Calle 13 en la Habana, Cuba - Part 1 [ Havana Cultura ]

Uploaded by HavanaCultura on 19.07.2010

"On a night of March you will be happy my darling,
with Calle 13 in Havana and Kelvis Ochoa, hey,
This is great, great, great, wey hey"
A tremendous pleasure sharing with you Habaneros and Cubans,
says that it's the greatest! This is a party for you
and it's a reality that is happening!
Invited here to Havana to share with us, our brothers
from Puerto Rico, Calle 13! Yes!
Hey cuba, are we alive?
Are we alive back there?
We're going to show planet Earth that Cuba is alive,
That we're alive and breathing like everyone partying in Cuba!
"The world has stupid people and clever people, virgins and prostitutes,
Rich people, poor people, middle class, good things and one or two tragedies.
There are fat people, medium-sized people, thin people, horses, chickens, sheep and cows
There are lots of animals and lots of people, Sane people and crazy mad people.
The world has lies and falsehoods, facts, truths and coincidences,
There are horizontal, vertical and diagonal mentalities.
Cuba is always history and a sort of curiosity
It also has high expectations
marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine
There are trees, branches, leaves and flowers
There are many colourful forests.
The world has divided decisions, Entrances, exits, debuts, farewells
There are innocents and homicides
This was my mission, to come here and maybe
Help people see, make it more normal
To come to Cuba and play music…
The world has microphones and loudspeakers
There are six billion people
Ordinary people and elegant people, but, but, but
Nobody like you, go Cuba!
Nobody like you my love
Nobody like you
Eh, putting images on bodies
Giving colour to black and white too
Rhythmical, explosive
Freedom, expression
And it tells the truth
Down with punk!
There are people who correct what they say
There are many people who contradict themselves
When my brother plays music he doesn't do Reggaeton
Really, it's Colombian dance music, Balkan music, a bit of everything
But I don't go for real hip hop…
There are full pockets, empty wallets
There are more thieves than police
There are religions, atheism, capitalism and communism
Although we look alike we're not the same, because, because
There's nobody like you, go Cuba! Nobody like you my love
Nobody like you. Hey, handsome, that way, back there, hit it!
: No, I can't define the type
It's like a chef who takes a bit of garlic, a bit of tomato, a sofrito,
Tosses it, cooks it, prepares it, a new flavour
But they're already there, the ingredients are there, All you have to do is mix them together
Legs that breathe
This is called 'To the north', listen!
Snake venom
My music it's difficult for me to classify it as only social,
Because the word social they always push it to one side It's more of an urban struggle
I'm drinking aguardiente
A Caribbean, Latin American responsibility,
And with all this music, well
They tell people what they want to, no it's reality
Hey, this building behind, Has to support emigrants, shit! Hey tell Cuba, they shout
I have your antidote for those with no identity
We are identical for those who came without warning
I have your antidethylic... for those who are not here For those who are here and for those who are coming
No, I think I'm one more of them
Who had the luck to be able to stop in front and say the things he is saying
And I also have the luck so that sometimes things rhyme well for me
But maybe it's a bit, maybe it's scary to assume responsibility
Maybe like that of a kind of leader, Maybe I assume it but I don't dare to get involved
Or am getting involved and didn't realise it
Or think that it's a responsibility, I prefer go by my feelings.
Without comfort, without luxury, protected by the saints and sorcerers
I learnt to write silly things in my notebook And with the same language to shake the whole planet
I think we're going to build a bridge here and they'll follow
The fear will leave them and the shitload and they'll, they'll start coming
Because I think it's important, It's really important that they come here to play music and
Play and learn, and leave behind all these mysteries.
As I say in one of my themes
Which applies to lots of Latin American countries,
That I've seen some Latin American flags
And it's great to have it here in Cuba, Latin American should be united
The Caribbean should be united
It seems clichéd, it seems repetitive but it's true
OK, Cuba is here and Puerto Rico is nearby
They should build a bridge so that you can get from there to here by car"
Why Cuba? Hey, why not Cuba?
Yes Cuba, Cuba has people, it has nearly eleven million people
And all are people, they have mouths, noses, eyes, they breath
And if they breath they need music and if they need music
Well, we're here to make it happen.
And in music we basically have to be very much alike
And have the same taste
In many ways and this, really in this We are the two wings of a bird
Like Lola Rodríguez de Tió*, a Puerto Rican and a poet by the way said
We're connected by musical ties, political ties, regional ties
Or no, there are lots of things, that is, insular, we are islands…
Which is not the same for a Puerto Rican
To come to Cuba than for someone from another country
So for history, for everything,
For the condition of the US passport that is a job, you understand?
The connections it had with Cuba a 100 years ago and now doesn't
And for, there was a big struggle which stopped halfway but
A 100 years ago in New York people met to
Seek the independence of Cuba and Puerto Rico,
We stayed under colonial rule but there well…
And independence is something that is something
That really unites Cuba with Latin America doesn't it?
This is the hymn of Puerto Rico, I can't finish it