Halo 4 Requiem Legendary Solo Guide

Uploaded by RCvgs on 14.11.2012

Another little jump with a Concussion Rifle. Turn around. Kill a few enemies over there.
And when you get to the top, no Hunters. Sweet. Thanks Sliding Ghost.
Welcome to rcvgs, I'm RC and this time I'm walking you through the
second level of Halo 4: Requiem. This is a fairly simple level to do; there's
not really much scope for getting around enemies. So, you're gonna have to fight out quite a
bit of it. Gonna give you some tips and strategies on
how to do that. Where weapons are, where enemies spawn.
And at the end there is a little skip at the end that you can which is pretty fun.
So, skip that, boring, boring. And I've already seen a few people that have
started off in this area and they just, ya know, pick up like a Carbine and stuff.
And I'm like: dude, Sniper Rifle. There's a Sniper Rifle just on the top of
this ship. So, go up here, and then walk along this girder.
And up there, and hop over here. And, a Sniper Rifle! With 12 bullets in it.
Who doesn't want that? And a BR there, full crate.
Also gonna show you a couple of other things in this area.
There's a little secret terminal and you can click it and it'll play some audio things.
And in this thing there's also some useless weapons and a SAW.
The SAW is actually quite good. If you really want an automatic weapon I'd recommend that
over the Assault Rifle. And if you go across here through that weird
geometry there… There's some Carbines.
And there is another thing you can click here and that'll play some things.
Oh, yeah. And there's another one all the way back here.
There's some dying enemies and Needlers if you want.
Needler is pretty good against Elites. On top of here, that's the 3rd one you can
play. Very dramatic. It'll give you some info.
Cortana can hack into it and she'll tell you some stuff.
Like, a bit reminiscent of the 2nd level of Halo - the first one, Combat Evolved.
Some Plasma Grenades. See, now we're fully stocked up. Yeah!
Replaced like, a puny Pistol and Assault Rifle with a Sniper Rifle, BR, full Grenades.
That's what I'm talking about. Now it's time to leave.
Yah know, this is one of the first levels I really start to miss having a little indicator
for how much sprint I have. I think it's pretty much the same as Reach
- I think it takes about 4 seconds to recharge. So I just count, like, 1 to 5 in my head and
that is about 5 (4!) seconds for me. Ooh! And then, ya know, there is the glory
shot. Cool! Big, massive, er…
towers in the sky. Warthog. Flip it over, grab it. Otherwise
you're going to be hoofing it for a really long way.
There is another Warthog in there with some extra ammo. BR,there's an Assault Rifle, I
think, as well. And Cortana claims it's about luck that you
got a Warthog and I think it would just be really bad game design if you had to walk
through all this section, to be honest. Whee!
There's not really anything interesting in this area. Ya just gotta, sort of drive through
it. Over that one. Whee!
There is actually a really weird Achievement in this section.
You gotta play it at midnight. Literally at your midnight (00:00).
Go over these jumps, you get an achievement. It's one of the weirdest achievements I've
ever see to be honest. And you go over this last one. Pull off some
sweet slides mid-air. And you realise how obsessed 343 Industries
are with bumps. You don't get any flat areas to just drive
along. Now, finally get some fighting going on. I
like to go over to this right area. Jump out just before this last pillar here.
Pull out the Sniper Rifle, shoot that Grunt. Sometimes he has a Fuel Rod Gun.
This time he only had a little weapon. Shoot that Sniper as well.
And now you can actually move up now you've taken out the rest of those guys.
Now, you could take out this jackal with a Sniper. But I thought I'd, ya know, use this
shield as a bit of a, ya know, shield and take him out instead.
There's extra Carbines in there. Obviously there is the Beam Rifle in that tower with
the Jackal you just killed. You can snipe him.
Sometimes that Phantom shoots you - like it is now. Whoops.
So yeah, you get a nice view over here, you can take out that Sniper.
And then the one the turret. You can use your Sniper Rifle to line up your
BR shots so you can conserve your Sniper Rifle Ammo.
Just like the one in Halo 3, I think it was, the first shot is pretty much dead on accurate.
Then the Elite is stupid. Couple of enemies down here. Watch out cus
one of them could have a Fuel Rod Gun. Grunts going crazy, running at me.
But it's a really long way around for them from either side.
So you're fairly safe up here unless you're a bit reckless in standing too close to the
edge. So you can be sneaky and take one out there.
Now there is a couple of extra Grunts over there.
Wanna jump up - you can take them out fairly easily.
And that (PP) always sounds like it's right next to you. But it's actually…
Like 50 metres over there. Ah, and again I'm getting freaked out but
it's actually that one way over there. Yeah, there is the Carbine again and you can
have a Plasma Pistol if you want. And a Beam Rifle there so if you've run out
of Sniper already you can pick that up. I've still got a few bullets left so I won't.
Then you can just approach the rest of the area on foot.
Pretty much taken them all out. Op, no apart from the Jackal.
Can either use the Sniper or the Battle Rifle on him.
Doesn't really matter. Then I like to go up to this left side, use
the the Sniper Rifle on this final Elite whose got a Concussion Rifle.
And he will try and retreat over to the right, and sometimes he will try and hide behind
that pillar. But, if you're all the way over here you can
still get an angle on him. There's another Beam Rifle there.
Might as well have it this time. More Carbines there. Gonna use that instead
of the Battle Rifle because there is not really any more Battle Rifle ammo for the rest of
this level. There's some Grunts. Two Grunts with a Fuel
Rods and one is with a Needler or Plasma Pistol. So be really careful when coming around that
corridor - a bit tight. You can run straight at them, and they can
still miss you but, sometimes it's a little bit dumb to do that.
Oo! There's an Elite. So Snipe him before he can even get close.
Sometimes there is an FRG Grunt from the left that is coming down that slope.
There wasn't this time but be careful about him. That's what I'm looking for now.
No there this time. Now, there's a Jackal Sniper. I'm going to
counter-snipe. Boop!
No problem. Now there is multiple angles you can approach
this area: You can go round to this left side. It gives you some height to attack these enemies
in the middle. There is also that Elite.
Which you might want to use the Beam Rifle on if you've still got some ammo. If you run
out you can always just use the Carbine. Does eventually take them out - you've got enough
ammo. You can always run back to the last area to
get some more ammo if you do actually run out.
Or you can switch to a Needler which is also epic.
There's some human weapons, there's some grenades. Ah, there's some Jackals on these rocks.
So I'm going to get some height of my own to take them out.
Now, these guys on the right, you can actually see more of them.
So they're slightly easier to take out from a longer distance than going around to the
left hand side. But you can actually jump up those rocks.
Always get confused with those Storm Rifles - thinking they are Carbines.
Oh, careful, because there is a Fuel Rod Gun one.
I'm bit a bit of an idiot in this in some places.
Approach slowly. And there is one inside here that you sometimes
want to take out. Then there's an Elite, which is what Needlers
are for. Really, really good in fact.
Sometimes one from the left-hand side will be flanking you as well.
Gotta be careful about that if you don't want to take it super-super-steady.
And two more Jackals in the back usually. One Orange, one Blue.
Think there is another one - I can hear him. I don't see him.
Ah, he's on my Motion Tracker. Whoops! And that Camo Module will always drop in pretty
much the same place. Let me just go back and show you the couple
of jumps up the rocks I mean. There is a pretty direct one, you can come
at from the right side here. Jump up here. But that's quite a lot of jumps
and there will be enemies right next to you and the Jackal will be right there.
So I'll show you another one which I prefer slightly.
Just gonna take out these jackals first. You can come over from this left side.
And if you're quick, jump onto this rock and a second jump.
Sort of walk over this and jump up there, you might need a little bit of crouch.
Remember it's on B now rather than left stick (default). That really screwed me up to start
with. Like for example, that jump at the end of
Dawn. Like, I was thinking: "aw man, I can't do it, I'm gonna have to use a Grenade or
a Concussion Rifle." You can actually just Crouch Jump up there
and I was just completely forgetting where Crouch had moved to.
I was basically trying to Sprint in mid-air, so that of course didn't really work.
And you will have to pick up that Camo - it is actually a trigger for this mission.
More Needler back there. You can jump on some platforms if you like.
It's always fun raising up into the sky. And there is some Carbines there so if you're
running out, there is some extra needlers there.
If you're feeling low you can go and get them straight, now. Or if not just go straight
to the button. And you've got this unskippable cutscene.
And I'm like: "Oh God, why?" *laughs* Yes, a big blue orb.
A big blue orb, that is what a planet looks like.
Now I usually prefer to go over to this one on the right hand side.
Not entirely sure why, I just do. Actually don't have to press this first button
- you can actually just sprint-jump from these little platforms on either side.
And then you'll have to sprint-jump back, obviously because the bridge doesn't activate
if you miss the first button. And jump backwards, so you're not getting
descended. Tactical height advantage.
And some enemies will be coming in from a few different directions.
But if you've got the height and if you've the Carbine ammo it's not really a problem
Usually an Elite hanging around underneath these platforms.
So, I'm going to go Camo and stalk him stealthily. Where are you? Where are you?
Running around. There he is! Needler is so good in this game.
You do still have to get that lock-on but, once it does it kills so easily.
You can even get a lock-on over here, from these ramps
You don't actually have to kill these enemies. None of them are required, it's just the buttons.
And ya know, maybe they're in the way. If you actually go round the back of the chamber
next to the where the map is you can actually avoid pretty much all but one of the enemies.
You just have to kill that one Elite that was sort of standing at the side there, but
mostly because he's in your way, not that you actually have to kill him.
There's a Jackal right there with a Carbine that you want to take out.
Just aim basically directly for where their red little light is.
Again, none of these enemies I'm shooting right now are required, it's just the ones
actually around the Cartographer. So that's two Elites, a couple of Jackals
and a few Grunts. There's one of the Elites. Didn't manage to
actually kill him though. And here are the rest of the enemies that
you have to kill. But you've got so much Needler ammo those
Elites aren't really going to be a problem. Can use these little barricades for cover.
You can go round to the other side of the room if you like, if you prefer that side.
If you're getting a bit stuck, you can try more angles.
This is just kind of the way I prefer really. Not because it's particularly fast or particularly
great. I just really like using the Needler on these
guys. That Elite is running away.
Can't stick him. Where is he? Aw. Why is he being so mean today?
Die! Finally, there we go.
Now we can actually hit the cartographer. And you can skip this cutscene, so I'm going
to. Phew. There's some Hard-Light Shields here. You
might find it more useful than the Camo. For reasons I'm about to demonstrate.
While you're up here you've got some good angles on these guys.
If he starts shooting you, you can just go: "Yeah. Nope. I have a Shield."
And you know it will eventually but… And I'm getting killed and I'm gonna jump
down. But that was just demonstrating the Shield
really. You can just sort of chuck Grenades at those
enemies, headshot a couple of them and jump down really quickly.
And use some of the bigger pillars for cover from that Phantom instead.
Again I'm being a bit of an idiot in some places in this run.
You don't have to kill all of these enemies on this bridge.
In fact none of the enemies are required kills. It's just about getting to the other end.
There is an Elite you can avoid if you go underneath here.
Sometimes this Jackal decides he wants to follow you.
And again you've got a Hard-Light Shield so even if your shields go down you've still
got protection. So you can retreat into a corner and recharge.
And there is an Elite here which you can also avoid.
I'm gonna Sticky him. Whoops! Wow, that's good physics.
Ahargh! I have Forerunner protection! Save me!
If you're out of Needler the Carbine will eventually work also.
Jackal Sniper there, take him out. Be like "Awh! Not today Phantom! I have a Shield."
If you're really concerned about getting shot it can help you get from cover to cover.
You can also stay up on the higher platform here, you don't have to come down straight
away. I'll demonstrate for you, briefly.
This Elite likes to stand behind this pillar on the right-hand side next to the bridge.
You can Carbine him to death or try to stick him while he's sort of crouched against the
pillar. Ya know, 'taking cover.' But it's not very good cover because you can
see it from about 3 angles. Now a lot of people go with the Banshee here,
I actually find it fairly dangerous, the Banshees in general in this game.
I also took the Banshee on my first run through and I did fine - it's totally possible.
But there is a Rocket Launcher here so… why not use it?
At least to soften up the Banshees if you don't kill them outright.
It does just take one rocket to kill him on Legendary (supposedly).
I suppose it would take 2 if you had something like Mythic on but, I don't know why you would
if you're just after achievements. And these Banshees can be pretty difficulty
at getting into a good angle. They're often flying around these big rock
spires. There he is, finally.
Now, the Rocket Launcher does lock on but it's a lot more subtle than it was in previous
games. So you just get this very, sort of faded reticle
appearing on the target when your main reticle is on them.
And then it'll turn dark red and then flash to yellow and back to red when you've actually
got a target lock on. You're going to have to pay a lot more visual
attention. Now these ones are being mean today so they
dodged all my Rockets. Try and see if I can stick him.
Ugh. Wow, great, ok. Gonna try and invent something.
So you can obviously Plasma Pistol them down. If you've got Plasmas that'd be the best time
to try and stick them with it. But I'm out because I missed my second one.
Whoops! And they can kill you really easily so you
don't really want to leave them around. Of course you can always rush to the door,
in the Banshee. Total is totally possible. It's pretty dangerous and you'll still have
a Concussion Rifle Elite shooting at you through the door.
So, in terms of guide I'm going to take it a bit slower here.
I'll probably do a speed run at some point and demonstrate that. You can probably already
find a speed run if you know where to look. And since that Banshee is still alive, and
he is also damaged, I'm gonna actually take the Banshee since it will be a pretty quick
kill. There we go.
And then once you have the Banshee and the air is yours, you can obviously do bombing
runs and stuff. And that's totally cool. Banshee is a little awkward in Halo 4 though
so, I'm just going to leave it. There are some enemies underneath me here
that you don't have to deal with unless they come up to you.
If you're being thorough, yeah, go down there, kill them.
But I'm not being thorough. Then there's a Concussion Rifle Elite here.
You can get a Plasma Pistol on him from behind these rocks pretty easily.
Sorry, pillars of hexagonal, Forerunnery, stuff.
Then, you can actually get the Banshee into this corridor but, it blows up, just randomly
for no reason. And you know, if you could get it through,
that'd be really sweet and you could just fly straight to the door.
That'd be awesome. But er… no.
So you are left pretty exposed to start with in this area. But I like to come over to this
right hand side. This nice big rock formation gives you plenty
of cover. Barely even see me there.
Those Jackal Snipers are the top priority. Again, aim for the little red thingies on
their heady. There is a Rocket Launcher here of course.
Now, you should come into this area with full Carbine ammo - there is more than enough on
the bridge. Obviously I'm just being an idiot by not bringing
full Carbine ammo. You can shoot the Ghosts directly with Rockets,
or you can Plasma Pistol overcharge them and then shoot them.
Which is more of a guaranteed kill, but it's a bit more effort.
That's just if you're really cautious about not wanting to waste the Rocket ammo.
There is actually another one over to the left side of the map.
And that second Ghost is finally coming at me. And I'm missing.
And I'm out of ammo. So I'll demonstrate: you know, one rocket,
indirect, will damage it, second Rocket should be able to kill it.
But again, if you run out, there's four more on this side.
And there is also like, a SAW and stuff. And some extra Assault Rifle that I don't know
why you'd ever use on Legendary. This area is pretty intimidating at first
on Legendary but, you know if you take your time , headshot the enemies, cut it down to
size, it's really not too hard. And you can actually go up that rock side
and just walk up it, you don't actually need to kill any of the enemies down here.
They're certainly not required. But, I'm going to show you the same trick
that was at the start of this video, where you can skip the Hunters and the two Elites
that drop off of the final Phantom for this area.
Not quite sure why that Elite is up there. I've not actually seen that before.
But I fortunately do have a Rocket Launcher. If you don't have a Rocket Launcher you should
definitely have a Plasma Pistol so you can take him out.
Or a Needler. Oh my god! He is in the turret!
Whoops! That was a bit closer than I would have liked.
So if you're worried about that happening to you, you can always just destroy the turrets
yourself in advance. You can play some sort of baiting game if
you like. See if that'd actually work.
I'm just approaching on this right side because I sort of prefer it, because it had that little
box that allows you to jump onto that second level.
Gonna grab the little Beam Rifle. And there's some enemies coming out of the
door there at the end. There is like an Elite with a Concussion Rifle
and some Grunts hanging around. There he is.
Beam Rifle I can use, no problem to kill them. And again if you run out of ammo with the
Beam Rifle, there should be another Beam Rifle on the opposite side.
And then Plasma Pistols galore by now. Might even be a few Needlers lying around.
And there's also a full crate of Carbines. There we go.
And Plasma Pistols. So no excuses for running out.
Now the game tells you to go straight through here, and theres are Sword Elite you're going
to have to deal with and I'm like: "No! Screw that."
But I am going to jump up to the next level with my Concussion Rifle.
Can actually just do it with jumps: jump from here, to there, and you jump straight up there
with a little crouch jump - on B. But I'm not very good at it: I keep falling
off the rocks like that. They're pretty slippery I find round here.
So I like this placement better. It's still a bit slippery but, just one Concussion
Rifle Jump. There we go.
And then you kill some enemies round the corner. Sometimes there's an Elite here, sometimes
there's not. Be prepared for the worst. So bring a couple of Plasmas up here at least.
Whoops. Didn't see him in advance that far.
Now you can actually jump up that pillar to get to the next level.
And you can jump up there, be in front of those enemies if you want.
You can play around with it, find whichever placement suits best for you.
I'm just going to go round here because there are a few more enemies you might run into.
Especially if you run out of Concussion Rifle ammo.
One of them is a Beam Rifle Jackal, so I'd be careful of him.
Won't kill you instantly, will just take off your shields in one shot.
But if he gets off that second shot or you're already damaged by those Jackals with their
Plasma Pistols then he will kill you outright with one shot.
So by the time you get up here, no Hunters. They actually come in from a Phantom and drop
Two Elites as well And then you pick up this Fuel Rod Gun and
kill them usually. But now it's just like you've got a Fuel Rod Gun and nothing to kill
with it. So you're just like running in these randomly
moving Forerunner artefacts. On, and there is a Domain Terminal straight
ahead, under that ramp, by the way. And, well, that is pretty much the level over.
That's it. It was a pretty conservative run.
I am probably going to do a Speed Run but, I've got like a 100 videos I want to do on
Halo 4 already. So, er, maybe not straight away.
This is more like a guide-level. Just like, go through it at a bit more relaxed pace.
Throw in a few tricks here and there. Stare into the bright, white light and be
And that's it. I'm RC and I'll see you next time.