Clitoraid Hospital October 2010

Uploaded by ClitoraidOrg on 25.11.2010

October, 2010
A delegation of 50 women were there to welcome Brigitte Boisselier, head of Clitoraid
The Chief of the Village was there also, to show his support
Dancing to the rhythm of the balafons is the local way to express joy and gratitude
Banemanie, our local correspondent, was one of the first to be operated on and repaired in Paris thanks to Clitoraid
She then created the AVFE association which now counts hundreds of women willing to be repaired
Each affiliated AVFE association in Burkina sent 2 delegates to the event to get the latest updates and express their hope
They are waiting
The interior of the hospital is still to be finished
Three hospitals from Switzerland, Italy and Australia offered beds and equipment
We hope to officially launch the operation in 2011
It is also the hope of hundreds of women like them, pioneers in their country where more than 70% have been mutilated