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Highlights of the news today Friday 1st June Yet another sham marriage found out
Thousands of illegals set free to safeguard their ‘Human Rights’
Former newspaper mogul charged with 20 year old rape of underage girl
Smartphone scheme that promised £125m in savings yields just £600,000
From the Belly of the Beast with Nick Griffin MEP
Americans burn down unwanted mosque Thought for the Day – Human Rights and is
there such a thing as a ‘wanted’ mosque in western society?
UK NEWS A Nigerian Immigrant has been jailed over
a sham marriage where he met the bride only once and that was it! Unbelievable, but true,
Nigerian born Samuel olufemi James was arrested in Derby in March this year for arranging
with a ‘fixer ’ to marry a Portuguese prostitute. The border agency swooped on the
Nigerian when he applied to stay in the United Kingdom. The ‘fixer – Oscar Prata, an
Angolan-born Portuguese citizen, recruited European women who needed money, such as prostitutes
and drug-users , was jailed along with James. The Portuguese prostitute was not charged
over that crime as Prata had targeted her because she was vulnerable. She was arrested
immediately after that bogus wedding which took place St John the Divine Church, in Willenhall,
Coventry, on June 30, 2009. She was paid 2,000 Euros for her part in the crime and never
saw her ‘groom’ again. James changed his name to Odede and moved
area with a partner and child. It is though he will be deported after he has served his
sentence. One W@8 reporter commented ‘why wait, why not deport him and his family immediately?’
Thousands of illegal immigrants are being freed 'to safeguard their human rights'. 1,665
immigration detainees were granted bail last year, of which 277 absconded - meaning they
must be caught a second time at huge cost to the taxpayer.
A vast number of illegal immigrants are bailed after being detained because they can and
do cite Article 8 of the Human Rights Act – which gives the right to a family and
private life – meaning courts are forced to let them go pending appeals. When trying
to deport an illegal immigrant, officials can either start legal proceedings or, in
some cases, offer people bribes to go home. The illegals have devised a strategy of destroying
documents and changing names so that it is virtually impossible to find out where that
immigrant comes from. Often it is through several non immigration countries.
Our Immigration service could not pay out on the ‘compensation’ claims these illegals
would make so they get ‘lost’. Many become criminals and live off the dark side of the
economy contributing towards the leap in crimes such as rapes and sham marriages to name a
few. One W@8 reporter commented ‘ I believe the actual figures to be much higher – there
a huge number of illegals who are not detained but come in unchallenged, once they are here
it would take armies of dedicated people to root them out and deport them. The UK is at
the moment a safe haven for the dross of the world’
Former newspaper mogul Eddy Shah has been charged with raping a girl in her early teens
20 years ago. He is facing charges of 9 accounts of rape and gross indecency with a child under
14. He allegedly assaulted the child when she was between 12 and 15 in the 1990’s.
Two others which include a woman of 52 who cannot be named are said to have arranged
for Shah to rape the girl. Shah who is now a property developer in Wiltshire will appear
at Westminster Magistrates next Thursday. One W@8 reporter said “we appear to have
a case of Muslim grooming that is very old-the disturbing thing is this merited just a small
paragraph in a daily towards the back page and this man was famous, he founded two national
newspapers which are of course now closed”
£70m Police Smartphone scheme promised £125 million in savings yields just £600,000.
The plan was to spend £71million on 41,000 Blackberry phones for police officers but
the committee found that in some forces nobody has a device while in others every officer
and support staff member has one. Committee Chairman Margaret Hodge (of Barking
& Dagenham fame) acknowledged ‘Although some forces have used the devices to improve
efficiency, most have not.” Going on to say ‘The department and agency does not
know why. Not enough attention has been paid to outcomes.’ The programme was supposed
to contribute £125million to cashable savings by the police service.
EURO NEWS, from the Belly of the Beast with Nick Griffin MEP
I’m recording this for you today not in Brussels or Strasbourg, but in the fine – though
poverty afflicted – English city of Liverpool. I’m here to support a constituent of mine
– Clive Jefferson – who was in court earlier today for the ‘crime’ of handing out leaflets
about Muslim paedophile gangs. The problem isn’t the content of the leaflets
– we’ve put out scores of thousands of them and they are completely legal. They are
sensibly worded and urge people to blame, not the innocent majority in the Muslim community,
but the British Establishment, including the police, courts, politicians and media elite
who have facilitated these shocking crimes by their cowardice and their silence.
So the police in Liverpool didn’t object to our people having the leaflets – they
only wanted to stop us handing them to sympathetic members of the public. Aren’t we deeply
fortunate not to live in a police state? Clive was, as usual, leading from the front
at a British National Party demonstration outside Liverpool Crown Court on the day that
nine paedostanis were jailed for their crimes against dozens of English girls. His arrest
sparked outrage among passers-by, who bravely pushed their way past police officers to pick
up leaflets that Clive threw towards them as he was handcuffed and bundled away by a
group of officers who had been ordered to “cuff him and get him into the van before
the media get here”. So activists from the East and West Midlands,
Wales, Lancashire and Cumbria came together to support Clive Jefferson and to stand up
for our fundamental rights to express our political views. Indeed, this is a matter
of principle now. It is not just about our rights but about the rights of every British
citizen. Because freedom is indivisible. Either everyone is free to express their opinions,
or freedom dies – if it is granted selectively to only groups and opinions at present on
some kind of approved list, then it is not freedom at all, but licence from an over-mighty
state. You don’t have to be sympathetic to the
British National Party to understand the vital principle at stake here. Whatever your political
persuasion, imagine how you would feel if you went into your town centre, with sensible
and moderately worded leaflets about the issue you care about the most, and started to hand
them to interested and supportive members of your community, but were then manhandled
and carted away by aggressive police officers and charged with a criminal offence!
That is why we were back in Liverpool to campaign for the rights to freedom of assembly, freedom
of association and freedom of speech which are the very bedrock of the democracy for
which generations of our bravest and our best have sacrificed their lives. Freedom is not
free, both in the past, and still today, you have to fight for it!
Still on the subject of demonstrations, don’t forget the national activity in Blackpool
on Saturday 9th June starting at noon. Although I and many key colleagues will be
there, this is a non-party political day of action in which the organisers welcome everybody
who really cares about protecting children from sexual predators, and drawing attention
to the failure of the out of touch elite to do so.
It starts with a Justice for Charlene Downes demonstration outside the newly re-opened
takeway still owned by one of the two men previously tried for her grooming abduction
and murder. Then we will be moving on to a meeting of Profam, where plans will be unveiled
for a summer of action campaign for a public inquiry into the failure of the police, courts,
media and political elite to deal with the grooming problem. We will also be exploring
new ways to build practical, grass-roots, local campaigns against grooming gangs.
Charlene’s mother, who has been slapped with a police order to keep away from the
men the police believed murdered her daughter, will be among the speakers. Imagine how much
it will mean to her to have your support there on the day, to demonstrate where she is banned
from demonstrating and then to support and applaud her courage in refusing to surrender
to the police pressure on her to be silent. If you really can’t go yourself, then please
contact your local organiser and give a donation towards the fuel for other activists to come
and join us. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday week
as we send the clearest possible message to the corrupt and out-of-touch elite – stop
the paedostani gangs, or we will. Justice for Charlene.
Breaking news. Clive Jefferson has been bailed to appear on September 10th.
WORLD NEWS Mosque building in the United States has been
under fire from American citizens. A mosque in West Witchita, severely damaged in late
October has been deemed arson, it was reported last Thursday. A $5,000 dollar reward has
been put up to catch the arsonist. The mosque which was the first formal mosque in Kansas
opened in 1978 was damaged to the tune of $120,000.
Thought for the Day Well this Human Rights Act Section 8 is working
marvelously for all the illegal immigrants and human refuse of the world isn’t it?
Aren’t we all glad that our Government at that time adopted this European Law of utter
crap? It must be the only Law in Europe that works against the indigenous people of that
country and in favour of scum, because people who leave their own countries for greed are
just that. I do not believe for one instance that all the illegal immigrants come over
here to escape famine and war, if some do it is because thousands of their own people
have left their country during the last 20 years and it has become a living hell. If
a people give up on their own country why should they be allowed to invade another?
If they haven’t done well with their own land what are they going to do with ours?
Answers on a postcard please. So we have the situation where our hard pressed and laid
back border agencies find it easier and cheaper to let these buggers loose in the UK, great
and why? Because in a trice these men obtain bogus partners and multiple children to imitate
‘family life’. Didn’t they have a family life back home?
We have a female black Ugandan living not far enough away from me to make me happy,
she has obtained ‘social housing’ and for the last 2 years has been bringing a succession
of black children over at varying intervals, now whether these are hers or ‘hired’
ones for the handouts I do not know and care even less, but it could only happen in a socialist
country with a guilt complex. What are people from countries that have no ties with us now
doing over here? Even in my little shopping centre every other face is now Nepalese, did
we ever have this many Gurkhas in the British army? These people should be living on British
pensions in their villages and contributing towards the Nepalese economy not taking out
of ours! OK OK rant over but I am sick and tired of
anyone who is sick and tired of seeing their country overrun with being branded ‘racist’
or worse, that is if there is any word worse nowadays in the English language of course!
Now briefly to America and their unwanted mosques. They firebomb theirs. In one news
report the ‘caretaker’ of that mosque said ‘it is a hate crime and this is our
country’. Well mateys if you want unwanted mosques and a religion that thinks everyone
owes it a living, come to the UK! Only in this country we are practically building them
ourselves for the Muslim invaders. I did a much publicised stint in Fareham against a
huge mosque being built there and most of the local population did not know about it.
We had a copy of the plans to show them. Even though we did just that, many people were
shocked but I was shocked when I was called a ‘liar’ to my face. We endured an entire
hour of being harangued by a very nasty loud woman who, more or less said’ they can build
all the mosques they like, I think they are pretty etc etc etc’. I was less than polite
to her backside as she finally retreated. I had even shown her the plans and she still
said it was a lie. What do you do when faced with hatred and ignorance in the wrong direction?
It seems in the SE that we are so untouched by immigration that we are out of touch with
the rest of the UK. I hope for our sakes we are not because the problem of immigration
is coming down here to roost and it will not be pretty at all!
The Yanks have the advantage over us, they do have the right to defend themselves and
we do not. The only people who have the ‘human right’ to defend themselves are the criminals,
the immigrants and farmers, who are busy selling their land to build the sodding mosques on
in the first place because the Jewish owners of the big supermarkets will not pay the right
prices for goods. A bit of a vicious circle there I feel.
In the States they have a body called The Interfaith Coalition on Mosques - ICOM, which
fight with considerable funds the right of Muslims only to build mosques whenever and
wherever they like. On the ‘committee’ I counted – 2 white Anglicans, 1 Roman Catholic,
2 Muslim Arabs, 1 Muslim Pakistani and 3 Jewish guys. A white Reverend was the President of
the well funded gaggle. Their STATEMENT OF PURPOSE is: Working as the national Interfaith
Coalition On Mosques (ICOM) under the sponsorship of the Anti-Defamation League, our purpose
is to assist Muslim communities who are being denied permission to build mosques in their
We should be more like the Spanish, who as soon as a mosque is planned in their village,
they bury a dead pig in that ground and of course, the mosque is never built. But are
we? No we are an obedient people, if we are told it is ‘nasty’ not to like someone
or something we usually ‘reverse think’ which is of course the way the establishment
likes it. So that when the left wing anarchists and nihilists riot, all nationalists are put
in that vat and stirred and when the blacks riot it is because of us causing racial tension
and when the Muslims protest, as they always do, again it is because of us Nationalists
being naughty and telling it as it is.
Dontcha ya love England? What would happen if all us Nationalists emigrated to sunnier
and more welcoming climes and left the liberal left to their own devices? The UK would become
another third world country that all the recent immigrants would try to leave and go back
home. Now that is a thought for the Jubilee weekend isn’t it?
And finally, A detective sergeant has been jailed for raping
a woman in her own home. Detective Sergeant Trevor Gray forced his way into the woman’s
home after he took her to her front door after offering to take her for a drink. He soon
returned and forced the chain on the door, then raped her while her child was asleep
in the other room. Gray was given a light sentence of 8 yrs by the judge. One reporter
commented.. ‘’He won’t qualify for the Black police association now!’’ This W@8
presenter says he probably will!!!!!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team at Radio Britain
wishes you all a very happy and safe bank holiday weekend. We also wish her royal majesty
every happiness in her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. W@