Ben Baller's Rise to Fame - THE Q SiDE

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The Q Side.
MALE SPEAKER: So dude, thanks for having me in the store.
I wish these were real diamonds and I could take a
fist of them and run off.
Now how did you go from being the VP of A and R at Aftermath
Records to being a jeweler?
BEN BALLER: You know I got in with Dre, real cool.
MALE SPEAKER: Let me ask you this, how you
do get in with Dre?
Because I hear Dre has a very tight circle.
BEN BALLER: He'd come frequent Denzel Washington's restaurant
what I DJ'ed at.
One night he came in, and I was like, man, I 'm going
bleep his whole head up.
I had black exploitation movies going on and I was
throwing funk on there.
I took a break, I put on a CD, and I
walked down these stairs.
I sat next to him at the bar and didn't say nothing.
I just knew he was going to say something.
And he was already drunk.
And the first thing he says, hey, youngster, what you know
about that music you were playing up there?
I was like, man, I'm a soulful dude, man.
Then like, hey, man, give me your number man.
Next thing I know I'm doing scratches and inserts for
different random Death Row albums.
At that point, he had got me a job at his original home
label, which was Party Records.
Within two years, I became the VP of A and R. So
that was a big deal.
Dre hit me up.
He's like, yo, I'm about to start this company called
Black Market Records, man.
What's up?
I bullshit you not, I had just signed the biggest contract I
ever signed in my entire life, and Dre's telling me, come
with me on some "Jerry Maguire" shit.
We about to start this label.
So, I ended up signing with Aftermath.
We became Aftermath because he couldn't get Black Market
Records as a name.
And that's what we roll with.
Skip like 15, 16 years later, me and my cousin, I was at a
standpoint in my life.
I was just in a transition.
I had just sold off my collection.
I made a lot of money.
And I said, yo, man, I need a job.
He was like, all right, well, why don't we do this?
And why don't you start flip some jewelry?
And we started rolling.
And then within the first few weeks, I had landed, with help
of friends, mutual friends of ours actually, hit up
[INAUDIBLE] boys, I made a chain for Mariah Carey.
And that was seven years ago.
But it's flown by.
I look back, wow, I can't believe this shit.
I really knew how to build a brand.
I don't even think Tiffany and Co. or DeBeers has social
media like I have it.
You know what I mean?
MALE SPEAKER: Why do you think that is?
BEN BALLER: I have no idea.
MALE SPEAKER: Because you're actually cool with the people
that you put jewelry on.
If I had the answer to that, I'd write a book next.
And it'd be a wrap.
I'd be a bill--
I wouldn't be doing this.
I'd be doing "Oprah".
No, I'm playing.
MALE SPEAKER: So it's the social media presence?
It's the way that you Tweet?
It's the way that you connect with the people
that actually care?
BEN BALLER: Because you know how people are like,
check us out here.
We're doing this.
I'm like, my homeboy's daughter is stripping now,
blah, blah, blah.
And I'll just talk about crazy shit.
I've always just been loose with the verbs.
And just, I let it out.
So I think people think it's funny.
Some people don't even know I'm a jeweler that follow me.
They just think I'm crazy and I talk a lot of shit.
MALE SPEAKER: Man, it is no wonder you've
got a reality show.
You have lived quite a life.
Ben should release an autobiography, but in the
meantime you can follow him on Twitter and check out his
reality show right here on Loud.
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MALE SPEAKER: This is when you feel like, I'm
actually living my dream.
MALE SPEAKER: You are interested in DTF?
FEMALE SPEAKER: I don't know what DTF is?
MALE SPEAKER: You're interested.
and I'm switching my positions.
[INAUDIBLE] my left butt cheek.
Pissed because I know my stupid phone is going to ring
again and I don't want to.