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What happened?
What happened?
...l think we should leave.\Nlt's getting late.
This is enough for today.
-We'll begin with a little prayer.\N-Hari Om.
Catch, Bagha.
Everyone, try catching the ball.\NDon't let it drop.
Bhuvan, the white lady said\Nthere must be 1 1 in a team.
We are only five.
Why five?\Nl'm here too.
Whatever the white lady can do,\Nso can l.
All right, Gauri.\NWe're six, not five.
You are doing it for your village,\Nl'm sure the others will too.
-lf not, we'll drag them in anyway.\N-Goli!
Catch the ball!
-Who threw this ball?\N-Goli Chacha did?
Goli, you jackass!
l'm gonna get you today!
There they go again.
l'll crack you open like an egg!
Will you two stop your squabbling?
-lsar Kaka, don't interfere!\N-Stop it, you fools.
...our sixth player.
Did you see how a ball is caught,\Nlsar Kaka?
Amazing!\NLike a bird diving for fish.
-Oh, so that's how it's done?\N-Of course!
Bhura, show it to them once more.
Especially to Goli here.\NHe just doesn't know how to catch.
Everybody!\NGo there and watch carefully.
Come on, Goli.
Ready, Bhura?
Watch carefully.
You see that?!
Brilliant, Bhura.\NThat was something.
But where did you learn that?
l'll tell you.
A ball travels in a straight line.\NBut hens run in a zigzag!
To catch hens,\Nyou've got to be quick.
Like Bhura.
Bhura will teach us now.\NWon't you?
l'll teach you, but....
But what?
What about my hens?
Bhura, these hens of yours\Nare a real pain!
At ease, captain.
You know Major Cotton.\NThat is Major Warren.
Take a seat.
...what is this we hear...
...that you have agreed to cancel\Nthe tax of the farmers...
...if they beat you\Nin a game of cricket?
ls this true?
Yes, Colonel Boyer. lt is.
What are you here for?\NTo play games?
Let me remind you that you are\Nworking for Her Majesty, the Queen.
Your job is to ensure\Nthe smooth running of your province.
Pardon me.\NBut that's what l'm doing.
We'll be the judge of that, Russell.
We also understand that\Nif you lose this ''match'' ... will cancel their taxes\Nfor three years.
Not just Champaner,\Nbut the entire province.
-But they won't win.\N-You're missing the whole point.
Do you realise we could have\Na situation where there will be... matches all over\Nthe subcontinent... cancel the tax?
But there is one thing.\Nlf they lose, which they will...
...they will have to pay\Nthree times the tax.
Oh, this is ridiculous!
He's making the government\Ninto a bookie...
...with whom he can\Nplace his wagers.
What would you have us do next?\NRace horses?
This is the most preposterous idea!
The British Empire\Ncannot function...
...according to your\Nwhims and fancies.
Now jolly well understand this:
lf you win, you'll have had\Na narrow escape.
But if you lose, you will pay\Nthe taxes for Champaner...
...and the entire province yourself.
Then you'll be sent to Central Africa.\Nls that clear?
Yes, sir.
That will be all.\NYou may go.
You're supposed to salute\Nwhen a superior officer passes!
-l did, sir.\N-l didn't see it.
That's better.
-Your meeting did not go well.\N-Damn right, it didn't.
The old hats will teach me\Nhow to run the show.
They've lost their sense of adventure.
What's wrong with some fun\Nalong with the lagaan?
-ls the match cancelled, sir?\N-No!
How dare you hurt my horse?
Hurt my horse, will you?\Nl'll destroy you people!
l'll take so much lagaan... won't have a rag\Non your backs.
You bloody slaves\Nwill remain crushed...
...under our boots!
However thick the sole\Nmay be, sahib... wears out.\NThen the nails begin to prick.
Ram Singh!
Yes, sir?
-Get him out before l kill him.\N-Yes.
Arjan, what happened?
Bhuvan, l've been blind\Nand stupid.
l am with you now.
Tell me, how can l help?
That's great. We're coming together\Nto form a fist.
No, no, Arjan.\NNot like that.
Lakha, Goli was telling the truth.
-About what?\N-The white lady.
We were wrong, Lakha.
But we can still make it right.\NWe must support Bhuvan.
What did you say?\NHave you gone crazy?
Try to understand.
An English girl... helping us\Nsave our bodies and souls.
And we sit sulking?
Shame on us!
lt is Allah's command.\NWe must be with him.
Come with me. Come!
...have you gone senile?\NThen get yourself a crutch...
...and a shroud too.
This Bhuvan of yours\Nwill never succeed.
...he'll never take you\Ninto his team.
Now catch this!
Bhuvan...'s not just your honour,\Nbut that of the whole village.
l'm ashamed of all the things\Nl said the other day.
l swear by God...
...l am with you.\Nlt's the word of a man of prayer.
What a beautiful thing to say!\NHe has raised our spirits.
Who can stop us now?