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>> Discovery-- to bring new knowledge to light.
Scientists and engineers
at Purdue University are pushing the boundaries
of human knowledge in their quest for new discoveries,
a cure for cancer, cleaner more efficient energy alternatives,
an affordable healthcare system in the U.S., technologies
that manage and preserve our natural resources seeking
answers and inspiring initiatives
that address the planet's greatest challenges.
That's the global mission of Purdue's Discovery Park.
>> We've been making advances as a society for many years.
What we're trying to do
with Discovery Park is dramatically cut the amount
of time it takes to have a great advance.
>> Of all the discoveries that are being made there's just
so much going on here.
>> In terms of where the future is there's clearly
Discovery Park.
>> Here on the campus of Purdue University educators, scientists
and engineers are shedding light on a world
of new discoveries each day at Discovery Park.
These innovations are awakening minds to new notions
of what a powerful Twenty First Century Research University can
offer to the state, the nation and the world.
>> We live in a very complex world.
Discovery Park's primary role is to facilitate for development
of complex projects that address real world problems so we focus
on things like climate change; we focus on the energy crisis;
we look at providing solutions to cancer;
we look at the health care delivery system.
These are very broad-based problems
that no individual academic unit
or college could address by itself.
We would like to think
that Discovery Park will have a transformational impact
in a variety of areas.
>> Advanced research, state of the art facilities
and collaborative efforts among many
of the world's most creative thinkers.
Discovery Park at Purdue University brings together
students, faculty, researchers and entrepreneurs
within an innovative campus environment
that fosters cutting edge science;
science that helps solve today's most complex issues
and helps improve lives every day.
>> Discovery Park's a melting pot
for creative people at the university.
And not only is it there so develop new technologies
and to develop new basic research, but it's there
to translate some of those discoveries into reality
for people in Indiana and people around the world.
>> Located within 40 acres on the Western edge
of the Purdue University campus,
Discovery Park draws upon the greatest strengths the
University and the State of Indiana have to offer.
The park features some
of the most advanced facilities in the world.
Discovery Park brings together more than 1,000 faculty members
and nearly 300 researchers.
Since its launch the park has worked with more
than 3,000 undergraduate students from across campus
and across disciplines to work on various park projects.
>> I have a lot of these university resources to be used
on a much larger scale and much greater impact
than individual faculty or individual research groups,
but it also gives Purdue a new way to educate its students.
While they're learning the subject matter
of their discipline, they're willing to use it
in an interdisciplinary way.
>> They're learning how to patent things
and how intellectual property ties in and how
to do business overseas with different countries.
That really gave me a lot of insight.
>> So right next to me they're doing major experiments
on multimillion dollar equipment and I'm right next
to them just doing basic DNA experiments.
It's given me a perspective of medicine
which I never would have imagined.
Tele-medicine and robotic surgery and stuff like that.
>> What we're hoping to do is try to get these students
to stay in science majors and be interested in science majors
and really bring up the numbers of students
who are majoring in the sciences.
>> Discovery Park features state of the art centers designed
to support emerging technologies
and to facilitate global research critical
to 21st Century society.
These include centers for the biosciences, nanotechnology,
entrepreneurship, advanced manufacturing
and the environment as well as centers that focus
on healthcare engineering, information technology,
cancer research, alternative energy sources,
homeland security issues and methods
that are revolutionizing learning.
>> Those centers really parallel big issues that we
as a nation really face.
The beauty of this proximity Discovery Park
in these centers is not that they only operate individually,
but they operate together cooperatively.
>> Purdue will be the energizer for the state's economy.
Its faculty will both assist existing businesses
and create new ones
and incidentally so will the students.
Discovery Park and the Purdue Research Park are spectacular
assets to this goal.
>> Discovery Park thrives
on a collaborative approach pulling together great minds
from various disciplines to help solve problems
and bring innovative solutions to the marketplace.
Scientists at the Bindley Bioscience Center work closely
with engineers at the Burt Nanotechnology Center
to pioneer new cancer treatments.
One such device is a tiny micro sensor that can be implanted
within a cancerous tumor to allow doctors
to detect the amount
of radiation treatment a patient is receiving.
Purdue scientists work closely with doctors and technologists
at the Oncological Sciences Center as well as researchers
at the Regan Street Center for Healthcare Engineering
to help develop these ideas and bring them to market.
>> Being able to easily access the facility and equipment
and personel and manpower that's around the campus
in one central location without having to go
over the campus to find things.
And that's very important
to really getting the job done really fast.
>> The need for new energy alternatives has never
been greater.
The Energy Center at Discovery Park is dedicated
to finding new energy solutions.
>> Energy sources are limited.
Oil reserves will peak out at about 2050
and so alternative means unimportant the Discovery Park
structure actually links people together
and everybody is excited about it
because they see these opportunities
that they would not have seen absence of Discovery Park.
>> The Energy Center uses interdisciplinary research
to tap academic experts from a variety of disciplines.
>> Discovery Park makes it much easier for me
as a social scientist to meet and interact with other kinds
of scientists on campus.
That would have been much harder say 10 years ago.
It then allows all of us to bring that information
to people outside the university to people
who are decision-makers
in the policy process much more effectively
than we might have done otherwise.
>> Discovery Park researchers are helping to harness the power
of hydrogen to reduce the dependents on fossil fuels
and exploring ways to convert trees
and other plants into bio-fuel.
>> The issues around production agriculture require chemists,
biologists, engineers, etc. to solve
so the interdisciplinary work has been at the core
of what we do in agriculture for years.
The Discovery Park has provided a venue for us
to interact more boldly across campus in areas like energy,
in biology and nanotechnologies and entrepreneurship as well
so it's been a great resource.
>> Entrepreneurs and investors who seek to bring an idea
from the lab to the marketplace can access various Discovery
Park experts across disciplines and utilize park resources
to help cultivate important initiatives quickly
and effectively.
>> They tend to be the people who are highly entrepreneurial.
These are people who are used to interacting with a lot of people
and so we've put all of these people together so it makes
for a highly interactive atmosphere.
>> Forming strategic agreements with various corporate partners.
More than 20 Indiana startup companies have been launched
from promising Discovery Park initiatives.
Many of these companies now succeed
at nearby Purdue Research Park where they continue
to provide breakthroughs and scientific
and technological research in partnership with Discovery Park.
>> It's an exciting concept for students to be involved with
or professors to be involved with, for entrepreneurs
to be involved with because you do get this incubation
and this energy here in Discovery Park
about the possibilities.
>> Discovery Park with its advanced research capabilities
and state of the art facilities acts as a lens
to focus many sources of light,
sources that include top faculty, staff, researchers
and students at Purdue University along with government
and business inference throughout the state
and country.
It then focuses that light into promising solutions
to complex global issues.
>> The real strength of Discovery Park is
that we are heading an impact on people's lives.
>> The universities that are going to succeed well
in the future are those that have torn down the silos,
that allow faculty members across disciplines
to work together, and of course
because of Discovery Park that's happening right now here
at Purdue University.
>> From research to development
and delivery Purdue University scientists
and engineers are shedding light on fascinating worlds
of discovery each day at Discovery Park.