Scrooged (3/10) Movie CLIP - Towels for Christmas (1988) HD

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In a lot of ways, we're a little alike.
Merry christmas.
We don't want to scare the dickens out of people.
Merry christmas.
The "dickens" out of people!
Nobody gets it.
Grace, who is that guy?
Eliot loudermilk.
Have security change his locks,
And toss him out of the building.
He's fired?
But it's christmas!
Thank you!
Call accounting. Stop his bonus.
Ooh, a clear shot at his back.
Eliot loudermilk. Code nine.
What the hell is this?
That's a painting one of my kids did.
There's santa and mrs. Claus.
How many fingers does mrs. Claus have?
Right. It's crap. Lose it.
She'll understand.
She's an amazingly understanding woman.
I'll say, "we have to move to a studio apartment.
I hope you don't mind."
Mr. Cross, it's time for your christmas list.
I want to get this over with.
Sammy goldberg.
Bath towel.
Lou parker.
Send him a vhs home video recorder.
Colonel tom parker.
The bath towel.
Tamara forristal.
There's virtue in taking a bus to work.
Hi, fellas. Thanks a lot.
Merry christmas.
Babalu towloudes.
The bath towel.
Eliot loudermilk's
Leaving early today.
Get out of here!
Done! 4 minutes and 40 seconds.
Glenn glenn whitacre?
What was the last rating
On police zoo?
5.2 and 70 share.
Your brother?
Your only brother.
Oh, god. Give it to me.
Get that!
Towel, towel.