Eric Saade | First French Radio Interview (Puissance A)

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 26.11.2011

We’re glad to welcome Eric Saade!
Well that’s the way we say it in French.
How do you say Eric Saade?
Did I pronounce it well?
Yeah, that was kind of good.
The real pronouncing is “Eric Saade”.
Well, Good morning we’re glad to have you here.
How are you?
I’m fine. I love France and I love Paris.
It’s the second time I’ve been here and I hope to come back again.
Your first contact with your French public, how did it go?
I arrived a few days ago. I have not met the fans yet but I’m going to do it.
And I really wish to.
We know you thanks to Eurovision.
However, you arrived here in France to promote your first single
‘Hearts In the Air’. How do you feel today? How does this touch you?
Are you stressed or do you just want to pass?
I’m just happy to release Hearts In the Air in France. I truly hope that everyone will love the song.
I’m just fine. I feel relaxed. I just do what I love!
One funny thing when reading the bio of Eric Saade is that he started very young, in particular at the age of 13.
How do you deal with the fact of being an artist that has received a great success in his country,
how is your everyday life?
I’m just really happy right now of course. I know exactly what I want to do.
I just do everything from my heart so I don’t feel different. I’m really happy with the situation.
I hope I can spread my music all over the world.
Now we are in France but we are also going to a lot of places like England and Poland.
Well, this album, when will it is released in France, Saade Vol. 1?
It will be your first one outside your country.
By now we have this first single, Hearts In the Air. It’s going well. That’s fair.
Ok, that’s your first title indeed. For your information.
This is the first radio to play it at a national level.
It’s been a while since the first release of Eric Saade with Popular.
Is Saade Vol. 1 that is already released in Sweden your first creation because Masquerade
is totally different and has a totally different level
or what happened because it has a totally different rhythm to this album.
The Masquerade album was more like, I was younger than now. I’m getting older and (...) my songs.
Now it’s more electropop than Masquerade. It’s closer to my heart!
What do you prefer between recording or being in the scenario?
Being on stage. I’m a performer. I’ve been an entertainer since I was a kid.
I was always going around, I’ve got a huge feeling about it.
Where does it come from your passion for music?
I don’t know actually, because no one in my family is a musician. I think it came from my heart.
My inspiration comes from Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake. I had big inspiration from Bryan Adams.
I think the attitude comes from the music.
What does Eric want to say to his French fans today or about what he listens?
They say you really like electropop. I hope it’s true because that’s what I love.
If you really like big concerts, you will love it. I wanted to be in France making my own concerts
because this is my goal, make a good concert in France and spread my music in Europe.
We have here some comments on the Internet. There are some who already call you the King of Pop,
what would you say? Do you like it?
Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop!
He is dethroned.(laughs)
So, I can’t dethroned him!
You can be the prince of pop!
Maybe. I hope so because that would be awesome!
In any case, this latest album, I think it will be released in France one day before the release in Sweden.
We’re very excited to see this album coming out in France too.
I’m glad to hear that too.
That’s awesome. Everybody is happy.
(laughs) cool!
Well, this album has 12 songs. Let’s talk about them a little bit.
Obviously Popular is the song that let us meet Eric Saade in France when he was competing in Eurovision.
There’s also the song called Timeless. I think it’s Eric’s favourite of this album.
Yes, I think so. That’s because I wrote that song and it’s dedicated to my fans.
That’s why I came with this phrase ‘we can be timeless’ because everything comes to an end.
I want to get old with what I have in my mind.
I wanted to get with the message we can go through the time.
There’s a song that has gained the interest through the Internet particularly among the fans.
Is there a chance to release a single or not because there’s a tour going on to promote a single?
I’d love it. Yeah, you never know I mean, maybe in France. There’s a single for everytime.
A suspense, anyway.
Another fact that has taken the attention is it something you would tell to Molly, your girlfriend?
Actually, I did. That’s kind of that. But I do the things that I like and being with Molly is one of them.
What can we expect about you here in France but also in Sweden?
There’s an excited public but what can we expect?
My goal is to be well known as a singer here in France.
Alright. Thank you very much Eric for answering all these questions.
Thank you and... Merci beaucoup!
Then thanks for making an effort to speak in French when you speak Swedish.
Ok cool. So you learn.
You say, tack så mycket!
Tack så mycket, that’s right.
Cool. Well, thank you. Good luck for your stay in France.
I hope you will be here from Sweden very soon.
Oh, thank you and Merci beacoup.
And I can also say 'Ça va Paris?'
Oh, How are you Paris? Paris is good.
See you soon and good luck after the premiere of your first single ‘Hearts In the Air’
Eric was cool!