Tamaki Makaurau Senior Kapa Haka Regionals 2012

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 25.06.2012

Waka Huia has once again clinched the top spot
in the Tamaki Makaurau Kapa Haka Regionals.
There are four teams
going through to the nationals held in Rotorua next year.
And it will be a first time for Te Toka Tu Manawa.
Our main aim today was to bring Mum on stage with us.
Some picked Nga Tumanako to win, but they came second.
I don't know how we did it because I saw heaps of mistakes.
Manu Huia also paid tribute to Pimia Wehi.
We have so much aroha for our kuia and I really felt that today,
my heart felt it.
The new kids on the block were Te Toka Tu Manawa from South Auckland.
We were lucky to perform today and take our place among
the many other more senior teams of the district.
Some people were shocked Te Ropu Manutaki never made it.
Neither did Porou Ariki and Te Tai Tonga.
Te Taha Tu gave it their best shot, but were unsuccessful.
Anzac Pikia, Te Karere.
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by visiting our Facebook page.
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Te Waka Huia o Mua, Te Tira Hou, Te Tai Tonga, Porou Ariki,
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