A Moment to Remember - Một thời để nhớ

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CJ Entertainment presents
A Moment To Remember
Hey Miss...
Got a light?
When will I ever smoke this?
70 cents.
You gave me a dollar.
Damn, not again.
Here you go.
Come on!
You must've been in a hurry.
So you're through with him?
What did I tell you?
I knew it!
Did you eat dinner? Are you hungry?
Dad's gonna kill you!
That's her.
She doesn't look stupid or anything.
Look at those eyes.
Totally foxy.
- Do you like your desk? - Yes
Welcome to our team. How about a fresh start on the new floor?
Being such a feminine and sensitive woman as you are...
Can you do men's wear?
You should help me. I'll learn.
I bet you will.
You look just perfect for the job.
I'm Anna JUNG
Nice to meet you, I'm KIM Su-jin.
I've heard a lot about you.
From Young-min, your ex-boyfriend's wife.
She and I went to college together.
Oh, she's not his wife anymore.
You sure?
I don't get it.
Getting a cut doesn't help to forget the past.
Right here.
Don't get caught up in it.
Time heals everything.
Feels so good going out with my little girl.
Don't you hate me?
I've given the family a bad name.
You had to go to police station many times because of me...
I did?
To forget easily is a gift.
Let go of your old mistakes.
Make a fresh start.
It won't take long. Want to come along?
Go ahead.
So dusty!
With the sleepy spring breeze all around you...
Here's a song to wake you up.
I'll be back tomorrow. And this is the last song for today.
La Paloma.
What's wrong with you?
If we don't finish this right now,
what are you gonna do with it?
Am I talking to a wall?
We're talking in circles.
Stop wasting my time!
- You son of a... - What's the matter?
The cement trucks are all here.
But this jerk here won't let them do their job.
Do you know what it'll cost us if we send them back?
Fine, go ahead. Pour the whole shit! It won't be my mess.
Don't come crying to me later. Damn it!
What the... Who does he think he is?
Wait... You're the foreman, right?
What's your name?
That's the 30th time you've asked! It's CHOI Chul-soo.
I'm sorry, Choi.
What's the problem?
The mold isn't strong enough to hold the concrete.
- Damn! - It rained like hell last week.
And we're not even done with the scaffolding.
What if it collapses after people move in?
Collapse? Don't jinx it, boy!
Okay, Choi. Let me take a look.
No way we can finish this by tomorrow morning.
Do it the day after tomorrow for your own sake.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You're a frigging carpenter!
Look, I'm telling you this from my experience.
Do it today and it will collapse.
Do you want to be on the prime time news?
Some temper he has!
Let's go eat.
I thought the renovations would be done by now.
I'm screwed!
They'll fire me.
I had my buddy do the project but he took the money and ran.
Damn, I already paid him.
Let me see what I can do.
There might be a way.
I know some people.
Dad, are you sure?
Of course! I'm your favorite pushover, am I not?
No, you're not a pushover! You're my Christmas!
I mean Santa Claus!
Enough. I'll send someone over.
Let the guys deal with him.
He's... rough. Very violent.
Don't mess with him.
So glad you made it!
Let's have some coffee in my office.
Where's the site?
This way.
Where's the floor plan?
We don't have any. The guy ran off.
Why's the wallpaper torn?
Hey! Pardon... What the ...! Wait!
Leave it please! We're out of time here.
This is what you call a slapdash job. The whole wall has to go.
Walking home?
Yes... No!
I'm taking the bus... No, taxi... I'm taking a taxi.
Are you okay?
You sell these on the subway or something?
These are all here? I lose pens all the time.
Won't it cost money to fix the door?
Get in through here.
Wait! Wait!
Hold onto this.
What's the baseball bat for?
Do you beat up people with it?
Why would you beat up people?
I'm sorry.
For what?
Snatching your coke.
I'm, you know... I'm very... uh, very...
How'd you remember me anyway?
Is this the exit?
What are you doing?
Jesus! Oh God!
What hunks? I don't even see ghosts.
I have to go pee!
- She has to go pee! - Be quiet!
Trust me on this, okay? Let's go.
Mr. Park is a jerk.
He never pays on time.
You should push the prick for us.
He'll pay on time this month.
I don't care about the style.
What kind of business are they in?
Oh, is that where we're going?
Stop spending, start saving.
It's about time you Ghi-bong got married...
You know these guys?
How's business?
Selling pens.
We were just walking by.
We have an appointment... And I saw you.
Sit here, ladies.
We need more glasses and chopsticks here!
Get the chairs!
Haven't you seen enough of his face tonight?
Kim Su-jin!
Get me a plane! I'm getting goose bumps!
Why don't you move in with him?
He has a lot of money put aside.
If you drink that we're going steady.
If I don't?
We will be strangers. Until we die.
Me? I've never done this before.
Spread them.
Keep low.
Swing like this.
Oh my...
Pick up the bat!
It's too heavy.
Keep your eye on the ball.
It's already gone!
What do you have on?
Beats me.
This smell gives me a strange feeling.
Reminds me of the old days.
Was it my dad? My uncle?
The smell makes me feel...
as if I were falling into a world of dreams.
- Hey! - Something like that...
I got it from a barber.
What's this?
You study? Taking a test or something?
Open it and you're out of here.
Who's this? Your grandfather?
A master templum lignarius...
What's that?
A man who builds temples. He was my teacher.
Got an album? Any childhood pictures?
Have you got an insatiable curiosity?
I'd like to see your pictures when you were little.
I haven't got any.
I've always been a grown-up.
You know this grift?
Place your bets.
Even a dog at a glance can win.
Mommy wins bread money. Daddy wins cigarette money.
Double up your money.
Don't let your luck slip by...
The luck is right in your hands.
Pick an Ace!
Here we go again Place your bets.
Mommy wins bread money. Daddy wins cigarette money.
Double up your money.
Don't let your luck slip by...
The luck is right in your hands.
Why don't you buy one? We'll pay.
This is fun.
And good for strengthening our friendship.
Of all the cool guys why a carpenter?
Don't wait.
A true artist fears a blank canvas.
Good luck, guys.
What are you doing here?
I told you not to wait.
Seeing anyone lately?
It's Yoon-ah, isn't it?
No, no. She told me nothing.
A construction worker or something?
Come on, why would I go out with such a...
What does he do?
He's an architect.
I'd like to meet him.
No way.
No way?
No, I'm just saying...
No way?
It's just... Dad!
Invite him over to our house.
I'll take care of everything for you then.
Hell no.
Why not?
Why not?
I'm seeing you. What has that got to do with your parents?
You have to meet them...
if we're going to get married.
Is it that hard to say I love you?
I'm getting tired of this!
Wake up, will you?
You're a princess, and I'm a beggar!
Can you live without me?
If we live together?
We can die together too?
You come and go alone. That's life.
You crybaby...
Have you lost your parents? Or your country?
Why do you like me so much?
Remember that store?
No, I don't.
Go away.
I'm so scared!
How could you make a woman so miserable?
What's wrong with wanting to marry a man
she loves and build a home?
This is delicious.
Why don't you use this? Knock yourself out.
I can't make the commitment.
No, actually I don't want to.
Why not?
You scare me.
You're too confident.
Do you have any idea how cruel life can be?
Say we get married,
Can we be truly happy?
Why surprised?
You invited us.
You know each other?
Honey, say something.
Where are you going?
To the ladies' room.
Your parents?
She hasn't told you?
Do you have a home?
If you don't mind I'll get going.
You're fired.
Finish eating at least.
No, I mean... Wait until Su-jin comes back.
Excuse me.
I'm very sorry about this
I will never...
Su-jin, wake up!
She might have passed out from intense stress.
A little anemic too.
She'll be fine after a good night sleep.
Architect License
What's wrong with me?
Done bathing?
You sure?
Of course.
Did you wash your chest?
I don't know.
Your armpits?
I think so.
Your feet?
No more questions! Stop looking!
This isn't good at all.
You'll have to redo it.
What's wrong with it?
You know we slaved over this!
Look at it from here.
Do it again.
It's not even aligned.
Come on! This is good enough.
Nobody will notice!
Take a look. The reflection breaks, see?
It's the angle, man.
And the spacing.
It's way off.
Do it again, okay?
- Whose side are you! - No, you're not redoing it!
There you go again.
Look who's talking you little jerk!
It is fine as it is!
What are you, a damn artist?
Hey, Choi!
Say hi to Mr. Hwang.
You've met him before.
You're looking good.
Congratulations on everything.
I asked your father-in-law to arrange the meeting.
What would look good here?
What should I build here?
You signed the contract?
We're waiting, Su-jin
Like Michael Jordan?
Go ahead.
Not done yet?
I'm going to be late for work.
Construction workers love rainy days.
Kim Su-jin!
Your mouth is hanging off your ears, girl.
Are you that happy being married?
Doesn't the rain make you melancholic?
Put your bag down. Nobody's taking it.
No, give it here.
Let me ask you something.
Have you ever gotten lost on the familiar streets?
We're not like you.
Hey, you get lost all the time, too.
Even so, I never forget the way to work.
How could you? Unless you're going senile.
Lately I've been having trouble...
finding my way home.
It's so strange.
He must tire you out every night!
It seems different.
What does?
The kitchen.
What about it?
It's changed.
Has it?
Hasn't it?
No more burning pots.
You like it?
I love you!
Go ahead.
My head!
What are you doing?
Sit down.
Have you ever blacked out recently?
Due to unbearable stress...
Or an emotional breakdown?
Once due to anemia.
About stress...
Is it necessary to record this?
Don't mind it. It might help later.
Just answer my questions.
I once loved a married man.
But he didn't show up at the train station.
I was heartbroken. I felt like I was dying.
A few days earlier
I was attacked by his wife.
She pulled out a bunch of my hair.
In the cases physically dealing with emotional stress...
everybody reacts differently.
You current symptoms might have come from severe stress.
Come back next week.
We will run an MRl and CT scan on you.
Hey, take these.
Nice office!
You made it, Foreman.
Not a foreman anymore!
I'm the foreman now.
Where's my desk? In the back?
It's not fun. Let's get out of here.
He's not done yet.
You see this? Everybody changes.
You can't trust anybody.
Let's go. He's changed. I don't need this crap.
Come on!
Chul-soo, make me a business card, will you?
- You don't need no business card! - I'll pick 'em up tomorrow!
Get back here!
Which way is south?
That way.
So the front door will be here.
All the electronics go here.
And here's the bathroom.
- A big one. This big! - What about our room?
Our room?
Where do you want it?
There it is!
A great choice!
We'll wake up with sunshine on our faces...
eat breakfast over here and watch TV there.
Wait just a little.
I've been eyeing this lot for 3 years now.
Nothing but horrible memories...
He beat me for no reason and treated me like a slave.
Giving me nothing but food and a place to sleep.
Just one mean old fart!
When I was 9, he put a hammer in my hand for the first time.
It was so heavy...
Without him
I would never have become a carpenter.
I hated him.
Still building this temple? It's been over 10 years.
What do you want?
My wife wants to see you.
What's the point of coming after the wedding?
Do you wipe your ass before you shit?
You carved it too deep!
What have you done?
The angle is way off!
Let me go get some mountain water.
You have pretty hands.
Have you met his mother?
Your mother-in-law!
He hasn't let you?
That bastard is still mad at her?
It's about time he forgave her. It was so long ago.
Demurrer to Seizure
I don't have a mother.
She's still your mother.
I don't have one.
She's your mother.
Do you know how hard I've worked for that money?
Why should I give it to someone I hardly know?
No way in hell! Let's stop it.
She's your family.
I have my family right here and this is my home.
And you're my family!
I'm building our new house with that money.
If we move into that new house...
You think we'll be happy?
Drop it.
Why is it so hard to forgive her?
- Forgiveness is... - Stop it!
What are parents?
The one's that give you life?
And then their job is over?
What do you know about her?
Who do you think you are trying to help her?
Cut it out.
Stop crying.
You know why I never cry? I ran out of tears that night.
When she left me, dumped me over to this old man,
I cried all night long!
I will never cry again for that woman...
nor give her a penny.
isn't that hard.
It's just...
giving away a little room in your heart.
My grandpa said so.
A true carpenter...
is the one that can build a house in his heart.
But in the house you've built. So we'll be in your heart...
You gave all the rooms away to your mother and to your hate.
And where are you? And you're shivering outside the house.
I understand.
It's hard to forgive.
My dad remembered that piece of wisdom...
and forgave me when I almost ran off with a married man...
and he permitted our marriage so easily.
You know why?
Forgiving... is giving your hate just a little room in your heart.
Forget it.
Who asked for your help?
Came to see if I'm dead?
You're no different from you dad.
You bastard!
You're one merciless malicious son of a bitch!
I wasn't myself when I had you
when I was seventeen.
I should've had an abortion.
What was I thinking!
Let's see how good you do without a mother!
Get the hell out of here.
I don't need you.
Get out of here. Go!
How much in total?
Overdue interest...
On top of that...
It's over 90 grand.
It's a lot of money.
Don't you think?
We're broke now.
I'll pay.
Didn't I tell you I would?
Check please!
Place your bets.
Even a dog at a glance can win.
Chul-soo wins cigarette money. Su-jin wins bread money.
Don't let your luck slip by... The luck is right in your hands.
Pick an Ace! An Ace!
What's the date today?
Do you know?
I always lose track of the date.
I told you to come back in a week, not two.
Any siblings?
One sister.
How old is she?
No... Nineteen maybe?
I'm bad with numbers.
Give me her birthday.
What color is the light for the walk signal?
What kind of questions are these?
Just answer the question.
What was the question?
What do you call your mother's sister?
What's 18 plus 19?
If I fly a balloon when the wind moving westward...
which way will it go?
I don't know if this is good news or bad news.
I just found out myself.
Pardon me?
I'm telling you the truth.
For real?
I don't believe you.
Close the door, will you?
I'll stand.
I'm back for good.
They closed the branch in Paris.
I've heard.
We'll be working together.
The table has turned though.
Now I'm single and you're married.
Is fate playing with us?
Look... I couldn't make it that day because I was...
I don't remember anything.
See you at the clothing lab.
Now we're in the same boat.
It's only a beginning.
Let's make this work.
A busy worker ant doesn't have time to be sad, right?
That's the spirit!
- Good job, guys. - Congratulations.
Don't lose it.
Is this important?
Where were you?
You glued it?
What'd the doctor say?
Told me to come back next week.
How long will it take to fill this out?
Say something, Doctor.
Analyzing the MRl and PET scan...
and all the test results...
Abnormal proteins
have clogged up the veins in your brain...
affecting the brain cells.
I don't understand a word you're saying.
Speak English please.
I'm certain the cause is largely genetic.
A very rare case.
You have...
Alzheimer's disease.
Alz... what?
Alzheimer? What's that?
The questions I asked were to diagnose dementia.
But I'm only 27.
How could I be going senile?
It's possible.
What's going to happen to me?
A mental death will come before a physical one.
Better prepare yourself for what's inevitable.
Medicine can slow it down.
But that's about it.
What about surgery?
Do you work?
You should quit right away.
Soon you won't be able to type or answer the phone...
let alone organize things.
Pretty much nothing.
You will forget your family, friends and even yourself.
All your memories will disappear completely.
Should I quit my job?
Why don't I stay home and do the chores?
Sure, I'd like that.
Why suddenly?
I don't know.
Tired of working?
It's dog-eat-dog out there. I'll bring home the bread and milk.
Quit right away.
Maybe I'll quit tomorrow?
Hold on.
What's going on?
Do you want a baby?
A baby?
I don't know.
Never thought about it.
Do it for me.
You mean... in-and-out?
No, that thing you do with cards...
You never win.
Just once.
No, I'm tired.
Please just once.
You're not saying it?
Place your bets.
Even a dog at a glance can win.
Chul-soo wins cigarette money. Su-jin wins bread money.
Double up your money.
Don't let your luck slip by...
The luck is right in your hands.
Pick an Ace!
An Ace!
You win.
Won't you be bored?
Young-min here.
How could you quit without notice?
If it's me let's meet and talk.
- I'm not hitting on you! - I just...
You can't quit like that! There are procedures!
- I just want to stay home. - What's wrong with you!
If you don't feel comfortable with me we can meet with other colleagues.
I'll come to the office.
- Here you go. - Give me one of those
You packed a lunch?
How nice!
The color is so tacky!
Let's see what you have.
Looks so good!
- Side dishes! - How about the side dishes?
What about side dishes?
Is that for me? You shouldn't have!
you've confused her with someone else with the same name?
Or the wrong documents...
Hands off! These are Greek to you.
It's your wife.
Are you crazy?
You okay, Ma'am?
Why the hell did you tell her everything?
I am a doctor.
She needs time to prepare for what's coming.
- You sure about this? - Of course!
If you don't believe me take her to another doctor.
Are you sure!
You crazy? What's wrong with you?
Are you sure?
- This is a hospital! - Sir!
Are you sure?
Calm down, sir! His wife died from it too.
He's spent half of his life researching Alzheimer.
Accept what's real. You can't change it.
- Hello? - Who's this?
I found this cell phone on the street.
What happened?
What happened to her?
How can I explain this?
Can we go back to two years ago?
Two years ago?
What for? That's even before we met.
What are you thinking about?
Keep your eye on the ball.
It's strange.
I only got 9 balls. It's actually 10, right?
Isn't it?
Did you find out?
That I have an eraser in my head.
- Let's part ways. - What?
You were right.
One can't be happy forever.
- What are you talking about? - It's all over.
Think about it.
What's love good for if my memory is gone?
Don't be nice to me. I'll forget everything.
I'll remember everything for you.
You know I'm smart.
I passed the architect test on the first try.
You're too confident.
Life can be very cruel.
You didn't forget that.
How could I?
You're mean.
Don't worry.
There'll be a cure.
You crybaby! Have you lost your parents? Or your country?
I'll just leave.
Please let me go, okay?
Want to have a go?
Want to bet on it?
Why are you crying?
I said I'd remember everything for you!
You know what?
If you forget everything, I will pop up out of nowhere.
Like this.
And I'll hit on you.
You won't be able to turn me down.
We'll start afresh every day.
Like permanent dating. Awesome, isn't it?
You're going to grow a goatee again?
Don't bother.
Let's forget everything while we're happy.
I'll forget everything soon.
I won't know why you're with me.
You'll be gone out of my head.
And so will I.
You understand that?
As my memory disappears my soul will disappear too.
I'm scared!
Why would your soul disappear?
Get up.
Leave it to me.
I'm your memory. I'm your heart.
Got that?
No more tears!
Our address is.
Hwagok, Gangseo district, 464- ...
2... 2...
... 1?
Who am I?
Choi Chul-soo.
And you?
Kim Su-jin.
I feel all better already.
Kim Su-jin.
Come home early.
By six.
What for?
Do you want to go somewhere?
It's your mom's birthday. Forgot again?
Take these.
I've also invited my parents and your carpenter teacher.
I'll cook lots of food. Don't be late.
It's yours.
See if...
Did you eat yet?
Hold on.
Having a party today or something?
What party?
Never mind.
Can we go somewhere and talk?
Why bother?
Go wash up. We're eating soon.
Remember what happened the other day on the street?
I'm married?
What are you saying? You're not?
What's wrong, Young-min?
Are you trying to dump me?
Please don't!
What are you talking about?
Come to your senses. Wake up!
Su-jin, are you okay?
Who's that guy?
I just...
Come here! Let's go.
- Come here! - What are you doing?
- Come on! - Let go of me!
Wait... wait!
Go ahead kill me.
She's fed up with you.
She wants to go back to the days with me, got that?
Good for you. Congratulations!
You must be happy.
You'll be happier in hell!
Happy now?
Happy? Happy?
You're still young. We'll take care of her.
It runs in the family.
She seems fine now...
but soon she won't be able to control her bladder and worse.
You can't handle that.
She's my wife. I'm taking care of her.
I know how you feel.
But you need to be reasonable.
Stop it. She's staying with me.
Don't be so stubborn!
Please leave.
What's going on?
Anything wrong?
Su-jin! Are you okay?
Open the door. It's Mom!
Open the door! Su-jin!
- Su-jin, my poor baby... - What happened to your arm?
Can the window be bigger?
Why not?
I'll fix it later tonight.
How much bigger?
I don't know. Just want more sun.
I love you.
Me, too.
I'll be home early.
One at a time!
She doesn't recognize me anymore.
She doesn't?
I know how that feels but don't let it eat you up.
It's the recent memories that disappear first.
That's what Alzheimers does.
No point in blaming the patient.
Looking straight into my eyes...
she calls me by the name of her ex-boyfriend...
and she says I love you.
Who does she really love?
She misses those days.
That's just what remains in her memory.
You received her love, not me.
Ask yourself.
How to read time
Su-jin, Chul-soo
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I never meant to break your heart.
God, what have I done?
Are you crying now?
I didn't want to see you crying or in pain.
I wanted to make you happy.
But all I've done is put you in agony.
Chul-soo! Oh my love Chul-soo.
Don't get me wrong.
I only love you and only you.
I only think of you. I only remember you.
How badly do I wish to show you my heart!
Is there any way I can do that while my memory remains?
Oh, my heart races.
I, Kim Su-jin love you Choi Chul-soo, only.
I don't want to forget that. And I must not.
Can you see that?
Can you feel my heart?
I'm afraid my just-returned memory will leave me again...
... before I tell you everything I have to say.
I love you. And I'm sorry.
I met you because I was forgetful.
I'm leaving you because I'm forgetful.
You were the best thing that ever happened to me.
How thankful I am to God for having sent you as a gift to me.
I don't have to remember you.
You're a part of me.
I smile, laugh, and smell like you do.
I might forget you,
but nothing can drive you out of my body.
Although you've never told me you loved me...
I know deep in my heart that you love me.
Forgive me for leaving you. Please...
For the last time I have a favor to ask.
Please see my father.
Petition for Divorce
Do you know the saying...
Forgiving is just giving your hate a little room in your heart?
She's given me a lot.
I have something to tell her...
before she completely forgets me.
If I don't...
my life will be meaningless.
Want to have a go again?
You're inconsiderate.
You should've given me a chance.
How could you leave me like that?
I'm all alone again.
Choi Chul-soo
Strangely, I remember everything today.
The batting range, the store... everything!
Maybe this is the last time.
So I'm writing to you while I can.
The highest mountain in Korea is Mt. Baekdu 2,744 meters.
That coke I snatched from you was 70 cents.
I'm doing well.
The second highest is Mt. Halla 1,950 meters.
You don't have to worry about me.
Santa Clause is December 25
Pretty good, right?
You can forget me now to make us even.
Meet someone nice and be happy.
Don't lose your temper. You don't look cool.
You might not know it but you're a good husband.
I know that for a fact because I was your wife.
Don't try to find me, Chul-soo.
Some days she can't get dressed without help.
She's adapting well though.
She tore up all the pictures except that one.
This way.
You have a visitor.
A visitor?
Thank you.
Don't you... recognize me?
Do I know you?
Nice to meet you.
I'm Choi Chul-soo.
This scent...
I have smelt from somewhere...
My uncle...
The bus...
My memory...
I can't remember...
Why are you crying?
Is she allowed to take a trip?
Is this heaven?
I love you!
Directed by John H. Lee
JUNG Woo-sung
SOHN Ye-jin
Presented and Distributed by CJ Entertainment
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