Blackboard Grade Center: Manually Entering Grades

Uploaded by LLCCedu on 23.08.2012

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The Blackboard Grade Center has rows and columns and individual cells for entering information.
It's much like using an Excel spreadsheet.
It's easy to manually enter your grades into the new Grade Center quickly.
Scroll to the right and find the column where you need to add your grades.
Next, click on the cell by the student's name where you'd like to enter the grade.
You'll notice after clicking the cell changes to a field that will accept your grade.
Simply type in the grade, press Enter, and you will notice that the field will jump down
to the next student.
It's very simple to enter your grades by repeating this process.
Please note that if you enter a grade into a cell and then try to click away from a cell,
you will get the following screen.
This screen is simply asking you to confirm if you would like to keep the grade you entered
or not.
Again, to avoid seeing this screen after entering every grade, simply use the Enter button after
entering a grade.
It is also easy to change a grade that has been entered previously.
Let's say we've entered a grade incorrectly…and we'd like to update it.
In this example, I'll change my 25 to a 30.
I simply put my mouse over the 25, click here, and the field will become highlighted so it
can accept the new data.
Simply type in my new grade and press Enter.
The steps in this tutorial have shown you how to enter grades quickly for a column that
you added created manually…such as Participation.
Directions for grading columns that were created automatically from a Blackboard assignment
or a gradable discussion board for example will be discussed in another video tutorial.
For additional resources and information about using Blackboard at LLCC, please see the Instructional
Technology & Distance Education website.