THE HANGOVER 3 Saturday May 21 End of the WORLD party!! The morning after!

Uploaded by hellbringer528 on 22.05.2011

Mohammed-the hangover 3
Mohammed- im making the hangover 3 sequel
Mohammed-what the hell is this white shit
Abbas- dude you know what the problem is about hangovers?
Abbas- the high frequency screech you were playing before
Mohammed-o shit. Hold up, I’ll play it again
Abbas- no no chill, god I was sleeping right, then all of a sudden I hear
Abass- (loud ear piercing screech imitation), im like MOHAMMED STOP..
Mohammed-look how nasty this is, it’s like white and brown
Mohammed-and there’s broken glass shards everywhere. Don’t step there.
Abbas- and we got a ninja assassin over there, there was blood all over his feet
Abbas- everyone’s telling Mohammed, yo get out of the kitchen get out of the kitchen, your bleeding.
Mohammed-dude blood stain
Mohammed-bloodstain number 3
Mohammed- shit that was a sick party
Mohammed-dude somebody washed all of the dishes!!
Mohammed-yea one of the guys from party washed all the dishes
Mohammed-yea they’re so weird
Abass- yes!!
Mohammed-he washed every dish there is
Abass-best party ever!
Mohammed- I swear to god, I walk into the kitchen and I see him just washing everything!!
Abass- dude, was it the dude we saw at McDonalds after
Mohammed-the chubby weird looking dude
Mohammed-he was using dish soap and gloves too!
Mohammed-and there’s like another bloodstain here too
Abass- yo tomorrow bitches bitches bitches bro.
Mohammed- beach??
Abbas- NO, bitches
Mohammed-(groan)damn, who’s cleaning this shit
Mohammed-(louder groan)
Mohammed- there’s probably more bloodstains in bathroom
Mohammed-say hi bro, it’s the hangover 3
Abass-wassup man, we just woke up from a sausage fest, and someone washed the dishes.
Abass- yo Mohammed barely made it through the Day of Judgment yo
Abass- as you can see his bloody foot
Mohammed- I was crucified bro.
Mohammed-o yea the world didn’t end, I forgot to say..
Mohammed-but it almost did.... with blood
Mohammed-continuation of the Day of Judgment
Mohammed- there's also... (Pause) dude this weed is wet
Mohammed- you could have smoked it but somebody just wet that shit
Zoom in
Mohammed- and there’s more blood
Mohammed- there’s more fuckin blood
Mohammed-o god
Mohammed- oo man here too huh..