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Pottery Barn 6 Tabletop Flower Tips with Nico de Swert
Hi, I'm style expert Nico de Swert, here are some tips and techniques for tabletop arrangements at home.
for a gorgeous and inventive place setting, I love floral napkin rings. Start with stapling cardboard into a ring.
Attach a leaf to the ring using floral adhesive. Add more glue to the top of your ring and secure more flower buds.
I've used green button chrysanthemums
eucalyptus leaves and two hyacinths, an imitation pearl adds an elegant touch to this personal place setting.
you should have fun with flowers
An interesting way of using them is to create a floral birthday cake. Cut the floral foam
into a half sphere, submerge into water and place in the center of your cake stand
I've used hypericum berries
carnations, and chrysanthemums
start from the bottom and work up in layers finish up with candles
e voila,
happy birthday
for this arrangement take a large white egg
crack it open with the tip of a sharp knife,
rinse the egg with water, fill it and this is your floral vessel
you can also incorporate this into your centerpiece like I did with this three-tiered stand from pottery barn
the cover and cute idea for party is to create a floral cupcake
Cut horsetail grasses in small pieces about twice the size of the floral foam
they don't have to be exactly the same height
Pin the pieces of grass on to the floral foam using floral pins
make sure to maintain a straight line and cover the pins with a bright pink rafia
Add hypericum berries along the edge and finish it off with pink carnations
for a cleaner look
line your clear glass vessel with an interesting looking leaf
This hides the stems and adds a visual interest to your arrangement.
Here I've used tall natural grasses for a more modern look
A really pretty way to add a splash of color to your arrangement is to use citrus fruit as a vessel
for your flowers. You cut the top off an orange
core it out rinse and add water and your container is ready to use.
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