PRICE BOMBERS (Krogzilla #9)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 26.07.2012

The color of guacamole, like our new taco salad!
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Born at the edge of the world, Product of science, a fire-breathing giant,
At war with the folly of man And man nearly destroyed him,
The change unemployed him, He's KROGZILLA: the monster who got down-sized.
Attention, Price Bombers. Big sales today on shoes, car stereos and breakfast cereals!
When it comes to low prices, we drop the bomb!
So, listen Jeremy -
It's Krogzilla.
Sorry, I always get you two confused. Listen K-Z, remember to hang the clothes in color groups.
Color--? What?
Color groups. The autumns here, the springtimes there, you know, like a big box of crayons.
You had crayons when you were little, right?
I was born in a volcano.
Well everyone has issues. I don't want to get into--
Hey, I noticed you don't have any XX-X-X-L's here.
You're looking for an "H,"ťsweetie. That's for "Huge" - row seven.
One more thing, when you take your shift in the Food Court, we're introducing a new
Taco Salad today. So if you could just push the Taco Salad, talk it up when you can...
You want me to work it into conversation?
Sure, like "Hey ma'am, that's a lovely blouse, the color of guacamole, like on our
new Taco Salad."ť
You seriously want me to say that?
Well not exactly that. I'm riffing right now. I haven't been to my improv class in
like two months and I'm rusty. Just get on the team. We're all wearing the Price Bomb.
Yeah, about that. Do I really have to wear a bomb on my chest?
I've had a lot of those dropped on me, so it feels inappropriate...
You know what feels inappropriate, K-Z? This five minutes of chitchat. This isn't "The
View,"ť okay? It's a workplace.
Rock. This has a zombie on it.
As if. It's a vampire.
As if. It's totally a zombie.
We should go to the party like zombies.
Like cheerleader zombies.
Like sexy nurse zombies.
What can I help you girls with?
Are these like, zombie shirts with zombies on them?
He looks pretty dead.
Let's go. I wanna look at bracelets.
You know what zombies love more than brains? Taco salad.
Our Price Bomber exclusive today is "Regurgitor 3: The Reflux!" on Blu-Ray and DVD! For
the next hour, get it signed by the star himself!
No. Way.
Well, the script is more of a blueprint. Remember that scene where the lava comes out of my
nose? Remember that scene? All me.
Remember when I bit the end of your tail off?
Kro-zo! Hey, this is the guy that I pushed into the Grand Canyon.
I took you with me.
This is so funny. I'm signing one of my movies here... and you work here! Like for
minimum wage! Crazy, right?
Crazy. You wanna another shot at me? Or do you want to call your stunt man in here?
You wanna beat up my stunt man?
Well, that's not really what I-
Krogzilla, you wanna cool it please? Look, I need you at the popcorn popper.
We're falling behind so maybe you do your hot- breath thing and get it cookin'?
Hey, when you think of vomit, think of Regurgitor!
You sell the popcorn, I'll make the movies.
You'll make me sick.
Okay, okay!
Fight! Fight!
Hey! You want a free poster or not?
This is lame! Let's go get a taco salad.