Buoy 10

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In 2001 we had seven deaths on the Columbia River during Buoy
10 salmon fishery opening. With that
we came together with Auxiliary leadership, Station Cape Disappointment
leadership, as well, at the time, Group Astoria leadership
to come with the Buoy 10 operation, which focused on
shoreside education of the boating public at all of the boat
ramps and marinas in the local area, as well as on the water
type presence to put on an operation that would mitigate
the risk and lessen the chance of people being injured or
perishing on the Columbia River. When an Auxiliarist interacts
with one of the boaters putting in, they're looking for the little things.
Is the boat plug put in?
Do they have lifejackets? Do they have communications?
If they get in trouble, will they be able to contact somebody?
They're really looking for visual cues that
somebody may not be prepared and they're educating the boating public on
what those things are.