Crackòvia- the Osasuna odyssey [ENGLISH SUBS]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 04.02.2011

Good evening, welcome in "Hat-trick Barca"
Tragic weekend. Barca had a lot of problems to arrive in Pamplona on time.
Xavi, the most tragic news that weekend was that hundreds of people didn't buy my DVD with hat-trick against Göteborg, which could be got for free by buying the Benicarló (a village) newspaper
they preferred DVD with El Clasico 5-0. Don't understand why...
It's shocking news indeed, but we were talking about the Barca odessey to Pamplona.
We at Hat-trick have an exclusive video which explains why Barca was late...
Sants Station 13.00
Mister, I'm booooooooooored...
Boys, good news, AENA anounced that airspace is open now and we can go by plane...
Let's go boys, take you luggage and let's go to the airport
They just announced in the radio that flights won't be leaving until 7pm.We have to go by train
What is 'train'?
Yes, the Federation? Strange, this guy has the same voice as guy from AENA
you know, via cell phone all voices seems similar, I call from Federation, Your game has been rescheduled for Sunday at 5pm..
Tommorow at 5? Ok
Barca is so dumb they'll believe anything...
but you are part of the Federation, no?... yes?
That was the Federation. We're playing tomorrow at 5pm.
Well then, you've heard, everyone go home and be back tommorow at 8.
Yes? At 14.00? Ok, ok
but wait, we will not manage to be there
no, no, it was my wife, she was talking about lunch, go, go
shit, yes? The Federation? tonight at 8?
But listen, moment ago they told me that we play tomorrow, what? it wasn't you? listen..
They said that we'll lose three points if we don't play today.
what are we going to do, Mister?!
run, run!!
what a drama, the best team in the world forced to travel by train and bus,
like a primitive team from 2nd league.. or Espanyol.
I remeber that we traveled a lot with bus and it was great fun, we were singing funny songs and so
yes, yes Pichi, I imagine it was great, but coming back to this journey and our exclusive video
railway station 17:30
one, two, one, two, one, two...
This train station is the same as the previous one!
What are you talking about, we are in Saragossa -- get to the bus!
This is the station in Catalyud.
Sh*t! We missed our station Hurry! Run! Get going..
on the way to Pamplona
[Santiago de Compostela]
[somewhere in Vietnam]
Finally at the bus station in Pamplona 19:59
one, two, one, two, one, two...
this is bus station in Pamplona, not Osasuna*
this station is the same as the last 2! This TV show has really small budget
we're taking the bus to the stadium. Let's go, let's go! Hurry!
I'm so tired I'll only be able to score two goals...