Volvo Trucks - "Welcome to my cab" Lucjan Igras shows his Black Pearl

Uploaded by VolvoTrucks on 12.01.2012

Hello, everyone. My name is Lucjan Igras.
Get on board of my Black Pearl.
When you get on a truck like this, you know there is a destination.
The pirate map outlined the way to a hidden treasure.
My goal is to deliver the cargo.
And on board of my Black Pearl I am the only captain.
This is my bell. Not a ship's bell but a car "bell".
Every driver's cab I've created has its soul and its warmth
that comes from home.
There's a fridge full of home–made food prepared by my wife.
It's really fantastic.
My name is Igras Lucjan. This is my logo.
I watched the first part of The Pirates of the Caribbean.
I started thinking how I could do it,
How to make it work together? You need to see the whole picture,
so that it all makes sense, and everything goes together.
That is really important.
After I started playing with trucks, I was negatively perceived
in my home town, as a man who wanted to do something,
yet nobody knew exactly what it was.
Once newspapers started covering it, everything changed.
Suddenly I'm from here and I'm their man.
I believe my way and the ideas that were born in my crazy head
express what has been done here.
It's kind of fun, I guess.
Without such people the world would be grey.
See you on the trail! Ahoy!