CES 2010: TheGeeksHere knows which cell phone is in this season - Wirefly Vs. AccessoryGeeks

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Hey Geeks, over here I got no call, we are gonna be going to the CES convention 2010, come on follow me. Good morning.
Hi Geeks This is Miller at accessorygeeks.com. Here we are just arrived at CES convention on Las Vegas Nevada.
We like a sort of the interview over here with a long term company we would be working with.
This is Youth Ory. Ory what is your position for, with Company?
Well our company is Wirefly.com and the big part of my job is doing the video and run a reviews on our cellphones and website youtube channel.
And off course wirefly.com well we do all about run a reviews
So that's a big part of my job I also do wireless news and that kind of thing.
And then the rest of my job is really to get the word out about wirefly. Kinda like what I’m doing right with you guys. so...
Alright, that’s a big cool for us. We have been working for very, very long time. Your company specializes in mostly like a cellphone plan or cellphone by itself or?
Well we are self cellphone too with the plan an really our specialty is offering the low prices on cellphones.
So It’ll be hard price too find a... say online that offer lower prices than we do
And off course if you walking to curious store you are gonna paying a couple hundred dollars more it a very same cellphone that you are getting from waterfly.com
for free or couple hundred dollars at last.
So, what do you say the major differences between buying a cellphone in the store or online?
Again it’s gonna be deep price if you want you can buy the phone from wirefly you have with immediately.
But you can have it delivered the next day, over next shipping or you can get free delivery in two business days.
So it’s really pretty good deal.
That’s too outstanding, how do you guys get prices lower than that?
Well we have a relationship with all the major carriers such as Verizon, HTC, Sprint, T-mobile
And are our relationships so whenever you wanna upgrade your phone so resign your contractor whenever you sign in new contract.
We got a commission from the wireless carrier and most of that commission that we pass on to our costumers in the form of cute savings on cellphones.
So that’s how we do to lower prices.
That’s really you cool, you know, just for the geeks out there we could say it's an easy process so online or get a longer process.
Ya it’s a very easy process you just go on our site, find the phone you are looking for.
And if you don’t know what phone you are looking for, we again offer reviews, we offer comparisons, so we help you find the phone that you are looking for
And then you just add your cart you can also select date family plan, and choose to other upgrade your current contract or choose to get a new contract they're gonna switch your contract
So if you are in HTC right now and you are wanna switch to Verizon we can like you do that at the very same prices and switch over your same number.
Wow how cool is that.
Say I would to order from you guys, how long does it take to ship that?
Again if you want you can have that phone in your hands tomorrow with Fed Ex overnight shipping or we are offer free today shipping with Fed ex as well.
So if you wanna free shipping two days you have your phone and if you wanna pay a little bit for the shipping you can have it in your hands the next day.
That is too like it to meet you.
Already.. you know this is, many here, what would you say the most popular phone will be right now?
Well I think it’s gonna be usual suspect, the apple iphone is one of the most popular phones.
But then android is coming among this popularity right now obviously the Motorola Droid is probably one of our most popular smart phones right now.
And I think that we can also expect the Nexus One too that taking some of the popularity as well, I haven’t been seen the numbers yet but..
I’m guessing the Nexus One will be very popular as well.
Great I think we are gonna do some reviews for the next as well.
Would you say that pretty company, this is kind of shop that you guys gonna see, can it such nexus can be join for right now?is that semifinal?
Ya we’ve been noticing a huge increase in searches on websites for intro products, intro reviews, so intro is definitely going to be big.
Excellent.. excellent.. Alright we just have three simple questions for you know.
There are more of our accessorygeeks kind of questions
This one is really gamy, but having heard about accessorygeeks.com?
Ya you guys already good partner of us and we have a long kinda relationship also.
Cool… You know what kind of geeks we are but what kinda geeks are you? To us a geek is more about fan of something.
I think I have to take the obvious there, let’s say a cellphone geeks, but as part of the glasses I make geek pretty much everything I guess I could say so.
I like whatever gadget you get through at me
And now just my last question for you a message to encourage me to all the geeks out there watching .
Well I guess if you watching this and you are thinking about going to bars tonight think twice better concern to the a lot of other things you gonna wants back money on in 2010.
Already …well thanks a lot Ory
Thanks to you guys..
See you, we gonna keep you updated.