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Hi, I'm Hani Mourra from Easy Online Video Marketing Tips.
Today's video, I'm gonna show you a powerful tool to do your basic editing on your PC.
Now, I'm a heavy Mac user myself but I do use a PC on occasion.
And I know how frustrating it is to edit videos on your PC
So, I've discovered this product very recently
It's very affordable too under one hunred dollars.
and this product is called Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD.
To me, there are five steps
in editing your video
when your intention is to put it online.
the first step,
is to cut off the sections you don't want.
second step, maybe stitch
two or three clips together
third step, add some text.
fourth step, add some audio
usually in a form
of an intro in the beginning
or an outro at the end
and last, you want to publish it to
an online service. Put it on the web. Either YouTube, Facebook, or
host it privately. Whatever you need
Keep in mind that there are other tools out there
and they may work well for you
so you can still learn from this video even though you're using
a different video editing software
When you first open Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD
You're prompted to enter a Project Name. So I'll call it My Video.
Hit Next.
I'm in America, so I'm gonna hit Next.
Now the output type, if you're not sure
if you have a high definition or a wide screen camera
I suggest sticking with the Internet Video SD
I'm gonna click that, hit Next.
And my project's all setup.
Hit the finish button.
And I'm gonna quickly show you
the layout of this program
on the top left here is your folder,
it contains all your files
On the right is
your preview of your editing
or in the files you're looking at
and on the bottom here, is what's called the timeline
now the timeline is basically made up of individual tracks
that's the
technical word for
almost like a layer or
a component of the video
so for example, you have a
track for your text
one for some video overlay, graphics, one layer
or track for your video itself, voice
music, etcetera. So, I'm going to
first show you how to bring a file into this project
so I'm going to my folder
the videos folder
drag the .mov file
drage that .mov file, and I'm going to take it to the third track. 1, 2, 3.
the one that says Video.
and notice that there's two bars. there's the video
and a voice and my audio, has
me talking as well. It separates the video
and the voice into two different tracks automatically for you.
SO If I drop it in,
and let go,
I see my video! Now... the first step
we're talking about
one thing you'd like to do is you want to
cut your video
you want to cut out a session of your video
so if I
for example, want to start here
I can press ENTER and start playing and listening to the audio, and
if I press ENTER again, it stops the bar, the PLAY bar
Now this gives me the opportunity
to cut
the section,
I find the easiest way to cut
is to actually split up your track
into different
and delete the segments you don't want
so, let me show you what I mean
so, let's assume I want to cut
want to split this clip into clips
I'm gonna press the "S" key
Now I'm gonna press ENTER again
I'm gonna let it play for a bit
and I press again, it stops
Now, when I press "S"
Now, what this did is
and set two markers where
it split my video clip into one, two
three sections.
So to delete, I simply click
the middle section
and hit the DEL (delete) key. And it's gone.
Now, this leads me to my third point, My second point,
which is video editing
sometimes you want to stitch two clips together
In our case here
I have, I (have) divided my clip and I removed a section out of it, Now..
I want to connect the two clips together 0:04:59.539,0:05:01.900 so i simply use my left mouse button
I click and I hold
and I drag the mouse 'til I get close to the second clip and it automatically
snaps, automatically connects to the previous video.
and the third thing you want to do, when you have
when you're doing video editing
most likely you want to add some text
for example, you want to add
the URL to your website
so this is very easily done
so if I'm gonna leave my on voice tracks alone, I go up here
where it says TEXT. This is a whole new track dedicated to my TEXT.
So if I want to add text to up here
right here, at this point in time
I right-click my
mouse button
And I highlight this existing text. Just delete the sample. I'm gonna
change my font size into something a little smaller
And I'm just going to start typing www.
So you can see on the right side what it looks like. 0:06:08.589,0:06:12.509 So, now my text is done. I can change the font if I like.
Highlight, change the font
but the nice thing is, I can also place it where I want. So click on the placement TAB.
And I click the--
notice the icon change into a hand
If I left-click and I hold the button down
I can move it. I can
position the text anywhere i like.
I'm gonna position it right on top here.
Once I'm happy with it, I'm done.
I just close the window and the text appears up here in the
TEXT track.
If I want the text to stay longer
I can simply
move the mouse over to the edge
of the clip, left-click and hold
and drag to make this text
extend all the way
to a specific period of time.
so, the fourth step is in some cases, you want to add some music. maybe some background music.
or maybe you want to add some music to the intro of your screen.
so the music
again, has its own track
so that the track called MUSIC down here
So I'm going to take my mp3
and drag it down to
my music track. And I want it to start from the beginning.
Once I drop it in,
the music file is there. Now,
you can control the volume of the music
this bar on the side here will adjust the volume
of each track individually. I want to turn my music down to the very soft,
to make it background music
Now, with music as well
you still have the same capability of cutting out parts of the sound track. For example, it it's in the intro
You only want it to play for five seconds, you want to cut out 0:08:03.650,0:08:06.589 So, I'm going to
move my cursor here
click on the music track and press the "S" key again
So, similar with what we did with the video
Now we have two sections
to the track, and I'm gonna delete
the rest of the track. So, I only want the small segment of this music.
Now, one little hand tip is, if you don't want the music to abruptly end
you want it to kind of fade away. you don't want it to just cut abruptly
so if you hover the right
you hover the mouse
to the top corner of that track
you see a little curver icon
press the left mouse button
and drag it. You see a little curve. A little line. And this is
what's called a FADE. I'm gonna fade the audio down
so it gracefully ends the song
Okay. Now, we're done.
I'm going to save my video.
And I'm ready to publish
the video online. So, my favority thing about this software
it let's me upload directly to YouTube.
And it prompts me for the username
your password
Enter a description
Choose a category
this is identical to
what you normally do when you upload your videos to YouTube.
Add your tags
Now, for broadcast options, you always want to leave it public so people will see it.
and the render quality, I will start off with normal
depending on
how fast your internet connection is
NORMAL is pretty good. NORMAL is great. It actually is. For most purposes, it's fine.
And you don't need to go
any longer.
if you want, if you notice your video is not very sharp
you can try rendering the higher quality version
for my case, I'm gonna start with NORMAL.and then I'm gonna hit the upload button.
As you can see, editing video is not that difficult on a pc if you have the right software.
Also, Movie Studio HD is a great tool
you may have some issues with certain file formats
Don't forget to read my blog post below to find out some great tools
that will help Sony Vegas
Movie studio HD detect the different file formats.
Also, if you're looking for royalty free music,
I have a link down there as well. I'm Hani Mourra from Easy Online Video Marketing Tips
Hope you enjoyed this video
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