Filme Dublado + Legenda: Albuquerque - Romantico Defensor

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Women have nothing constant Stokes.
Their minds are always changing as the moon
Yes, and always finds a man there.
A man on the moon, Juke, you know?
No. Not so.
Do you believe in the sacrament of marriage?
- She does not like my beard. - Then why do not you take?
Oh, that's what she wants, but I still think of Samson.
Refers to Samson, Taylor Albuquerque?
No pagan. Samson was a king.
He lived in Egypt or "Africa" ​​in such a place.
- And what about him? - He was like my hair and beard.
It was the strongest guy there was.
Knocked down walls with her hands. Yes, sir.
Also had a girl, her name was Delilah.
- He did not like beards? - No, sir.
One night surreptitiously entered and left the Samson naked more than a frog.
after that, he was so weak he could not even break a toothpick.
It is a charm you, Miss. Myrtle ...
and within just see your dad in Albuquerque.
Mr. Cole, is very gracious. Truth is not Miss. Wallace?
Yes, dear, it's great fun.
Fun? It is graceful. Indeed, Mr. Martin?
Very funny. Yes, sir, it is very funny. Certainly.
Thank you, ladies. My intention was to please.
Miss. Myrtle, if I were to see the man I love most ...
try to get to sleep with a sweet and beautiful look.
My dad does not care about looks, only I get.
Miss, I give the same advice.
Not closed his eyes since we left.
I'm fine.
- Come out and raise their hands. - All except the girl.
Drop your weapons and come down.
- We have no weapons nor safe. - Get down!
Okay, everyone, form a line! Do not try anything!
Quick, look over there!
- What you got there, Miss? - Nothing.
-'ll Ransack this portfolio. - No!
I grabbed the tiger by the tail! Ai tiger by the tail!
- Make their living robbing women. - Shut up!
- You stop. - It is not my money. A payment.
- Belongs to ... - Shut up!
Hoo, horses!
Quick, boy!
Fast, Mr. Cole! fast! hoo, horses!
Mr. Cole was magnificent!
Of course this endeavor had a fleeting scared.
In principle yes, but not now.
Sit down and let's get to Miss. Celia and others.
No, sir. I want to go up there with you.
Okay, let us go.
Here comes the diligence!
where vai, Juke?
Where's the sheriff? They robbed us! Sheriff!
I help her down?
- Myrtle! Honey! - Santa!
Listen, let me pass.
- Celia. Ah, okay. - Oh, Ted.
let me see. How is my sister?
- Ted. - What's up, beautiful?
You heard what the driver said? Robbed us.
- Took the money? - Our $ 10,000. Everything.
Ten thousand dollars?
Mr. Cole?
What is it, honey?
I told Dad dropped as the villain ...
reached diligence and saved my life.
I am very grateful to you, sir.
If you need a friend in Albuquerque, already have one.
Thank you. Remember.
How strange. It is the first assault in months. Why choose me?
Did not take anything, not even going with a gunman.
why did they kill this poor guy?
Silence, Juke. What were the passengers of this diligence?
Well, I was the driver. this lady and this gentleman ...
this girl, this tall man and the dead.
Very well. Go Walking! Take care of your affairs!
you seem smart. I'm the sheriff. Wonder what happened.
Five men attacked us. They killed one and she lost $ 10,000.
Because it took so much money?
I can not believe this is our subject.
Should meet a patrol and chase them.
I did not ask what I should do.
If you want to stay here, let me take care.
Hank! Bring two men, take care of the body.
Gather my assistants and bring them here.
Remember what I told you if you need a friend.
- Goodbye, Mr. Cole. - Goodbye, Myrtle.
- Sorry the money. - Thank you.
- Mr. Cole, my brother, Ted Wallace. - Mr. Wallace.
We are very grateful to you, Mr. Collin.
His sister was wrong, I'm Cole Armin.
I came to work for my uncle.
- John Armin? - That's it.
What happened? I seem to have smallpox.
Boy, I'd rather have smallpox Armin call this city.
Come on, keep talking.
Very well, Mr. Armin, so it goes:
There is a crowd screaming in prison and demanding action.
The diligence brought a corpse. This is murder.
Well I ordered the Matt Wayne will take the $ 10,000 and the girl Wallace.
If killed to fulfill that order, was part of the job.
Can I cover up the theft, but the murder ... is different.
Take outraged citizens to take a horseback ride.
And Murkil.
Take Wayne and his men of the city. Got it?
I understood.
I say that the boss is busy and does not want the bother.
And I repeat that I want to see him.
- What is the problem? - He says he can not see John Armin.
You see?
lacking 30 years to John Armin.
- Have you ever seen him? - Yes, long ago.
- How do you know I'm not him? - The size of the ears.
This will cause tire ears.
- Who are you? - I came to see John Armin.
I'm John Armin. Whatever?
- I come for the work they offered me. - What is your name?
I wondered when I would ask that. I'm Cole Armin.
Welcome, Cole. Welcome to Albuquerque.
skirt, Murkil. This is Ed Linton, our sheriff.
- Yes, I met him in jail. - I thought I met a patrol.
I gave him good advice. If wise, defer.
For it is here. Whether men to accompany him.
In Texas, the law is not fast enough ...
get a rope and a tree for robbing and murdering women.
- With pleasure will accompany you, Sheriff. - Do not stay here. We have to talk.
men who need lightweight, Linton. Yya veto.
Among nephew. We have to talk.
- Sit down, make yourself comfortable. - Thank you.
What a beautiful place has.
I think you'll like your new job?
Answer when you know what will work.
It would not have brought from Texas a breaker of mules, Cole.
Will do the work of an administrator.
- Administrator? - Yes, help yourself.
Here I have a great company.
A team that carries most of the minerals from the mines.
I've done the prep work ...
and the money is going ... lot of money ... but I'm already tired.
Let me take care of that?
Once you learn how everything works.
The drivers are very rude. They do not respect anyone who can strike.
And that covers a lot of territory.
need to be very core and muscle to drive them.
Interesting dreams.
And we must fight for contracts.
That's where it all goes, there are no restrictions.
- Why choose me? - Why is a Armin.
And another with Armin at the helm ...
I see my empire stretching ahead borders of New Mexico.
- When do I start? - It has begun.
But if you want to wash, I suppose.
stays in my hotel and return here.
Thank you. Thank you, Uncle John. I will try to live up to.
I want to go to Rio Grande south of town.
Spread up and cover the entire area, Harry.
Okay, sheriff. Here we go, man.
- Hello, old. - Hello
I did not know he drank.
Usually do not drink, but I'm desperate.
Mr. Armin, there comes a time in life when a man has to drink.
You see a man looking for value, comfort, and confidence.
- You will not find there. - I will follow looking.
They gave me a lesson in humility, humbled me and embarrassed me.
- My name is Cole. - Hello, Cole. I'm Juke.
Hello, Juke. What insect stung you?
Pearl. It is the fairest of all around Albuquerque ...
and is the best barbeira territory.
A woman barbeira?
Once the so called. He chased me with a knife.
He says he's an artist, not barbeira.
- Dreaming something pretentious, no? - Pretentious? It is presumptuous.
It has since shaved the governor last year.
You would see different shave president.
She has tried to shave every day for nine years.
Say it is not good for your business.
If everyone were like me, would starve.
Everyone plays. In the double zero.
So this is what slows you down?
I told the boss said that you and your men leave the city.
Alright. Jackson, exchange these tokens.
We will go to the north, White Canyon Spring.
Place your bets. Everyone plays. All together.
- Everything in the number 12. - At number 12.
- Are you thinking the same as me? - Yes
- Number 12. - Hooray! I won!
I grabbed the tiger by the tail!
It seems to me we've heard that before.
've Heard.
Come on, payment. I grabbed the tiger by the tail!
Come, you and I will talk.
Say what you want. I'll stay where I am.
It is an ugly wound. And it is recent.
Wait, sir.
Stand back up, everyone! You too!
This is private and personal between my friend and this scorpion.
If you want to live, will have much to discuss.
let me go!
Walk! Come on, let me go!
Clear! This scorpion will speak to my partner ...
or will not return to grab the tiger by the tail.
Hey, it was not long.
I want the ten thousand dollars of Miss. Wallace.
- In what lines? - You know what.
The money they stole his henchmen.
- Oh, that's what you know? - Yes
And if I did? The Wallace are our competitors, Cole.
Rob and kill a woman to destroy them?
The law also applies to survival in business.
Have to strangle competition.
- The end justifies the means? - That's not important.
Here life is worth little.
That money had no value to me as money.
But you do not realize it, Cole?
Wallace would have converted to a threat.
I'm making a big deal that your will one day.
The ten thousand dollars Wallace hindered me, why I brought them out.
Since understand why they hate our surname.
It's very emotional, like his father. Therefore died poor.
Forget it. I want the money from the girl.
Do not tolerate threats, Cole.
If you think going to the authorities, it will be his word against mine.
And the word of the henchman who hired?
Do not speak.
If you do not want to greet sudden death, will speak.
There is a crowd that wants to hang it. Speak with them or with the authorities.
Take him to the sheriff, Juke. and tell him the gift.
Hopefully Pearl was here to see that I'm useful citizen.
Come on, let's go.
let's talk a bit more, yes, Cole?
Want to save any of these?
No, all burn. I do not want to save anything ...
that record to this place or its people.
As Mr. Armin know I brought the money?
Have contact throughout.
his nephew came to you was no coincidence.
why it is called Cole Armin does not blame me.
Look, instead of using the money to return home ...
could not start from scratch here?
With what? We can only return home or to work for John Armin.
Armin! Armin! It's the only time I hear since I arrived.
Albuquerque could become in a big city, and you grow.
To you and all the fear strangles the power it has.
I'm not going to do nothing and see how surrenders.
This is Carrier Company Wallace?
Wallace was the Carrier Company.
There's nothing to say we want to hear. Go!
Today not want to fight anymore.
It may ask you to sit and listen to me?
Sit back, Ted.
- I came to offer help. - What kind of help?
- Could you learn to drive the mules. - It is a play of his uncle?
I come from there, but he sent me.
This city has possibilities. The truth is that I try to work.
Have you heard my sister. The company closed.
Possibly with it can reopen.
- Our money. How ... - It is complete.
- I do not know how to thank you. - Can I tell you how.
make me a member of his company.
- Want to be our partner? - I suppose so.
Lord, it's a deal.
The Company Carrier Wallace-Armin.
Sheriff! Sheriff!
Jackson, not repeat. Stop making noise.
I have not started making noise.
When you do, listen to the Ministry of Justice.
You can tell that to Armin, and say this: I will not just to the gallows.
Not good for my rug to go and come.
Furthermore, solves nothing.
What will I do with respect to Jackson? How to keep quiet?
His prisoner threat causing problems.
Encarregaremo us of this situation.
Wallace has the lamps lit all night ...
is coming more mules and new equipment.
- Something is happening there. - I know.
What I know is what they're up to.
What are your contacts and your offerings?
I want an internal report.
As the get?
The person who will take care of it on its way.
So stop worrying.
And pull up my office!
Hey, wait a minute!
Try me enough to scald me pluck?
listen to me, dine with us pleasant ...
and do not want to smell like a mule, or yes?
I have no intention of staying after dinner.
I see the Pearl when closing her salon. Yes.
why do I look like?
- There is a sheriff looking for you. - Where? Where?
Why say that?
Nobody would hide behind that beard ...
unless somehow escaped prison.
That said it's nothing nice.
I agreed to work with you, get you in my home i ...
How do I know how many sheriffs pursued by the country?
Again looking at me like that. What does that mean?
It means that you cut your hair.
No, sir! You will not do any of that!
away from me with that sheep shears. Anda.
- Who is this guy awful? - Ne?
- Man, am I without my mustache. - Yes
Cole, this will be a secret between you and me, right?
You should be ashamed.
- It costs a lot of money. - Do not know why I bother.
They have carts, mules, men ...
and money for salaries and food to get the company to profitability.
This will demonstrate to John Armin talking seriously, right, Cole?
You are right.
As soon as I see I learn the business of transporting minerals.
Where is the mine that mentioned?
It's easier to show you on the map.
This will give you a better idea.
- This is the road to the mine. - Yes
It's the only way to climb.
Sounds like a place with difficult access.
The problem is not rising, is down 10 mules with wagons.
Yes This is the only way that is profitable.
The path is steep and narrow. Yes it seems dangerous.
It is dangerous, but if Armin can do it, you too.
Huggins has his neck. No one else will try.
- Once it for the price. - Should make a lower offer?
Just enough to keep us.
If we help the Huggins, the other owners will be on our side.
It seems that we should visit Mr. Huggins.
Come for dinner or just give the mules.
Yes, walking. Go there. Walk, walk. You too.
They should be ashamed.
Miss. Celia was slaved in the kitchen all day ...
preparing special food for you hillbillies.
Oh, shut up, Juke. You talk a lot.
This is by teaming up with Damon and Pythias with.
Wait. If you do not fit two carts that path ...
what happens they are in the opposite direction?
Nobody passes. You see, there's a banner up there ...
if someone is posing down.
We do the same if we climb down.
Eat your dinner, guys.
- Good night, sheriff. - Wait, Harvey.
- Lets here. I'll take. - Okay.
- Jackson This does not seem very docile. - You'll have to watch him.
- Yes, good evening, sheriff. - Goodnight.
Here's your dinner, Jackson.
Now listen, when I go, forget the door open.
Get out there, there is a waiting horse.
Monte and get fast Albuquerque.
Go, take my message to Armin.
When I return in five minutes ...
I did not find one here.
What happened, sheriff? What happened?
Not seeing this? Jackson tried to escape. I shot him.
The troubles are over for him, but possibly begin to others.
- What do you mean? - Nothing.
Sometimes the dead stop ghosts.
- It was a very good dinner. - Glad you liked it.
I notice that I'm not responsible if any victims.
It's the first time I use apron.
You are doing very well.
I think I spoke prematurely.
It is a dish less dry. I'm sorry.
It's Ted's fault. He said you could do.
Do you know? His brother is a good person.
It's the only family I have left.
When Ted came west and started this business ...
I sold the house in the east and I joined him.
I suppose the situation was difficult.
He discovered that his uncle ran the city.
- E controlled the underside. - Yes
I hope we do not regret having joined in against him.
There's a guy in prison that my uncle will stop doing their.
I'm dealing with what I did, Celia.
I knew this would be his opinion, Cole.
Where is everyone?
- Jackson died while trying to escape. - What?
- Yes - His uncle follows their doing.
I agree with Ted. We have staff and drivers ...
and guarantee the delivery of minerals to the foundry ...
at a price that benefits everyone.
Experience is more important than the team, Mr. Armin.
When a caravan out of the mine, we must be sure that will come.
I answer. I took charge of Walton.
I know every meter and every danger. And now we have the Juke.
Yes, sir. Ted will the first wagon.
I will go after him with Damon and Pythias with.
Could do this trip with a piano in every mule ...
a bucket of water in each hand and one in the head.
Mr. Clark, business closed?
Mr. Huggins, the administrator, is that you seem new here.
Let me show you what will put up. Come.
I saw him. I set up here.
- What is this mine, up there? - Hanger Angel.
- Hanger Angel? - I would not be so ambitious.
It is the richest mine in New Mexico ...
but the way to get it is killer.
- Who is this contract? - Nobody. They are afraid to try it.
that could not be mined minerals go down?
Huggins made a deal with John Armin.
He agreed that if we open a pit, he would carry the mineral.
What's going on?
We put everyone to dig up there.
And when we were ready, Armin failed.
He tried to rob us with the shipping price.
I suppose I thought that we would break up and overtake him.
Hello, miss. Welcome to Albuquerque.
Thank you.
Do you know where is the office of John Armin?
For this street. Monarch in the building. It has lost.
put them to sleep, Juke.
- I will keep the contracts. - I'll give the good news to Celia.
- Say you prepare a pot of coffee. - Okay.
Hands up.
- Come and open the safe. - No money.
Open it!
- What happened? Where was it shot? - In the office.
why there was gunfire, Ted?
There was a burglar here, this lady came up and shot him.
- And the body? - Gone through that door.
We can not be running loose bodies in Albuquerque.
- I'm afraid I'm not good to shoot. - But did the time.
- Always walk armada? - Today was helpful.
Casually was passing?
Yes I arrived today in Albuquerque. Seeking work. I'm Letty Tyler.
Work? What kind of work?
Accounting, correspondence, payroll.
I believe I can be quite useful.
We will need help. The contract Huggins will we get more.
We are grateful. At first we did not pay much.
I'm sure arrumarei me with what I pay.
- What do you say, guys? - For me, okay. And you, Cole?
I am a single partner. Let the majority decide.
Will begin in the morning. We have a transport.
Celia, you familiar with the deal.
- Well Accompany us a coffee? - Thank you. I'd love to.
Save your contract? You are on the safe.
Opened the safe when the girl entered.
His idea went as planned, Mr. Armin.
- I got the job. - Did you find anything?
Yes, they are kind people.
I do not care their social qualities. What plot?
They have a contract.
Tomorrow will first transport: The mine Half Height.
I congratulate them on a job well done.
Sit down, Miss. Tyler.
I realize that our relationship will be profitable for both.
Looks good, Juke. There is no flag on top.
This gives us the right of way.
What are we waiting for? Flash forward.
What makes this path, Murkil?
Hello, Wallace. What a place to meet.
Not raised the banner above. This gives us the right of way.
The right of way belongs to those who take.
Drop the rifle.
And also the other.
He was right about what would happen.
Did you know?
He thought his boss was the only one in town that Armin thought?
Pajamas and loose horses.
The accounting does not include cleaning, Letty.
I'm cleaning up for action.
Ted will not recognize the place clean.
Do you think that will bring the mineral today?
Ted i Juke are the best conductors. Bring.
Sure you will. I saw Cole Armin. Accompanied them?
No. He was not. He had other matters.
- Probably looking for new contracts. - Probably.
It is a very good person, right?
This seems. And it is beautiful.
They succeeded, Letty! Succeeded!
Listen, Murkil, Wallace help bring the minerals?
It funniest thing I ever saw.
Had a good trip, Murkil?
Should you make a monument!
This city is proud of you, I mean seriously!
- To have done? - It's a wishing well, no?
Well, buy a desire for a dollar.
If I ask her wish and tell me this, do not do reality.
- It's part of the legend, right? - I suppose.
Can I ask you something?
Where and when do sell the dollar.
Think like to Albuquerque?
- I suppose. - I'm glad.
cheer me many things that have happened to me.
- Albuquerque before? - Follows seeing the dollar.
You know, Celia? Sometimes, a face or a person ...
exchange the way a man lives ...
and begins to desire the things you never expected.
If your wishes and desires are real, they seek him.
I wish I could believe that.
Sometimes a man must ask for what you want.
I speak from Texas.
Yeah, it's great and sometimes it's lonely.
The funny thing is I never knew how lonely.
Keep seeing the dollar.
When found she was lonely?
In Step, when it rose diligence.
And I discovered something else as well:
I needed someone to share this business of life.
why not ask me this, Cole?
It is very good with this whip.
An expert can catch you by the throat and strangle you six meters.
- It could be a dangerous weapon. - You are right.
We could talk about more pleasant things. Thank you.
Like what?
tell me, Ted, how did Cole ...
Armin's men would hold us yesterday on the way?
I did not know. Cole was Texas Mounted Guard.
When expecting trouble ...
sent a scout before exposing the troops.
Borrowed this idea from them.
- It is quite smart. - It's a smart guy.
We are fortunate to telo.
We have big plans to extend ourselves.
Virtually, it is the company. There's nothing bad to tell you that.
If you get what you want, we will contract Hanger Angel.
- What do you want? - For Cole fears ...
by animals, men and staff.
But I will go on the cart page, and I know I can.
- I animarei, Ted. - So how can I lose?
why the hell are you dressed like that?
It is an idea of ​​Pearl.
He said he was not going to the party in the mission ...
if I do not dress like that.
assumes that I am a "troubadour".
- A troubadour. - Yes, "troubadour".
The mine exploded Half Height!
Someone blew up the mine Half Height!
Tell that Pearl could not wait. Out of my way!
Out of my way, people! Clear!
Welcome to the family.
- It is the best news in years. - Thank you.
- Would be very happy. - Thank you. Certainly we will.
- Half Height blew mine! - What?
Half Height?
- What follows, Cole? - Hanger Angel.
Young, which proposes is impossible.
you lose the mine Half Height might make us break.
We are obliged to go to the Angel Hanger.
20 tons of minerals slipping on a narrow path ...
with just a prayer between you and a drop of 1500 meters.
- No, never would get. - It's a way, right?
Not withstand 20 tons with 12 mules on that path.
Walton has lost carts, mules and men.
We want to try.
They have the team and the drivers?
- In a week. - Count on it.
Wait. Should be ten carts will be profitable or not.
- Ten cars? - Yes ... If they
the contract will be waiting in the foundry.
I still think they are crazy if they try.
Mr. Huggins, you have considerable properties throughout.
If we fulfill this transport ...
we hope to work on his other businesses.
Have the casting list for eight days.
Be prepared. I warn them something:
We are not certain that the explosion was accidental Half Height.
We either. Come on, Ted.
- Good luck. - Thank you. We'll see you in mine.
- Hopefully we can with it. - We have enough time.
- It's serious, Ted? - Is my leg.
let me go. What happens? Who threw that?
The man who shot him dead.
Armin tell John what had happened the same to him or any of his henchmen.
What this has to do with John Armin?
you should know. you work for him.
- This is absurd. - No, it is a warning.
If Armin return to attack us, we will end up with him ...
although we must kill his minions and burn your business.
Warren, help me to take him home.
No more protests you, Miss. Tyler.
If there are consequences for their work, I resign.
But if he is doing something a little honored ...
know it's criminal accomplice of something that passes.
Do not forget.
Committed my scruples when I accepted this job ...
but not participate in another murder plot.
I give the orders. I put the conditions.
You have your orders. do your job.
I still work for you.
Once my nephew threatened to burn my business.
Recovered up, Doc?
You can not walk for a couple of months.
That bullet went through the femur.
Crossed what?
The femur. The thigh bone.
At this time suffering from shock.
Need enough, rest.
That means you should not talk.
I'll see you in the morning.
I suppose we will lose the contract Hanger Angel.
why? Speak as if the only driver of new Mexico.
- Yes - Look, Ted ...
can drive business away.
Juke get drivers and carry you on time.
We will end prematurely.
Juke, stay here and help Celia.
- Where are you going? - I have a particular issue pending.
Want to enter?
How may I help you?
I found this in the house of John Armin.
You should find them or have you forgotten?
Have to deduct it you alone.
Because shot?
Was deducted.
Yes needed this job ...
bullet to shoot blanks in a fake robbery.
- I needed a job. - Do not say "a job".
I refer to this particular job.
've Solved everything, or not?
It was not hard. When I met her gloves, I related to everything.
- What smart. - Wait a minute.
It was part of the deal that shoot in Ted?
- I had nothing to do with it. - Refers to you that you are not fired?
If Ted knew who was behind the shooting ...
it would hurt more than it did the bullet.
- What do you mean? - You're in love with you, Letty.
Cole Armin, is arrested for arson.
Stuck? Wait a minute. What happened?
- Who accused me? - John Armin.
Had already prepared, right?
Everyone heard that threaten your business incendiary.
- Good morning, Fred. - Sit back, Dave.
Hello, Mr. Cole!
Standing Cole Armin.
Cole testified that he was not near the fire ...
but refuses to tell us where he was.
He realizes, of course, that if he had an alibi ...
supported by a citizen in good standing ...
would be very important to your case.
I have nothing to add, Mr. Judge.
tell where he was, Cole! Come on, say it.
You stay silent, Juke!
Another comment and detain you for contempt.
But he's being more stubborn than a mule lame.
Sit, Juke.
Say, Dad! Come on, say it!
Wait a minute, Fred.
Myrtle told me something I should know.
For if it is related to this case, bring it here, Dave.
Come on, sweetheart.
Order. Order.
Come on, Myrtle, say what I said.
Walking, talking, beautiful.
Well, Mr. Judge ...
when my dad ran out because of the fire last night ...
I was afraid to be alone. I looked out the window to see the fire ...
and saw Mr. Cole rush out of the house faces.
Myrtle, know who lives in that house?
She. I mean, Miss. Letty.
Are you sure he is the man you saw?
I'm pretty sure.
It was dark, but he was tall as he.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Well, this is very irregular.
Honey, gotta be safe.
Mr. Judge, the accused is my nephew.
We should give him every opportunity to clear his name.
It is very possible that I am wrong.
If this is the case, this is the time to fix it.
why not call the Miss. Tyler to testify?
If she confirm this testimony, tasteful revoke my accusation.
Miss. Tyler wants to come up here?
I can tell you here, judge.
Cole Armin was in my home with me last night.
Case closed.
John Armin ...
used my court to resolve a family dispute private.
I do not know why and I do not care.
But'll take care that this does not happen again.
Cole Armin, due to the statements of his threats ...
I am forced to stop his apparent appetite for problems.
To protect them to one another ...
command you to execute a bond of peace for each ...
the amount of $ 5,000.
Sheriff, do you comply with this order.
Closed session!
I suppose I owe you an explanation.
The details do not interest me, Cole. Not owe me anything.
Well, Armin. You will be in my custody till to pay the bail.
What kind of you to come see me, beautiful ...
but the best is to go home.
A prison is no place for a lady.
Yes it is, if this lady's best friend is arrested.
But I get up to let me leave.
No, it has to stay.
Take. I am Clara sealed and waiting.
I gave you food and water, and can travel four days without sleep.
get to work. I will watch as you cut.
That would be illegal and we must respect the law
Alright. I will stay here until they let out ...
although it should be until a little old lady with a shawl.
I'll be sitting here waiting and knitting.
- Hello, Mr. Juke. - Hello
There it is. Get down from there, young lady.
I want to talk to you. Do not know who your daddy is looking for you?
- Go running home. - Not until Mr. Cole quit.
For now coming out. I have the roles of the judge.
The sheriff will now drop it.
Best the watch. Do not trust this old sheriff.
Do not worry about it, honey. I'll take care of it.
Goodbye, Mr. Cole!
Come, Clara. I suppose Mr. Cole does not need us.
Anda. Juke paid his bail.
I warn you, control your temper.
Stop babbling. From his pistol and we will.
- Where did the money? - For many contributed.
Ted, Celia, Dave, Pearl ... All give some.
- We? - I asked my mules with money as collateral.
- Damon and Pythias? - We had to get you out, no?
I want to thank everyone.
You can thank to leave the city.
Or your friends will lose $ 5,000. Sure it's not your money.
Forget it. Come on.
I suppose we won the first meeting, Cole.
You know, Juke? No need to be smart ...
to know that my uncle will prepare a trap.
You should only stay awake.
We have a limit to the fights ...
Dreams, love and hate ...
and the final one ages ...
before correcting the mistakes he has committed.
- What are you trying to say? - My biggest mistake was leaving Texas.
Do not say that, Cole, please.
- It is the time of the patient's food. - That's it for me?
The food and medicines dosam to the disabled.
Yes, but not shot me in the stomach.
If I had taken a step further, would not be here. Any luck.
Do you know? The bullets are not the only one who can destroy me.
Disappointed I can also destroy me.
Letty is passionate, truth?
Was. I suppose we both chose the wrong person.
We must face reality, Ted.
Good news. Finally got the drivers.
Charged twice when they learned that they would go to the Angel Hanger.
We will begin to rise at dawn.
And Cole? He took him from prison?
Already out. Probably out of town.
- Out of town? - Yes
Said it would be best for everyone.
He said he had made many mistakes here. I suppose I will return to Texas.
should do something about it.
Once the great hero of the Texas dragged out of the city.
Not fall into any trap John Armin.
I suppose Celia Wallace would like to see you set foot on the road.
But do not worry. Will visit after you go.
up and fight.
Oh, man, if that's how they fight in Texas, I'll be in Albuquerque.
As I was saying, Miss. Tyler ...
the costume for a special purpose ...
you totally failed.
I do not think that has anything more to say to you ...
except this: Take your ticket to the next diligence.
- The sheriff will take the terminal. - I can find the way.
- I want to get saved. - I do not need protection.
Need a lot if you stay here after leaving diligence.
I guarantee it is not the first time I escort her out of a city.
keep your hands off of me!
- Violated his bail peace. - Note by its face.
Do not make jokes, Linton. Continues, Murkil.
He told me that you sought and did fight with him.
Okay, sheriff's your turn.
I'll see what Judge Martin and'll get an order for attempted murder.
Apprehend this without bail all the time you want.
Until we get tired of feeding him.
Logo opens the door and shot him while trying to escape.
I changed my opinion, gentlemen, I will not Albuquerque.
I advise you to go back to change their minds.
No, you who will change their minds.
If Cole Armin arrest and forfeit his bail peace ...
cry so hard that I hear in Washington.
And I have a lot to shout, between this, the part I played.
Will spend time in prison, miss.
I'll be accompanied.
Allow skirt like this?
Yes, you're the boss. What will you do?
Give me life in prison if we can not stop it.
There just has to stop her.
How the group will go to Wallace Hanger Angel tomorrow ...
and their drivers are the rudest of New Mexico.
Will stop at nothing.
So try to go after discharge.
- It's suicide. - Possibly the can. It is a Armin.
Yes Possibly.
Notify Matt Wayne.
It makes no sense to go, Cole.
The Wallace need you and are very good people.
- So I will. - Yes, but not have to go.
I'll get more witnesses will fit on the court will say that ...
that caused him to fight.
Wait, Dave, not for this fight.
Bail continues and the next time ...
kill the Murkil and possibly Armin.
Listen, sir, we left for El Paso. Come with us?
Goodbye, old lady.
Goodbye, Mr. Cole. I feel horrible.
- Goodbye, Dave. - Cole! Wait! Wait!
Do not move this diligence, driver!
- Cole, will not go nowhere. - What happened?
- Ask Letty. - Do not ask me how or why ...
but the sheriff does nothing with respect to bail.
- What thing? - Have heard.
Look, buddy, I'm coming. Come?
No, it will not! can go. Come on, boy.
- Good luck, Cole. I bet you. - I hope you win, Dave.
You have to win. Send to Myrtle university with those profits.
Okay, folks, here's easy money!
Murkil 10:1 bet that the group will not be able Wallace.
- I bet ten dollars. - Accepted.
- Here you go. - Bet $ 100.
Very well. 2:1 bet they do not even come up.
I also accept that bet.
- Very well. Alice. - I write down $ 20.
- I bet $ 20 that did not fall. - 10:1 not fall.
Daria thousand dollars to be on the cart page.
Juke will bring.
why not wish them good luck?
I do not care as much as believed.
after all, you know, Cole would not have helped much.
- Do not know how to drive. - His presence was all very distinct.
I'd feel better if I was with them.
Yes I know, sister.
Strange, no? A person can be so important in your life ...
without it, nothing seems to matter.
Yes it is strange.
We should be ashamed.
Think of us as men and animals are at risk for us.
Value and require very lucky to get off these carts.
We can only hope. And you want the best to happen.
Possibly a little prayer help them and us.
Force mules!
When is the diligence to Santa Fe?
Is on schedule. Arrive within two hours and 15 minutes.
- Whoa, that means more problems. - Problems?
St. Matt Wayne and his men. St. John's thugs Armin.
stay here, Andy. I'll see what the old man wants.
- What do you want? - I want to see Ted.
Matt Wayne and his men are with Armin.
I guarantee you will order them to destroy your group and Cole Armin.
- Cole Armin this the way to Texas. - No, I Juke and hindered this.
was help down the tanks of the Angel Hanger.
- Expects believe? - They will do when they hear the rest.
Wrong about Cole, Celia.
I guess that worked for his uncle and he was right.
John Armin brought you to Albuquerque to know what were our plans?
Yes Cole suspected me and so was my house the night of the fire.
Do not know what it means to me to hear it, Letty.
where to go, sister?
It's time for someone to start thinking about Cole.
Must have a good reason to stay on our side, Letty.
Yeah and I had.
We'll talk when I have more time.
Guys, we expect a difficult job.
Everyone knows what to expect. remember what I said.
If the wagon slip or have any problem ...
the animals loose and jump. That the carts fall.
- Got it? - Sure, Juke. We understand.
Well Git in their carts. I'll tell you when to start.
Okay, boys. Walking. To move.
- I wish them good luck. -'ll Need.
Here we go, Cole. Albuquerque or anything.
- Good luck. May the gain. - Get it?
Whew. Can I do it eyes closed.
- Juke, one of their drivers fled. - What?
Jim Rough. was riding. The expected here.
Condemned. This guy scared me, but it was the only one left.
Armin hired all drivers.
Probably also hired him.
That bad. I suppose that leaves them hanging.
The deal with Huggins was ten carts.
Tell that Huggins will be 10 wagons.
Wait a minute, Cole. Wait a minute!
- Who is the driver? - I'll try.
This is not a measure of Wells Fargo in a plain planer Texas.
Are two wagons pulled by 12 mules in a bad way.
- I'm afraid to let the try. - I'm doubly scared.
But we must take the minerals to the foundry.
Climb in your cart, Juke.
Now, take note, Wayne.
If you get down the mountain, it means ...
There is a possibility that can not?
There is a great possibility that fail.
To that wants him and his men?
I want to be sure if by chance get down.
I want to destroy the group of Wallace, permanently delete it ...
to show that in Albuquerque I am the boss.
You know what to do! Now, go up, either!
Damon. Listen, Pythias.
Freia, Cole! brakes, Cole!
Come on, Damon! Damon, Pythias!
Come on, mules!
Hold, Cole! Hold!
I can not! keep running, Juke!
Come on, girls! Come on!
freie! freie, Cole!
Come on, mules!
Hold, Cole!
Damn you, Cole! He said he could not drive.
- What happened? - The brake broke.
- I mean that rolled off the curb? - Yes
There is no one alive who can do it.
I am not sure of being alive.
I thought both would die, and the mules we ...
seemed like a fireball.
Look at it.
- There is broken, cut it! - To which I refer.
- We have an issue in Albuquerque. - No, forget it.
Rises in the cart page. I'll be watching you.
It makes me feel much better. Thanks, Dad.
Yes Daddy?
What happened, Harvey? Everybody's leaving town.
There can blame them? Matt Wayne and his men returned.
take your kids and go home.
Maybe you're right.
Let no one throw until the sheriff shoot.
- What happened, Celia? this scared. - I am. Very much.
- It's Ted? Did something happen? - No.
What happened? why stop?
Matt Wayne and his men arrived. They are waiting for them.
Is it murder if large amounts enter the city.
We thank you for the warning, Celia ...
but we can take care of the problems, not Juke?
"The sayings of his mouth are softer than butter ...
but war is in his heart. "
This is the Bible. Now if you'll excuse me ...
I will make men prepare for battle.
I did not believe that would risk me.
Thanks to Letty, I can see clearly again.
Listen, Cole ...
Take minerals is no longer important.
Your life is important to me.
Thank you, Celia.
Come home side paths.
If you see Pastor Murray, who will say a couple of customers.
I will tell you. Come on! you care, Cole. Come on!
Now I have a reason to do it!
It seems that Armin will to war.
You are right, Miss. Tyler.
Now see what happens to those who oppose me.
With the first shot off, shoot at your back.
A pistol with blanks does not scare me.
will take his men from the street?
I will not change my orders.
- They hit you, old man? - Just a scratch.
Walton arrived with the cavalry just in time, right?
- Wait a minute, Pearl. - And now what?
If you make the supreme sacrifice ...
by no means allow the whole town to see me.
Lower the curtain.