Project Management Process Groups

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Five overarching process groups
The management of the project is divided into five different phases or process groups
Initiative, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing
The formal beginning of authorization of a new project is called Initiating a Project
A very first process group is called Initiating Process Group
The next process group called Planning Process Group
The main goal or an output of the Planning Process Group is a creation of a Project Management Plan
What processes will be input to this document
developing project management itself will be a part of collecting requirements
defining scope, creating WBS, defining activities, sequence activities
estimate activity resources, after we estimate activity resources we are ready to develop a schedule
after developing the schedule we can take a look at our estimation of cost determining budget
planning quality developing human resources plan
planning our communication for the project, risk management, identify risks
take a look at qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, response to a risk, plan procurement
All of these elements are inputs to Project Management Plan
The next process group is Executing Process Group
The Executing Process Group is where the work of the project is actually being done
The next group is Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
Measure and compare in order to track all major project variables: time, cost, scope and quality
The last but not the list is the Closing Process Group
The goal of the Closing Process Group could be one or more of the following
1. verify that all of the activities can be completed within all of other process groups in order to close the project or phase of the project
2. hand of a completed product or service, closeout a terminated project