Talk to Strangers -- Motivation Monday (We Don't Give a Frak)

Uploaded by wedontgiveafrak on 14.05.2012

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\f0\fs30 \cf0 I was at walmart yesterday picking out some towels that i could use to make a
new hammock for my ferrets. As i was walking into the store a man stopped me and asked
me how i was doing today. I talked to him for forty-five minutes, and now he\'92s going
to come have dinner at my house tonight. It doesn\'92t matter that he was an employee
of walmart, or that his JOB was to ask me that question, what matters is that he made
the effort, and listened to the response. If we all took forty five minutes a day and
talked to a stranger, maybe there would be more people to make ferret furniture with.
Just sayin...}