Sleeping With The Enemy (2011) Korean Movie Eng Sub

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1950, Pyongtaek city
By the way, sis!
You love Taek-su a lot, don't you?
'Love'? That sounds absurd.
Then you're marrying him not out of love?
That's enough!
When you and I were young
- Stop it! - My love, Taek-su
On my!
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
What if someone sees us?
Who cares?
What is that?
Is it a toilet or a pot?
- Dae-shik! - Yes, master.
Carefully carry this for her.
Of course, master.
Here we go!
What about me?
Don't run!
You'll regret it if you fall!
You're so lucky Sul-hee.
Shall I get married again?
...My mom rode in this?
That was the best ride during those times.
Breaking news.
At dawn, the monstrous north Korean soldiers attacked...
Our brave soldiers... Destroyed...
Citizens, do not be afraid...
What is he saying?
He said that the commies barged in.
But our soldiers destroyed them.
So we shouldn't worry.
I was afraid that Sul-hee's wedding wouldn't happen.
Don't speak such nonsense.
Don't you know Dr. Rhee Seung-man?
He got a doctorate for getting rid of commies.
That's not the doctor that I know.
You're just an herb digger, so you don't know crap.
Whether it's a commie or a Nazi, he converts them all!
I don't know crap for an herb digger?
One, two, three!
- Don't lift it! - No!
I told you not to lift it!
Are you okay?
But I've been on a diet lately.
This thing is too weak.
I told you to change that wooden arm for ages.
But you always pick those useless roots.
This isn't a useless root. It's a wild ginseng!
Then it must go well with those potatoes.
You me will get into a fight.
He's just overreacting. It's not worth fighting for.
Now, since we're all here, let's talk about the wedding.
Yes, go ahead.
So you take the bride's gifts.
Suk-ho, you take care of the lantern.
How could you stuff your face when the mayor is talking?
How long do I have to carry the lantern?
Send me off to get married, too!
Don't worry, kid. I'll hook you up with soon-hee.
What is she crying for? She's no better.
I'm leaving!
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Thar silly boy!
Wow, it's so soft.
Nam Taek-su
Mend my clothes out of silk for my wedding, too, okay?
You'll dirty it!
Put it down!
You're always getting on my case.
That crazy cuckoo is back again.
Don't let the elders see you and hurry on back.
You sit down.
I told you to sit down.
What if Taek-su does something bad to her?
So don't interfere and just sit.
You're so blind.
What's wrong?
I'm just worried before the wedding.
Nothing will happen, right?
You're so cute.
Forgot who I am? An anti-commie youth group member.
Don't be afraid of the commies.
I'll protect you, so don't worry, okay?
What if someone sees?
Who's going to see us here?
We didn't kiss, so come on out!
Are you crazy?
Where are you going?
Forget it!
Sul-hee, wait for me!
Go away!
I almost had a heart attack!
Wake up! There's big trouble! You have to run away!
What are you fussing about?
Why don't you get what I'm saying?
Seoul is under attack! You have to run away!
Run away at this hour?
Taek-soo's wedding is in two days!
They're supposedly killing everyone from the anti-commie youth group.
Taek-su is in serious danger!
I wandered today to the hill, Maggie
To watch the scene below the creek
And the creaking old mill Maggie
My love Maggie
Now, verse two!
You have to plant it in order!
Like this?
Just do as she says.
What book is she following?
Plant it in a row!
Like this?
Take a look!
We can plant double if we do it in order like this!
Damn it!
This damn cow keeps farting. It's more useless than a pig.
Move it!
His relative from seoul came down
And took everyone with him except for us.
What nonsense are you talking?
Rumors that the commies fool Over seoul must be true.
My baby girl!
The wedding is in two days.
But how could he abandon his bride?
What will happen to out Sul-hee how?
Sukjunglee village
the South Koreans are watching!
Straighten up and walk proudly!
Kim nam-bo!
Come out!
Jang Dae-shim
Park Suk-ho!
Stay still.
You all must be worried about us suddenly barging in.
We're not the enemy!
I came for us to cultivate this land and live together with all of you.
There will be no trouble if you cooperate like this comrade here.
Isn't that Mr. Baek from Sodommol village?
We, the people's liberators, are here to be at your service.
These proud young comrades will be volunteer soldiers.
They will obtain the glory to fight against the American side.
I heard that all the draftees got shot and killed.
That son of a bitch.
Who is the mayor?
Where are nam Taek-su and Nam Joo-sa?
I'd like to know for myself, too.
You bastard!
Answer him right!
Grandpa! Grandpa!
How could you hit an elderly?
Do you want to to die?
Sul-hee! Sul-hee!
Just answer the question.
You disgrace.
You sons of bitches!
Stop it!
That's enough.
What are you waiting for?
Take them away!
They came to liberate the persecuted?
Who here is persecuted?
I can't stand it anymore!
Whether I get shot or not, I'm going to kill those commies!
So nobody stop me!
Although the men got taken away, what about Sul-hee?
I'm worried she doesn't get hurt while being among all those men.
There you go again. Is this the right time to say that?
Is it because you got widowed early? You're so immature.
What does being a widow got to do with it?
I thought you were going to go kill those commies!
Hurry up then!
What's wrong with you two? Is this the time to fight?
Hey, did you see Mr. Baek? He was wearing a red armband.
He must have decided to become a commie.
His family has been disloyal for generations.
During all the foreign invasions or internal feuds in the past,
Someone from his family stuck to the leader.
During the Japanese occupation,
he always wore the Japanese flag on his forehead.
A kimono is much tighter. So walk carefully.
I thought he was bleeding from a head wound.
Are you a Japanese informer? Eat this!
Are you crazy?
I heard that he was the first here to change his name to Japanese.
The first here?
Probably the first in the country.
Get out of here, you Korean!
Wait a minute!
The Japanese didn't even force us at that time.
But he dragged all his family to the Japanese.
I want to change my name into Japanese.
And my whole family!
But how could he be fine until now?
He wouldn't have survived the independence movement.
Once he heard that Japan lost the war,
this time he flapped around the Korean flag like a mad man.
He cheered "freedom" so much he was foaming at the mouth.
People said he was going to have a stroke soon.
Whether it was the Japanese or the draft,
none of his family was taken away.
Oh yeah, when his grandfather was suspected of being a commie...
I don't know this person.
He said he wasn't related to him.
Oh, that?
That's my mother's clan register.
My mother had another lover. I'm a different blood line.
No, my mother had another man.
What can I do about it if she loved someone else?
I'm his son.
Can you believe that crap?
So now that the commies are here, he escorts them first?
He probably ran out and shouted, "welcome!"
What's wrong?
You get tortured for supporting the communists.
Grandpa, the liberation you waited for has finally come.
I was the only one...
Who nursed you until now...
Are you an American informant of anti-communist teachings?
That picture!
Sukjunglee has been an anti-communist den for generations.
You don't have things like this in your village?
Not at all!
1900.4.17 park Seung-tae, April 4, 1900
Nam Taek-su, region leader of the anti-communist youth group.
He reported many labor party affiliates to the police.
Where's nam Taek-su?
I don't know. I would like to know myself.
How is she related to nam Taek-su?
She was engaged to him.
Everyone gets smarter when they go into that room.
So tell me where he is.
While living as the mayor's granddaughter,
I bet you extorted many people.
Let's go.
That's enough!
What's the use torturing her?
This region is infamous for persecuting labor party members.
Is it the party's policy to torture the people?
We came with the duty to collaborate and guide them to the right path.
Got it?
Then you came here for the wrong reason.
Not a single person here will collaborate and help you people.
You see that? I told you that I was right.
We sincerely welcome all of you to our village!
Hurray to the commies!
Hurray! Hurray!
Hurray to Korea!
Hurray! Hurray!
Hurray to the north!
I must have spoiled her. She was such a nice child.
So you're going to collaborate with our goals?
- Of course. - Of course.
Of course we will collaborate..
We have special guests, so how could you serve this little?
I'm sorry. The village isn't so well off.
Shouldn't you go kill a cow for an occasion like this?
All we have is one cow.
So how will we farm if we eat it?
There's no problem. Thank you.
Please eat.
Have plenty.
Thank you for the food.
Sir, I was thinking...
It would be cold at night for you to sleep on the ground.
Of course.
We have a vacant room, so how about sleeping there?
That's a great idea.
Also, the village grave site is by the camp.
There are a lot of tombs there. You'll find it quite unsettling.
There's a grave site behind our camp?
- Yes. - Yes.
I'm too scared to go over there.
Thank you for the offer.
But nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen? Something big happened here once.
You see that man over there?
His father fell at the grave site, and became a crippled.
Rumors have it that he saw a ghost.
Anyway, his son suffered so much having to nurse his father until now.
He's the most filial sod there could ever be.
It breaks my heart seeing that he has to leave his father behind to serve.
Now he has to leave things to his young wife.
If it was me, I'd die suffering.
And what about my poor Suk-ho?
Right after he was born, his mother couldn't breastfeed him.
So he goes crazy over food now.
He eats so much, the villagers call him 'cow'.
Yeah, look at him eat.
We know everything about him. But do you call that human?
Just think of it as dragging a cow around in the battlefield.
That's exactly it.
He's a cow armed with a gun.
Your poor mom must be so worried about you.
You're probably thirsty so drink this.
What are you doing?
Why are you hitting me?
Who told you to bow down?
Don't talk nonsense!
What's the meaning of this?
- Please sit. - I'm sorry.
Please sit.
But lieutenant...
Get up!
Min-ku! Honey!
What did you do now?
We were setting things up nicely, but why did you ruin it?
Did you see the lieutenant's eyes when I was talking to him?
He looked shocked when I said that Suk-ho ate more than a cow.
How could they do that to you?
All that they gave you were potatoes?
You must have been mad enough, for you to kick the pot like that.
How could they to nobles like you...
I mean, comrades...
I mean, don't you think, loyal comrades?
Just call us whatever you want.
It was mistake settling down in Sukjunglee.
That place is very poor.
Is sodommul any different?
Of course if is.
The quality of our village is much different from Sukjunglee.
They're short of working hands, since so many Japanese killed them.
What are those kids playing with?
Are those cow tails?
We got busted.
Why did they come and play here?
Go play somewhere else.
We have more cows than dogs here in Sodommul.
Hello, sergeant!
Go check everything.
Yes, sir!
Did you leave something behind?
What will we live on if you take everything?
No, not that! That's my mother's medicine!
That's my mother's medicine!
Sergeant, that's my mother's medicine!
Take everything that you see!
This is all.
It's everything.
Dig through everything!
Worker's collective and sharing is the basis of the new South Korea.
The food here will be distributed equally and fairly.
Hurry it up!
What are you doing?
How will l survive if you share all this?
Are they equally distributing the women, too?
Really? No, they can't.
Look here!
This is your idea of liberation?
You asked for our collaboration. What is the meaning of this?
That's right!
I won't have a wife anymore.
If you equally distribute her, how would this be fair?
If it's intentional, that's bad.
What are you talking about?
These women here will cook the food for our soldiers.
Is that so?
The leader of the woman’s group will be...
Comrade park Sul-hee.
Are you crazy?
You bitch...
It will be no problem.
I will forgive your harsh remarks just for today.
Who asked for your forgiveness?
It will be no problem.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
But have no other choice..
Grandpa, you're the mayor of this village.
Whether anyone lives or not, how could you make everyone a commie?
You're right. I did it because I'm the mayor.
If I could protect this village by being the only coward,
I'd use my tongue to lick the rear of any commie.
When everyone fought for independence from Japan,
your father was the first one to be killed.
But I can't let them take you away.
-I can't. I can't. - Grandpa.
If will end soon.
Park Seung-tae
how have you been?
My father told me to greet you when I come to the South.
1940, Laoning, China independence rebels transfer of funds
let's go.
Park Seung-tae!
You came far.
Disguising as a wedding march was less conspicuous.
Jung-woong, you've grown a lot.
The gin.
This is a dew version.
"White stone" from park Seung-tae to jung-woong
funds collected from 200,000 independence fighters.
Memories of Maggie
a Western poet named George Johnson wrote it.
There's a song, too. Do you want to hear it?
I wandered today to the hill...
Tome hill, Maggie...
Do you like this game?
I used to like it at your age.
I don't like it. I'm too old for it.
We will meet again.
Dangjin energy reactor north Korea infantry post
dangjin energy reactor north Korea infantry post how long did you walk? Your feet are totally torn.
How long did you walk? Your feet are totally torn.
You're an official. Stop overreacting.
Stay still.
Be gentle.
I'm sorry.
I should've gone to the Southern front line instead of you.
What are you talking about?
Thanks to you, I was able to visit my mother's grave in 20 years.
By the way, did you meet her?
You know, the girl who you wanted to meet in the South.
On yeah, right...
Wow, so did she welcome our liberation knight with open arms?
Well, things were quite different than expected.
The days of persecution are finally over.
I, Kim jung-woong, will protect you with these very hands.
You're so wonderful!
Kim jung-woong! Kim jung-woong!
How have you been?
You came back in such a great and manly form.
Thank you!
Maybe since ten years have passed, she couldn't recognize me at all.
Only if the sergeant hadn't caused a ruckus in the beginning.
I shouldn't tell her, right?
I heard he threw the mayor down.
Yeah, he did.
How about waiting until you two get to know each other again?
The time will come.
Or it couldn't.
On boy...
Ear plenty.
It will be a matter of time until we conquer all of the South.
Get it right. It's not conquering, it's liberating.
What are you looking at?
What are you talking about?
I'm looking at the food!
Thank you very much.
The meat has been cooked very well.
What are you doing?
Didn't you hear what they said about equal distribution?
But he’s the lieutenant.
Differentiating ranks is a form of class.
These people hate that.
Eat it before anyone sees.
How can I eat this?
My son has been taken away. So you think I can digest this?
I'm sorry about what happened to Suk-ho.
Where did you get this from?
It's not so bad cooking for the commies.
And have some of this. It's moonshine.
Okay, I'll have some out of respect. Give me a shot.
I'm sorry.
Have a shot, too.
Have a drink.
Suk-ho liked meat so much.
Here you go.
Thar poor lime boy.
He's probably too scared to sleep.
Where is she?
Jae-choon, have you seen su-won?
He's always sleeping.
What's wrong?
What is this?
So is this how you two made up?
Wake up!
What is it?
What do you think?
Hey, wake up.
On my!
It's okay.
What are you doing?
It's okay.
Did you like it?
Go away.
Jae-choon, got anything to say?
Damn it.
Any sick person gets better after su-won's acupuncture.
So what happened?
She must have poisoned the liquor.
How great it is for two lonely people to meet.
It's not what you think.
So aren't you going to be responsible for her?
This is absurd.
Come on.
He must have gotten sick sleeping on the floor after eating meat.
Is that so?
You must not give your soldiers any blankets.
If everything is fine now...
Let's go.
Take it easy.
You need to save your energy for the night.
Usually, a hero is born during a war. But over here, we'll have a baby.
Stop aggravating me!
I was just happy to see you two hug each other like that.
Stop talking nonsense and keep stuffing that.
How absurd.
Anyway, will they like this?
We don't need the armbands now. It depends on how loyal you are.
Before they ask something of us,
we need to find what we can do for them first.
What do you know?
What are you doing?
It's a black( Scarecrow.
I finished making this.
What the hell is that?
I told you to make the eyes scary, and not to put a smile on it!.
Just leave it there!
How many times do I need to tell her?
Why are you laughing?
It's nothing.
What are you doing?
Go dig over there!
Music from the South is quite enjoyful.
The air-raid shelter is quite big.
Intelligence says that many American ships are docking at pyungtaek harbor.
An air raid is very possible so we need to be prepared.
We caught this north Korean soldier after he deserted us.
An army official at that.
But after we searched him, he was carrying quite a load.
The foreign-educated Kim jung-woong. Now you look more like a soldier.
How is it being in charge of the Pyongtaek region?
They've been cooperative so far.
Cooperative so far?
They could be on the outside.
Look straight!
A u.N. Squadron is moving into the area where the deserter was caught.
Drag that traitor out of here!
That cowardly traitor...
For the great Kim Li-sung! (In a loud voice)
Worker's collective, equal distribution
I wandered today to the hill, Maggie
get it straight!
Do it right!
I want to hold the gun, too.
Son of a bitch!
He’s just a kid!
You sod of a bitch!
Get ready.
For the visitors who came for our village,
we prepared this after thinking long and hard what we could do for you.
This is a much different model. By making the head like this...
We made it for your training. It'll be quite useful.
The face has expressions.
What happened to .Jin-il?
What happened?
He got beaten.
Who do you think did it? It's all because of that bastard.
Take this!
I was talking about how we should make the nose this big.
We have an announcement tomorrow. Tell everyone to gather.
Will do, sir!
How are the children?
It was a training exercise.
The children shouldn't be playing there.
Yes, the children should be at school during that time.
Since the enemy took the school away from us,
that shouldn't be a place for the children to play.
Comrade park Sul-hee, we're not the enemy.
Anybody who raises their gun on a child's parent is an enemy.
Are you playing dumb with me?
Were the ones who pointed their guns at your father and mine our allies?
You suffered the same as me,
and know how cruel all this is.
But why?
You thought I'd welcome you like some knight in shining armor?
You were an innocent young man who liked poems.
Not someone who'd threaten people with guns.
You think I wouldn't know the pain we've suffered?
I wanted to do what I could to make a better world...
I don't get it.
Whether it was the Japanese, Americans, or now,
the ones who got hurt in the end were us.
Why is that?
An air-raid shelter?
That's right.
We need to be prepared for any air-raid that would come.
- Yes. - He's right.
Is there an adequate place?
We will dig the shelter.
- What? - What?
Your village has gotten everything.
Since you have the woman’s group,
we'll create a men's group and take care of it in a jiffy.
That's absurd. A bomb will kill instantly.
Where the bomb will hit is unpredictable.
So if the shelter is in sodommul, our villagers will die on the way.
We have a lot of people!
- That's right! - Yeah!
Then you'll live only.
Of course we have to live!
The location...
I will determine the location after make an inspection.
How far is it?
We're almost there.
There it is.
Over there?
The ground is exceptional there.
Our land expert thinks highly of it.
There hasn't been a piece of land that I haven't inspected.
All the mountains and water surrounding this village
is like creating a dragon's nest.
If you look carefully at the soil, it's like the food that breeds it.
- Dragon's food? - You got to be kidding me.
You'll be cured of diseases and can dodge bullets if you carry it around.
Oh yeah? Then why did his father's grave turn out so horrible?
I heard you struck a water vein.
Yeah, it was a hot spring!
You don't need to listen to them.
There's no land like it in Korea.
If you plant a dead tree there, a flower will bloom the next day.
This isn’t just dirt.
- What are you doing? - Ll:'S medicine!
Don't eat the rock's.
Why don't you just swallow it?
While we're on the subject, kill him and bury him there.
If he survives tomorrow, then we'll be on our way.
That sounds perfect.
I got a tool for it right here.
Good thing you brought that.
What's wrong with you all?
It's because of him.
I will make my decision with careful examination.
Next is Sukjunglee.
Sukjunglee air-raid shelter exhibition
first, I'd like to define what the air-raid shelter is.
What is an air-raid shelter?
An air-raid shelter is made to avoid explosions.
Sodommul aims to build a shelter on an empty land without a single tree.
We are to face the explosion and not avoid it.
This is a plane, right?
If I were the pilot,
I'd want to drop about two bombs right about here.
To put it simply, this is the land of hell!
The first condition is that it must be concealing and inconspicuous.
Our suggestion is right over there.
It's dark and misty so you can't tell whether it's day or night.
About 84 percent of our children were made there.
That's right. We did it there, too.
The second condition...
Grandpa, don't just lie there. Say something.
Lieutenant? He has something to say.
Elder comrade.
Come to your senses.
Elder comrade.
Air-raid shelter...
Elder comrade.
- Elder comrade. - Grandpa...
Oh no, poor grandpa!
Grandpa, I will take things over and create a great shelter.
I will dig it perfectly.
The time for a great improvement of sodommul has come!
Start the dig!
You said that you were going to win.
I knew something was up his sleeve.
Dig deep, jae-choon.
Comrade jae-choon, eat this and cheer up.
What are you doing?
It looked too empty here.
Go down.
Just leave if.
It wasn't me. It was the cow.
When is dad coming back? I want to ride on his shoulders.
This is killing me.
Giddy up! Giddy up!
Stop overreacting, lieutenant.
It wasn't me.
It was him.
You're going to do the rest of the field, right?
Since you took everyone away, we're short of hands for farming.
How can I?
The sun will set soon. Hurry and eat.
Big trouble!
How could there be water?
Nice and clean.
I told you so! It's a hot spring!
Everywhere I dug, it was all water.
I thought we came here to dig a well.
That’s an air-raid shelter? Look! A rainbow!
The air-raid shelter will be dug in Sukjunglee.
Also, all the comrade men who are volunteer soldiers will instead
dig the air-raid shelter.
Great news! Hurray!
Finally, in order to watch over any anti-communist movements
our camp will be moved to the mayor's home.
Comrade park Sul-hee, teach the children again at the church.
But they must not go to the training ground nor the air-raid shelter.
Ls that understood?
Yes, lieutenant.
That is all.
But, lieutenant!
Lieutenant, please have a drink.
No thank you. We don't drink.
- But this booze is good. - I'm okay.
Come on and have a drink.
Yes, it won't kill you.
Have a drink.
Okay, then I'll have just one drink.
"White stone" from park Seung-tae to jung-woong
the snow falls heavily tonight as my poor self
thinks about my beautiful Natasha.
I love Natasha,
the show falls heavily,
and I sit lonely while drinking soju.
While drinking I think, Natasha and I...
Natasha and I...
I can’t remember.
Natasha and...
Natasha and I ride on a white donkey to the Mountain in the snowy night.
The snow falls heavily, and beautiful Natasha loves me.
Even the white donkey somewhere will love this night and sing.
There's a seed in it.
But why?
Am I supposed to eat the seed?
You're right. Don't eat the seed.
Like I felt ten years ago, poems really don't suit you.
What do you mean it doesn't suit me? I'm a very sensitive man, you know.
I just had a drink, that's why.
You held on to this until now?
He raised his head and said...
Now I have nothing to do but die.
How can the rich be so full?
His wife comes running in...
Oh my goodness!
Take it.
I said take it right now!
He’s just a kid. Why are you being so cruel?
Don't treat everyone so harshly.
Fueling animosity creates anti-communism.
Soviet marxism
loving this night I weep.
What did you just say? You want to be the digging captain?
Since it will be dug here, I will be the digging captain.
I don't believe this.
You know how hard I tried to lure that air-raid shelter?
Mission accomplished! You know how hard I tried to lure that air-raid shelter?
So you want to be what?
Digging captain.
Comrade jae-choon, do you have to do this?
I'm digging for my pride, not the ground.
Hurry and blow the whistle.
Stop it!
Over four feet.
No, wait!
Four and a half feet.
Eight and a half feet!
But why?
Am I supposed to eat the seed?
You're right. Don't eat the seed.
Like I felt ten years ago, poems really don't suit you.
What do you mean it doesn't suit me? I'm a very sensitive man, you know.
I just had a drink, that's why.
You held on to this until now?
He raised his head and said...
Now I have nothing to do but die.
How can the rich be so full?
His wife comes running in...
Oh my goodness!
Take it.
I said take it right now!
He’s just a kid. Why are you being so cruel?
Don't treat everyone so harshly.
Fueling animosity creates anti-communism.
Soviet marxism
loving this night I weep.
What did you just say? You want to be the digging captain?
Since it will be dug here, I will be the digging captain.
I don't believe this.
You know how hard I tried to lure that air-raid shelter?
Mission accomplished! You know how hard I tried to lure that air-raid shelter?
So you want to be what?
Digging captain.
Comrade jae-choon, do you have to do this?
I'm digging for my pride, not the ground.
Hurry and blow the whistle.
Stop it!
Over four feet.
No, wait!
Four and a half feet.
Eight and a half feet!
- You did it! - Hurray!
The digging captain is comrade Dae-shik.
So don't fight and work under the leadership of comrade Dae-shik.
Pro-Japanese, anti-communists, landowners, and all their families.
Write up anyone suspected of communicating with the enemy,
and punish them once the air-raid shelter is complete.
Even if it wasn't an order, isn't it our duty anyway?
Remove that big rock first.
This is so frustrating.
don't grab the shovel like that.
Is it your first time shoveling? How you angle it is important.
It doesn't matter how strong you are.
You can't do this?
Screw this!
If you're so good at it, then shovel it yourself!
Yeah, if you're going to just nag, what's the point of picking you?
They should've just picked a nagger.
You just threw that shovel, right?
So you're doing an anti-communist act?
Who's doing an anti-communist act? Watch what you say!
Let go of me.
As long as I am captain, my words are the lieutenant's order.
You must have lost your mind.
Shall we kill him or save him, Jin-il?
Why are they digging it so fast?
What are you doing?
I didn't do anything anti-communist.
Comrade, you're a very loyal person.
I've never been complimented like that.
I usually hear that I look like a Perry thief.
My face must be likeable in the north.
I mean that someone trustworthy as you should be digging captain.
Digging captain?
Yes, then what should you do?
I will shovel until my back breaks!
I will shovel until the shovel breaks!
It doesn’t matter how fast it's...
What would you have to do to become the digging captain?
Work as hard as I can...
It doesn't matter how fast it's done.
I want to be the digging captain so bad, but how...
What’s with the pace?
From now you better watch it.
Anyway, how should I report this?
Lately, when I look at this shovel,
I think about how I can beat somebody with it and bury him.
The thought comes to me often.
Is that what you were thinking?
I'd rather poke his mouth with it instead.
That's what I’ve been thinking at times.
So I was thinking do we really need to work this hard?
What I mean is that working this hard
is eventually putting Dae-shik on a pedestal.
So what I'm declaring is a mutiny.
You shovel half the way. And then shovel it in the air.
We do it like this in order to slow things down.
Fantastic. I agree to that.
You agree?
Hey, what about you Mr. Baek?
The moment we heard that we had to dig here,
we already planned to ruin things.
We've been shoveling backwards for a long time.
Really? We've finally struck a chord.
Everyone, throw down the shovels.
But I haven't finished yet.
There's another way to call him.
- Let's go eat! - What? Wait for me!
- Give me some, too. - Have some.
Be quiet.
It's me, Taek-su.
On boy...
Excuse me...
What are you doing in my furnace?
I was cooking a pig's head and I thought of you.
You thought of me?
While cooking a pig's head? How incredible.
let's not do this.
It's not like we're in some relationship.
You seemed to have feelings for me, but sorry I don't.
People look strangely at us already.
So stop or things will get weird.
You pig!
Your father's life could be ruined but you eat this?
Go inside!
Just go! Don't make things hard.
- But jae-choon... - Don't do it.
Just go!
Just go!
It tastes good.
Where are you going?
I'm going to pick some lettuce.
At this hour?
Did you cry?
No... ho.
I just came from the pepper farm. My eyes got watery.
You walked all the way here on that leg?
What about your father?
Your mother??
My parents got hit by a bomb...
Don't cry.
My parents got hit by a bomb...
What are you doing here?
I have something to ask you.
In this village...
Is there a secret place where people can hide?
A place outsiders like us can't find, and only the locals know.
Hide who?
What I mean is that...
No, there isn't a place.
Listen to everything I have to say. If there is such a place...
There isn’t!
Are you suspecting me?
Why? You think we're communicating with the enemy in some secret place?
It's just that circumstances are bad...
One word can put someone into big trouble.
So don't teach American songs like this.
You taught me that song.
You can’t even remember.
Can you do me a favor?
Please trust me.
Even during a critical moment, don't suspect and just trust me.
Can't you give me one more?
No, only one for one person. It needs to be fair.
You've improved a lot. Great job.
That's so you.
You little brat.
Why’d you nit me?
Every since they took me away, do you know how hungry I've been?
Don't lie to me. I heard you always eat meat.
And one time you ate so much they let you go.
I don't care if I'm a pig, beggar, or taken away to be a soldier,
I wish I could eat all the meat I could have.
That's your wish?
My stomach is starting to hurt. Have my portion.
But eat it slowly. Or you'll get indigestion.
Ouch, my stomach.
What are you doing here?
I was on my way...
I thought I was too cruel yesterday. Actually, it wasn't how I truly felt.
- How dare you touch me? - Stay still.
Why wouldn't I know how you feel?
A man pretends not to see, or pretends to not like someone.
That’s what a man is about.
Su-won, please understand.
This is a different subject.
But remember that meat you brought?
Got any left?
No, that's not why I'm here. If you don't have any, it's okay.
I don't.
Okay, what can I do about it if you don't?
Wait here for a second.
No, that's not why I'm here.
If you want to succeed like me, be ambitious.
Suk-ho, be gentle.
Get ready for battle!
Man your stations!
Get ready for battle!
Get ready for battle!
Get ready for battle!
Move fast!
Kids, take cover!
Don't shoot! Take cover!
Don't shoot!
We'll be exposed to the enemy!
Take cover!
Don't move and stay there!
Hello? Hello?
What happened?
What's going on?
What are you all doing here?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Dad, I must be dying...
Who said that you're dying? Don't say that.
Let's see how bad you got hurt?
It hurts.
Oh my goodness. You dumb boy.
You dumb cow.
Everyone is okay, but why did you get a hole in yourself?
Hurry and get up.
It's okay. Daddy's here now.
I won't eat a lot anymore.
Help me live... help me live...
Dad's calling you. Answer me.
why are you crying?
Your eyes are wide open!
Oh yeah, I brought some meat.
You said you wanted meat, right? Let's eat.
Eat it.
Here, go ahead and eat. You wanted to eat some meat.
Eat it.
Suk-ho, let's eat some meat.
Chew it up.
Stop it.
This won't bring Suk-ho back. Pull yourself together.
Comrade jae-choon, please stop!
Stop telling me to stop digging.
We don't know when a bomb will explode so don't tell me to stop.
It was me who killed Suk-ho.
I slowed the dig and killed Suk-ho. So don't tell me to stop.
I killed him. It was me.
I killed him. It was me.
What shall we do?
Lets dig together!
Jae-choon, you fool!
Instead of stopping him,
digging it quickly is the way to save him.
Let's go.
Lets an dig together.
- Do it together. - Dig. Dig.
You all have done well.
Since we've finished the dig,
let's try out an exercise as if the bomb had exploded.
Okay, this is the bomber.
Go down.
Hurry over here.
But why did we dig this?
Where’s Suk-ho?
Get with it!
Isn’t it funny?
They don't know that they will get punished when the shelter finishes.
No, our order was to first find the reactionaries and kill them only.
Tell headquarters that we have finished the air-raid shelter.
Yes, sir!
What’s the matter?
We’ve been ordered to withdraw.
The general will meet us here at 6 am and we will pullout.
American ships have docked at major coasts.
This place could soon be their main base.
Gather all the villagers and...
Not long ago an entire platoon based near here was killed at night.
They trusted the innocent villagers, but there was a spy among them.
He ran away with confidential papers including main strategic plans.
But what did you mean about expediting punishment for everyone?
Pyongtaek is the most crucial strategic point linked to seoul.
Who can guarantee that the people there won't disclose our secrets
and cooperate with the enemy?
Digging the air-raid shelter was initially for that reason?
What did you think it was?
Tell me if you can't do it.
I'll have someone replace you.
No, sir.
I will fulfill my command as if my life depended on it!
Good, get rid of all of them before I arrive at dawn tomorrow!
Wait a little longer.
After what I've experienced, they won't hurt us.
Don't worry.
What are you talking about? You don't know.
My father and mother...
What's wrong?
I'll be back Tomorrow.
Why are you leaving so fast?
I said to rest.
I'll stop so come back, Sul-hee.
Get out of there.
Get out of there right now.
No, don't.
Don't shoot him.
Don't. Don't.
Don't do this.
Go oh the path behind the church
and flee with him right now.
It won't be safe next time if we meet again.
Assemble at the church!
To the church!
What are you doing there?
The lieutenant is calling us!
Hurry up!
The lieutenant is calling us!
Hurry up!
That commie is really helping us out.
I won't go.
What did you say? Have you lost your mind?
Hurry up.
I'm sorry. I can't go.
Hurry up!
What's the matter all of a sudden?
We win pull out of this place tonight.
Weren't we supposed to meet the regiment when they arrive tomorrow?
At this critical moment, it would be a waste for them to come here.
Don't they have to pass anjoongli to get here anyway?
If we go to anjoongli first, we can meet them in the middle.
- But the order... - That's enough!
If we wait until dawn, who will be responsible if our withdrawal route
is revealed to the villagers?
Our duty in this village is over anyway.
So that commie letting me go was for a reason, huh?
Was it nice sticking with a commie?
So did you screw him?
You dirty bitch. I won't leave you two alone.
Who's there?
Wh... who is he?
Dong-woo, listen to me...
Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot!
It's a spy! It's a spy!
What are you talking about?
Prepare for battle!
Prepare for battle!
Fire at will!
You can’t tell me who he is? Who was it?
Who was that bastard that ran away?
Stop it!
What's wrong now?
You're not trying to protect this traitor after all this, right?
Damn it.
Why? Why?
Why? I told you to leave.
Ten them that I'm the spy.
It's impossible. Spare her just once.
This place is full of traitors.
Look, if our superiors see this, they'll think we're traitors, too.
Before the general arrives, I will be executed instead.
I'll do whatever you want. So please save my Sul-hee.
Please save my Sul-hee.
I will lick your anus if I have to.
It's no use.
A traitor's tongue is dirtier than the anus.
Feeding a soldier rotten meat was someone's goal to poison him.
Point out the person who wrapped that meat for you.
No, there were just some leftovers, and I felt sorry for him so...
Where did you get this American chocolate?
I picked it up from the ground.
You picked it up? You picked it up?
You picked it up?
What's wrong with all of you?
I don't know what that black thing is,
but if it's some American cookie, those planes could have dropped them.
Yeah, he’s right. You see, I'm an American informer.
I made those planes kill my son because he ate too much.
I shouldn't have lend my hand to these crazy dogs.
They think they can do whatever they want.
Take all of them away!
Yes, sir!
-I killed him. -Stay still.
Never leave here or think of escaping.
Stay here as if you were dead.
You will find out what I mean.
Don't close the door!!
Don't close the door!!
Don't come out unless I tell you so.
Just like the Japanese occupation.
Mom, do you have the toilet?
Only time will tell.
Rhee Seung-man?
Kim ii-sung, Rhee Seung-man... Kim ii-sung, Rhee Seung-man...
Rhee Seung-man?
What did I tell you?
I told you that this village is an American hideout.
Let’s kill them all before the general arrives.
They won't kill us, right?
But we've gotten close.
Then they would've killed us earlier instead of putting us in here.
Usually, cows are put into one place to kill them one by one.
How did they know about this place?
Did someone tell them?
Even during a critical moment...
Don't suspect and just trust me.
We have to go dig the air-raid shelter.
Or else, we'll get into big trouble.
Hurry up and let's go.
What’s wrong with this?
Bong-ki, you'll need to fix this door along with the palanquin.
It won't open.
Why isn't it opening?
Please stop it.
What's wrong with the door?
Stop it.
Come to think of it, Suk-ho dying and Jae-choon turning out that way
is all because of them, not the American troops.
I can't stand it anymore.
Yeah, I can't die like this.
Don't be like this. He's probably doing this for a reason.
Yeah, he's got a reason. To kill us all!
Let's just go.
If we walk quickly now, we can meet the general at poseunglee.
What are you talking about?
And leave those traitors behind?
You think so, deep in your heart?
A soldier follows his orders not his heart.
When l crossed over the 38th parallel,
I was very excited.
Finally, I can liberate the oppressed South Koreans.
But isn't it strange?
One day, I came to my senses and realized I was oppressing them.
I considered them poor and ignorant, making them into reactionaries.
Following our great order...
Shut up!
Jung do-man.
I know that your whole family was killed by the west north youth group.
You're doing the very same thing.
Killing the same way won't bring them back.
The General.
I came early.
Finish things here quickly. The enemy has made it to chunan.
But why is the village so quiet?
Did you do as I ordered?
Why aren't you answering?
Didn't I tell you to kill everyone in sight?
As the general has ordered, we carried out our duty swiftly!
Mission accomplished, sir!
Wait, grandpa!
He told us to stay here and wait.
- Please trust him. - You stay still!
I wore this fed armband for whom?
I did it to save you and the village.
Everyone fight with me till the end!
Lets go and fight!
From jung-woong to Sul-hee
let's meet again on the day when we are all free from ideals or systems.
Thank you.
Listen to us.
Why? You think I'm not serious?
General, they aren't anti-communists.
What did you say?
Step aside!
you bastard!
Who are you?
I'm the digging captain.
I said I'm the digging captain!
The digging captain!
I dug all this!
Kill them all!
Hurry and kill them!
I said to stop!
What are you doing?
Who ordered you to stop?
Please let the children out. Don't harm them.
After being with them for two months, have you all been converted?
- But the children... - Raise your guns!
Shoot that cry baby first!
Raise your guns right!
Don't shoot!
Please don't shoot!
Put your guns down. Put them down now.
- Don't shoot! - Fire!
I told you not the children!
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
What about our baby?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- It was my fault. - It's okay.
Can you let me live here?
I have no parents and no place to go.
I will!
You shoot your superior?
You all are not soldiers!
What are you doing? Hurry up.
Hurry up.
You think you can win the war like this?
Go ahead and shoot!
Don't go up! Don't go up!
Get up...
Please get up...
Stay down...
You sons of bitches!
Go down...
Go down!
Put it on.
No, don't!
Get up!
Get up!
Put this on and run away! Hurry and put it on!
Put it on and run away!
You have to run away!
You have to hide in this.
You have to hide in this and live.
I told you not to come out.
I wanted...
...To tell you...
...So much.
...Shouldn’t have come here.
Sul-hee! Sul-hee!
Come here.
Come here.
Hurray! Hurray!
In love and the war
we dug a big hole in front of that big oak tree and below that hill.
We dug a big hole here by the village's big shrine.
We didn't know their plan,
but we thought that they were to kill us there.
A lot of people died in this pits.
I think they were going to shoot us. That's why we dug the hole.
They tried their best not to die.
Because they took away anyone who opposed them.
Our home was the mayor's home. That's why they stayed there.
They stayed in several quarters.
They were just kids, so they weren't menacing.
They seemed like very young men.
There weren't any older men.
They called us like we were their parents and elders.
We could here the battle in Incheon from here.
They assembled there, but then disappeared later.
A lot of villagers died, but not here.
There wasn't any violence here.
South Korean soldiers went as far as Suwon.
So the north Korean soldiers packed their bags and left quietly.
Then later they all died on the way. It was sad.
They stayed at our home.
They seemed nice and I felt sorry for them...