159 VL Christian & Oliver - (2011-12-13)

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You'll get out of here soon. - Yeah, hopefully.
Christian, look at it as a beach holiday. There, you also lie under a sunshade, chilling all day long.
Beach holiday, sunshade... Charlie, I think my imagination is currently not big enough for that.
Oh! Wonderful. Look, you're even on full board. Thank you.
Yeah... Full board.
If they'd serve you something like this on a holiday, you could sue them.
For suffering.
Poor you. And you're supposed to get better with this.
Olli, we have to come up with something.
The worse the food, the better the hospital. It's an old doctor's rule.
In that case, Christian's in good hands here.
Yeah. So, doctor, when will I get out of here?
Well, we'll keep you under observation for a few more days.
Come on, a few more days. Then you can run around again and eat whatever you want.
Walk...at a leisurely pace with regular breaks.
You've recovered well from your heart attack, but you were very lucky.
Next time, it could be completely differently.
You have to make drastic changes in your life... if you want to have some of it left to enjoy.
'Some' is good.
I wanted to grow old with Olli.
What do you think?
Standing right here, it will catch the eye beautifully.
Mhm. It will catch the eye. It still won't be beautiful.
As a symbol of your love.
Yeah, it's okay.
And I'm so grateful to you for finally finding a replacement for its predecessor that broke to pieces way too early.
Oh, Olli. I always knew you guys would find your way back to each other...
...because you simply... - ...belong together?
Charlie, there were times when I thought "I'll throw her out of the window if she says that one more time".
But you were right all along.
I almost lost him.
If he hadn't made it, I don't know how I would've been able to live with that.
Well, you don't have to know. You heard him; he wants to grow old with you.
And you guys can make it....as long as he survives the food in the hospital.
Do you think I could bring him something else; maybe from Schneiders?
Yes, of course!
I like to visit the museum.
This statue is so very beautiful.
What's this ugly thing?
This ugly thing is a present from my youthful aunt, from Majorca.
Good taste, Aunt Schneider. For you. - Thank you.
This is a very beautiful painting.
Anything important?
Depends on how you look at it. It's from the district court.
Christian and I are officially divorced now.
It really was a dream wedding.
It's just that, in the meantime, the dream couple got a divorce.
The most important thing is that you're back together again.
Wow! Romantic.
You're an expert on that, of course.
What do you mean? I'm not unromantic.
No, not you.
Maybe I just haven't found the right one yet.
Despite the fact that you're constantly searching in every bed.
Oh my God! How much longer do you want to keep on sulking?
Just because I added a tiny little bit to you two no longer...being together, or what?
A tiny little bit?! - It's okay.
Mine and Christian's crisis really was more deep-seated. It wasn't only Jessica's fault.
We just weren't aware that we can only be happy when we're together.
But now we've finally realized that.
Well, I still feel sorry for you breaking poor Rafi's heart.
My compassion is somewhat limited.
At least he had style.
Be careful!
Charlie, we talked about Christian having some decent food...
Yes, of course. You can get him something from Schneiders. Goose with red cabbage.
No, no. Not quite. I have a completely different idea.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Daniel, I'm dying here. And do you know what I'm dying of? - No. - Of boredom!
Well, then I have especially good news for you.
I'll be released early?
No, but we're gonna do a very exciting test now. - I can hardly wait.
It'll be the highlight of your day. - Yeah, I was afraid of that.
So, let's see what your pulse says.
Well, not bad. Say 'Ah!'.
Go on.
Looks okay. Now... Try to hit the dustbin.
Are you making fun of me? - No.
That was pretty good. I'd say... Yes. I can take on the responsibility.
What can you take on responsibility for?
You can go for a short walk.
Oh, wow!
I'll even accompany you.
So I won't get lost?
Yeah, something like that.
Oh, Luca, you know what you've got to do?
Of course, Ms. Schneider.
This ring goes into Christian's dessert.
They're coming! They're coming!
Well, out there, that wasn't the hospital park. And in here, that's even less the hospital park, Daniel.
But they do have bushes here.
This is the hospital canteen... for very special and select patients.
I knew it. - What?
That you were responsible for my abduction.
So, I expect Christian to be back at the hospital on time and in sound condition. Got that?
Got it.
Enjoy your meal. - Thank you.
May I accompany you to your table?
You're really crazy.
You wouldn't be together with me otherwise.
This water is superb.
May I? - Please.
Our cook, Xavier, has put together a very special menu for this evening.
Thank you.
Mmmh. Lobscouse, followed by 'Strammer Max'.
And then smoked pork chop with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.
Mhm. And before that, chicken soup and meat salad.
And for dessert, red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce. Mmh, very tasty.
But I'm actually not allowed to eat any of that anymore.
Xavier modified all the recipes. Very low cholesterol and healthy.
You're saving my life. The muck at the hospital is really...dreadful.
Pure self-interest.
And now the crowning touch.
Bring it on!
Thank you. - You're welcome.
And you?
I'm not hungry anymore.
Even better...
More for me!
And? Is it good?
That was good.
And you're sure you don't want it?
Well, you don't know what you're missing out on.
Everything okay?
Yes. I...
I just thought...
Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?! Hey!
Are you looking for anything in particular?
Yes, an engagement ring!
What?! - It was supposed to be a surprise!
I...thought it was a cherry stone.
Not really?
Yes, really.
No, thank you.
And? Has he accepted?
What?! Why not?
The engagement ring... ...how shall I put it...got lost.
I'm completely innocent, and so is the cook.
You're really an opportunistic eater. In the true sense of the words.
I was simply totally starved. - Mhm.
That reminds me...I haven't answered yet.
Just a moment. Wait a minute. I'll be right back. - Huh?
Olli, what's going on?
I love you.
You're the love of my life... even if I realized that almost too late.
And that's why I'm asking you...
Will you marry me?
I'd marry you again and again, Olli.
Because you're the love of my life, too.