
Before you take on downhill mountain biking,
of cross-country mountain biking experience.
The best part of downhill mountain biking
would be the adrenaline rush I get
just from riding these trails super fast.
It is some sport! Not for the faint-hearted.
Two questions.
When we meet Graham at the beginning of the clip,
is he wearing a helmet?
Question 2.
True or false?
No mountain bikers are wearing kneepads.
False is correct, Marcus. Well done. Got them both.
Look, everyone has 260 points right now.
Great finish coming up.
Beat the Buzzer starts now.
What is 26 + 15?
Um, 42. 41.
In prehistoric times, some snakes actually preyed on dinosaurs.
True. True.
What letter comes directly before 'I' in the English alphabet?
'H'. Is correct.
True or false?
On 1 April, Labour Day is celebrated Australia-wide.
False. False, correct.
What is 64 - 13?
56. 51.
True or false?
The adult female red kangaroo is known as a blue flyer.
False. True, it is, Isabella.
We are out of time.
Well, that shook things up, didn't it?
Warragamba - Travis, Isabella, Josh -
have finished in a tie for second on 250 points.
Well done, purple.
Esme, Lara, Serena are in that tie for second, from Ashbury,
which leaves our winners, the green ones, last standing.
Kylie, Adam and Marcus, winning score today - 280 points.
See you tomorrow. Join us then. Bye-bye.
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