Buzz Lightyear Kicks Woody's Ass! (11.27.10 #28)

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» ♪ [Theme music] ♫
» BRUNO: We’re gonna look at Christmas trees at Lowe’s.
I’ve never actually had a Christmas tree before.
» JERRY: Ever? » BRUNO: Never.
Alright, what do you get for 20 dollar? » MIA: “3- to 5-foot Noble Fir.”
» BRUNO: Twenty bucks. Those are the right bucks for me!
Ooh. [Sniffs] Mmm.
They make these crazy glasses, and when you put ’em on…
See the snowmen?
» ♪ [Toy singing] ♪
» BRUNO: Put that back!
It’s vibrating! Get rid of that!
Look at the face you made Jerry make!
» ♪ [Toy finishes song] ♫
» BRUNO: I don’t think Jerry likes it. Get rid of that.
So we had our first garage sale a couple months ago, and nobody bought any Christmas stuff,
so since we haven’t had our next garage sale yet, we’re just gonna take our Christmas stuff
and decorate outside. I’ve never actually done that before.
That is spectacular.
» MIA: Alright, let’s string the lights. » BRUNO: Ooh, there’s gonna be more?
» MIA: It doesn’t take much to impress ‹you›. » BRUNO: Ooh.
We got a free Christmas tree!
» JERRY: That’s the bush that’s always been in front of the house.
» BRUNO: Yeah, but it looks like a Christmas tree now! I love that!
How’s life in the orange planet, Jerry? » Okay. » MIA: Orange.
» JERRY: Do you think it needs more purple? » BRUNO: Maybe.
» BUZZ: Buzz Lightyear at your service. » [Exaggerated punching sound effects]
» WOODY: You’re my favorite deputy! » [Bruno and Mia laughing]
» WOODY: Yee-haw, cowboy!
There’s a snake in my boot!
Howdy, partner.
» BRUNO: Haw-haw! Got your hat!
» [Laughter and punching sounds continue]
» MIA (Laughing:) Ow!
Space cowboy.
» BRUNO: I ‹love› karate choppin’ Buzz!
» BUZZ: How dare you open a spaceman’s helmet on an uncharted planet‽
My eyeballs could have— » [Punching and laughter]
» BUZZ: Approaching destination!
Reengaging gravity. Area Secure.
» BRUNO: It’s actually raining!
In California.
Be a good boy, Woody!
» Heh.
» BRUNO: That’s big.
Alright, I think we found acceptable pizza in the Valley.
Mia? » Yeah, that was good.
» BRUNO: I liked.
Where’s Woody?
You stay on Mia’s seat! » [Both laugh]
» Woody, you’re a passenger. » BRUNO: You know, Woody!
This is Mia being naughty:
playing Mario instead of coming along when we have shopping to do.
» MIA: Oh, it escaped.
» BRUNO: Mia.
Let’s go! » [Spank]
» BRUNO: Honey, you’re gonna get grounded.
» Won’t let me have any fun…
» BRUNO: Let’s go. Come on.
I let you play— Eh! Don’t forget your lights.
» MIA: Egn! » BRUNO: Let’s go.
» ♪ [Theme music] ♫