Nail art avec peinture acrylique / How to use acrylic paints for your nail art

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Hi all! First of all, sorry for the few published texts and videos.
I’m moving and as you can see, my shelf is empty.
I’m packing boxes so for now I’m gonna show you a video about acrylic paint.
How to use acrylic paint and what can be done with it.
It can be found it small tubes like these.
If you want it in larger pots, you can find them at the supermarket or at paint shops.
Be careful about the texture. It should not be to liquid or too transparent.
I love the Oumaxi paint for nail art. It has a very good texture.
I’m gonna show you now the first technique with the dotting tool.
I usually use it to decorate my flowers or designs.
When you dilute the paint, you’ll be able to make dots of different sizes.
So now, I dilute much the paint.
When you paint is much diluted, you’ll be able to make small dots.
Use a small dotting tool, no the big one because it won’t work.
Here, I’m using slightly diluted paint that allows me to make big dots.
When much diluted, I can make small dots.
However, this technique doesn’t work with the other brushes.
You’ll see that when the paint is much diluted, it won’t stick on the nail polish.
Since it is not compatible with water.
Now, I’m gonna show you another technique with the liner brush.
With it, you can draw lines.
You’ll notice that you won’t need to reload your brush after each line.
I still can use my brush without taking back paint.
Another technique, very useful when you made a mistake
Simply take some cotton soaked in water or a tissue
And wipe your nail if it is not dry.
When your paint is dry, use a nail remover.
Same as with the detailed brush, it works better with acrylic paint than with nail polish.
You’ll be able make your designs easily.
Nail polish is viscous and hard to work with.
Since you’ll have to clean your brush and reload your paint in the palette.
It dries quickly in your palette.
The designs are made easier with acrylic paint.
You should try it just like I’m showing you.
Last technique, the “one stroke”.
It is essential to use acrylic paint to make the “one stroke”.
It is much easier with acrylic paint than with nail polish, that is quite impossible.
To make a “one stroke”, you will need two colors
I’m using here white and pink. I usually use white and violet, it is really beautiful.
Then I use my beveled brush – you can also use the flat brush.
I always wet my brushes before using acrylic paint.
As you can see, I bring the hairs together so as to obtain a squared brush.
I dip one side in the white paint
And the other side in pink paint to make the “one stroke”
Your brush should not be too wet
Or else, the paint won’t stick on your nail polish as we have seen earlier.
Then I make a gradient on the palette
So as not to make the separation between the white and the pink appear.
I want the two colors to melt. Then I can make the “one stroke”.
The end of the petal is quite hard to make with the “one stroke”.
As you can see, it is necessary to twist the brush between your fingers
And at the same time, lift it up on the end of the brush.
I’ll make a zoom so that you can see.
I make the “one stroke” and I lift up the end of the brush.
That’s why I use a beveled brush. It’s easier.
That’s it! Hope you liked it!
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