How To Make A Website | Create A Website With Wordpress!

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Hi James Stafford here from Websites Made Easy!
If your looking for a very simple straightforward solution on how to make a website
or your just simply frustrated with not knowing where to even begin to start building your site
your in the right place. We all know that having a web presence today is very
common place as just about everything is online. Website are perfect for blogs
hobbies, online merchant stores or for your local business.
I am going to walk you through how to make a website in 10 min with a completely free platform
know as Wordpress. Wordpress is a full featured fully customizable
website creation tool used by millions of people, businesses
organizations around the world. Wordpress is supper easy to use and just about anybody can
have the first website up in no time. Worpress is
Awesome!! There is so many cool features to take advantage of!
You can change the look and overall function of your website with just a few clicks.
there is a simple editor which is easy to use along with many different themes available
meaning even someone with no web design experience can make an attractive, unique looking
Take a look at what can be accomplished with the range of Wordpress themes that are available.

music playing..
music playing
music playing..
music playing..
music playing..
music playing..
music playing..
music playing..
Pretty cool right! Well thats just the beginning of what can be accomplished with Wordpress
themes to change the overall look and function of your website. Also..
Newsletters, online payment systems, social media, contact
forms, E-commerce, music players, video players, search bars, Wordpress
has it all there is thousands of free available plugins that can be installed with literally
a click of a button, giving you full range to grow & customize your site to your liking.

Wordpress is fully compatible with all forms of social media. Facebook, twitter,
and Youtube can all appear on your site and can be synced with them so any new
website updates are immediately announced.
You can optimize your website for search engines very easily by adding tags to all
your pages and posts or install the SEO plugin which allows for meta data
to be added. It is also very easy to update on a regular basis and
Google loves new content!
Wordpress is always being updated and further developed so you can keep it looking modern and
fresh. Also it easily expandable, you may add a new section page or
post to your website with just a few clicks for absolutely free.
Want a site that can expand and change alongside with your business, Wordpress is it!
Also there is additional eduction on Youtube
that covers just about everything you can do with Wordpress.
So why Wordpress? Well, speed first of all.
your basically clicks away from a new website. The functionality there are thousands of plugins available
to customize your site to your liking. There is thousands
of free themes to change the feel and overall look of your site.
Web 2.0 its like Facebook and Twitter
you can post comments create conversations making a stimulating environment
for you know for people to come and engage
with your content. Its open source which means its free.
its widely available world wide so there is great support available.
especially on Youtube and the ease of use just about anybody
can use Wordpress!
So if you would like to get started with your new Wordpress website click the link
below in the description area to see the second half of this video there I will step you through how to make