Mothers Day Gift Ideas : Mothers Day Embellishing Tips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

Alright, our sour cream containers are already filled with chocolates and their cute the
way they are, but I'm going to show you another way to step it up a notch. I'm going to be
taking my crop it up punch, and I'm just going to punch a hole at the top of each of these,
and that's one of the reasons I use two different colors here, because I want to show you, you
can make a whole chain of these, and hang them some place in the kitchen, or some place
in the dining room, some place where your mom will see them, and she could have a whole
Mother's Day garland of sour cream containers filled with different items that she might
like, and that you've made for her, so she'll really enjoy them. You can use these for any
holiday, you can use these for Halloween, and fill them with different treats. You can
make the whole twenty-five countdown to Christmas with Christmas paper, and put a candy, or
sang in each one of those. These are really cute, quick and easy little treat that you
can make and the whole family can help you out making them. So mom would really enjoy
getting some kind of sour cream container with a special treat inside, just from you.