iPhone 5 Design Review and 4/4S Comparison

Uploaded by sikmenios on 23.09.2012

Hey guys SIKMEN here and today we’re going to be taking a look at the iPhone 5’s design
and be comparing it with that of the 4 and 4S.
The new iPhone comes in at 1.7mm thinner than the thickness of the iPhone 4 and 4S while
also becoming noticeably longer to accommodate the 16:9 aspect ratio of the larger, 4”
screen. A nice improvement over the 4 and 4S is that it has an all new aluminium design
that makes the phone incredibly strong, beating the Samsung Galaxy S3 and especially the earlier
generations of iPhone. But what about the iPhone’s screen you say? Well it has an
aluminium wrapping around the display to protect it from impact and even if something is thrown
directly in the middle of the iPhone’s screen the new Gorilla Glass 2 that is 20% stronger
than the screen of the 4S should provide sufficient defense.
As you can see the new iPhone is succeptable to scratching, especially on it’s side bezels
where I’ve managed to scratch it after only a day of having it by just putting it in my
pocket next to my metal pen. The back of the iPhone 5 comes with a two
toned design reminiscent of the one that started it all. In the middle is the strong aluminium
backing with a matt finish and on the top and bottom resides gorilla glass that can
provide signal passage for the iPhone’s vast array of transmitters.
The iPhone 5 comes in two different colours, white and black with the same sort of pattern
incorporated on both. You will notice some of the biggest changes
on the bottom with it’s new grilled speaker and microphones, dramatically smaller dock
connector and the headphone jack moved to where it belongs, on the bottom.
It also comes with a nano sim slot for Apple’s new sim card that is 40% smaller than the
old micro sim of the 4S. So anyway I hope you guys liked this video
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videos. Anyway, thank you for watching and I’ll
see you guys in the next video.