Anh Hùng Xạ Điêu 2008 - Tập 01 (NTD)

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My name is ErDanChu, this is my piss.
Look, yellow, dirty and setting too.
You can tell that I am lack of nutrition.
I am so poor - I am not got good stuff to eat.
There are wars every year.
Not a peaceful world, lots of people out of work.
So I collect debt for people.
I am happy with this job
My boss is Wang, everybody calls him king,
king master of WuChang.
He plays with me everyday,
treats me as his toy
If I were a girl, he would fuck me.
Luck he's got wife and mid-wife,
everyone are pretty.
Or else, I would have sore ass hole.
Chen, hurry up, return three silvers
My husband is dead, who is it?
I am collecting debt for king Wang
You owe him three silvers, not returned yet.
Yes, but ...
We don't have anything left here.
Only three kids left,
you can have them
I don't think my boss will want these kids
If your boss doesn't want them,
you can buy them.
Go, get going.
No, no, no.
Sir, please save my family
We didn't have anything to eat for three days
If you can stand it, you can buy me too.
Are you joking?
Okay, I got something, I got something
I have something for you to eat.
Ma, I am so cold
I am nothing but a good heart
If I were mean a bit more,
I would be rich now.
I gave all I left for others this time.
I swear I will be mean from now on
So I have a chance to get rich.
Because I didn't have lunch.
I decided to go home to eat something.
And think of something to cheat my boss
Gentleman, this is my wife.
Her last name is Chiang, first name is HanLi.
After she married me, her name is Chu HanLi
I think she is the greatest eater in the world
And the greatest sleeper, most stupid woman in the world
This also proves a saying: big breast with no brain
Honey, time to get up
Honey, did you bring something for me to eat?
Did you cook?
I did, but when I put the rice in the pot
I found there is no water.
I tried to get water from the well,
but it was so far away.
And then I got tired and sleep died.
Let me ask you, there are 24 hours a day.
How long is enough for those 4 hours
About 20 hours
What did you do for those 4 hours?
I was busy think about
what to do next for 2 hours
How about those final 2 hours?
I think and blame myself,
feel sorry for myself.
and then 2 hours were gone.
Why should I married you then?
To sleep with you.
I don't you got anything to do.
Okay, kid, you are really poor.
Hey, what are you doing?
I am eating a banana, do you want some?
Eating banana, you should eat my banana.
How can I eat that banana?
This one is bigger
It's itching
Hey, what are you doing again?
You tease me like this,
no wonder I got itching and hurt.
Okay, I don't tease you no more.
Eat your banana, I don't tease you!
Honey, what are you doing again?
Look at this, so funny, look.
My goodness, I quit.
Honey, you don't come,
I will go to sleep.
Are you really? I am not done yet.
I am naked, help yourself.
Buffet is hot now.
My god, what did I do wrong?
To get this kind of woman as my wife.
Kid, I think it was too much for you.
Chu ErDan
Who is it?
Chu ErDan, you lazy son of bitch.
No, no, I just come back to take a bath
I will go back after I change my cloth
Sir, Master wants you to see him right now.
Okay ... wait for me, I will be there now.
Guys, let my introduce a super,
super ugly mah to you.
He is my boss, Master king Wang,
Really name is Wang DiRen
He will do anything to get his business
Not enough rice, he will buy all the rice
Not enough salt, he will buy all the salt
Not enough chicken, he will get chicken
He will make things more expensive.
The reason why I married a dump wife.
is all because he hide all the good women.
This one is his wife, belongs to battle type.
Dark and strong, bite your bird.
Great tits and ass, great appetite.
This one is his mistress,
a cheap one.
Big tits and ass,
great appetite
Loves to eat fat ChaShau, it's her favorite.
This is LinLin, that is LongLong.
Small and slim.
Both of them is king Wang's pearls.
Baby twin daughter of Wang.
Where is that bastard Chu?
Big Master.
How is your job? Collected all the debt?
I couldn't find him for so long
No wonder you can't find him at this time
Forget it, sit down and eat, give him a bowl of noodle.
Thank you big master.
What is this?
It's ... died cat ... this is a died cat ...
You can't collect the money, and you want to eat
Why can't I feed you died cat noodle?
Sir, forget it, don't tease him.
Ru I, give him something to eat.
Yes, come.
What is wrong with you? Are you OK?
Nothing ...
Why are you crying?
Who did that to you?
I feel so sad.
I were like you, people treat me as a toy.
Why should we take these insults?
Gril, there is saying
it will dawn at last
Chu sir ...
I think you are the only good guy over here
Actually I like you alot.
Don't stop, don't stop ...
How dare you to seduce my baby.
Look at you,
your dick is only two inches long.
How can you seduce my baby?
I didn't, this is mistake
You didn't, did you mean she seduced you?
Okay, I will send you to the police, let them decide.
No, don't ...
Tell me what to do then?
They said, there is a statue in Satan's temple of mountain.
They said it was horrible.
Let's do it that way. If he can bring back that statue.
For us to see.
We will let him go.
Okay, deal.
Give him back his pants.
Go, get going, hurry up ...
Now he is on his way to steal that statue.
I bet ten thousand, he will get it
OK, Iet's talk after he get it.
Master, don't, I have enough.
If you win, you have to buy a necklace for me.
What necklace? Go wash your mouth.
What a miserable life I've got.
Your small sigh, big brother will frighten all night.
I don't know if there is a ghost or not?
Miss, are you a ghost or a human? Don't frighten all night.
Sir, I am human being, but I would rather be a ghost than human
What are you talking about?
I was a good girl, my husband was killed in the battlefield years ago.
To avoid sexual harassment, so I was here
I was lost the other day in the mountain, they harassed me.
Is being a ghost better than being a human?
It's cold, so cold.
Lady, you look bad, so bad
Forehead so cold
If you sit here for hours, you will be frozen to death.
Sir, you are a good man, leave me along
Take your cloth.
How can I leave you along?
Lady, let put it that way, you wait here a moment.
I got something from inside and then I escort you down.
Then you stay at my house till you cure.
Don't get me wrong, I have a wife
Sir, you are a really good guy.
Lady, what's matter?
You wake up ...
Don't be afraid, I am here to pay back your good deed.
No need
Yes, for sure.
No, no ...
If I don't pretend now, how can I get even.
Shit, finished sperm donation, now it is blood donation.
Smell good.
What are you? How dare to mess around here.
Hide your face now.
Judge, please don't blame it on me.
I dare not to do it again ...
Mr. Judge.
Do you want me to beat you really hard?
Mr. Judge, I dare not, please forgive me.
I really can't afford it.
Give me one good reason then.
If you make me happy, I will let you go.
I heard it all from my neighbors.
By drinking his blood, I will have a wonderful next life.
Nonsense, if you buy that there will be no policy in heaven.
No way ...
Sir, I dare not to do it again, please let me go.
Sir, other ghosts deceived me too.
You are really something, you believe ghost talks
Okay, you are lucky, I am in good mood today.
I will let you go, go as far as you can
Be good and back to your grave.
Thanks ...
Thank you for saving my ass, let me worship you.
No need.
You are stupid, you are so miserable and ghost dispute you
I pity you very much
Master, how come you know all my things?
I can tell where and when the guy should die or not
You just small case, how should I don't know?
Yes, you are right, you are so great, I am so stupid.
You idiot, you got a wrong temple.
No way? This is Satan's temple.
This is next to Satan's temple.
Sorry, it's my mistake.
Your boss is a unrighteous man.
He even wants to fuck me, so I will fuck him
Carry me down
It's all over.
Sir, please don't blame me, I am not on purpose.
Let's put it this way, I will fix it back home
And then buy a chicken for you.
If no chicken, there are eggs.
If no eggs, there is me,
You better give me your words.
I am for sure, I can swear ...
No need, although you are slow, you've got a good heart.
I believe you.
Chu ErDan, how dare are you.
Judge Lu of Satan's temple, you dare to stole it.
Big boss, can I go?
Yes, get lost.
Thank you big boss, Thanks.
Okay, you are great.
You lost, give me ten thousand.
Bet with me, I, Master Wong, afraid of nothing.
Send someone to return this statue right away. You can't offense this Lu Pan.
Damn it, take alot, this is mud.
Do you think its real?
Don't say that, in case ...
Okay, I bet you ten thousand again.
I take his cloth off, let you guys watch, Okay?
I dare not to bet with that.
How dare to take my cloth off.
Don't go.
Help ...
What did I, Chu ErDan, do wrong anyway?
How come I married this kind of wife?
Whole day long she just eats and sleeps or sleeps and eats
My god, I don't have any hope left in this life
Chu ErDan, I bet you can't
Master Judge.
Chu ErDan, 00:23:42,252 --> 00:23:44,185 you have a great heart.
But you only have six sould out of seven.
So you became no feeling,
no wonder you can't study.
No wonder.
Before this life, your wife must be a pig.
Look, pig heart with human head.
Pig heart.
That means, transformation is incomplete.
What ... 00:24:16,400 --> 00:24:17,948 What to do then?
Help her change her heart.
Change a heart, will she die?
Others will die, but I can do without problem
Thank you Master Judge. I am releaved now, but ...
Besides heart,
Can I change other things too?
Except character, you can change anything
That is you move mountain but hard to move yourself
That is what is mean. 00:24:51,500 --> 00:24:54,679 Can I change my dick?
Are you trying to change your dick?
Sure, I can help you change into a magic dick
13 inches long, 3 inches round,
hard as iron, hot as fire.
More than enough, thanks.
Okay, get in bed, hurry.
I can change both of you.
No wonder he wants to change it too.
Full of shit, no knowledge whatsoever.
no wonder you can't study.
I will give you a delicate heart.
You will become smart later.
Am I dreaming?
No, you changed your heart and dick last night.
Who are you? Where are you?
I am your dick,
Right in your pants.
You are Chu ErDan, I am little Dan then.
Are you the magic dick that the master Judge gave me?
That's right.
Later on, both of us share everything
include girls.
Don't you ever like man, to let me eat shit.
I can't image, you can really talk.
Of course.
If you can't find someone to talk to,
you can call me.
That's right.
Hey, your wife have your meal ready.
Honey, get up
Honey, you so pretty now.
I don't know why,
I feel good after I got up.
I borrowed two dollars
To buy some fresh food to cook for you
Enjoy it.
Come, taste this.
So good, you are really something.
Master Judge.
I fully understand.
Chu ErDan, I gave her a delicate and kind heart
Look at her, how good she is.
No wonder, thanks Master Judge.
Chu ErDan, my name is Lu
You can call me Judge Lu, or Master Lu.
You have fate with me, so I help you, come
Help me fix this judgement book, send it to Satan's temple fast.
Or else no one die in the world,
whole world will be in mess.
This is a critical matter.
I know, there are many who deserve to die in the world
They don't have anything to eat.
It all depends on you.
I know, I know, don't worry,
I will take care all of them.
You house is too lousy
I help you to fix it, have a new one instead.
Look at this, so much money.
Indeed, so many silvers.
Chu ErDan, Be a good person now
You will be somebody later.
What a beautiful house.
So pretty, look at this too. 00:29:33,405 --> 00:29:34,400 Look!
Take a look at your dress.
It's so beautiful.
Do you like it?
Yes, I do.
Honey, What's wrong with you?
This is the magic dick that Master Lu gave me
Looks like it needs to be put to work
Honey, it hurts.
Sorry, not get used of it now.
Kid, be patient.
Got it ...
What? Honey, I am coming
Slow down.
Honey, eating banana now?
Yes, I have already found a most wonderful banana
Honey, reading comic book now?
I have read the best one already.
Really? Honey.
Feeling good.
Do you know that I have already come for many times.
After Master Lu changed my heart.
I really lighten up.
I couldn't see lots of things before, now I can see.
Today, I found Master Wong's uncle, that is a brother of madam.
He cheated on Master by making fake account
I thought it over and decided to tell Master
Knelt down, you bastard.
How can you deceived me?
Brother-in-law, you have to make it all clear.
Sir, you have to check it all up.
I knew it already.
From now on, Chu ErDan will be his substitute.
You bastard, get away from me.
Don't ... Sir.
Thank you Master.
Big brother, there is gathering outside, lots of women.
Let's take a walk outside.
No way, I got lots of things to do.
Till you finish, girls are all gone, Let's go.
This ... this won't do.
Smells good?
Yes, very good.
Kid, how did you know?
I can smell it.
What are you standing here for? Are you ready?
Let's go then
What a girl, she is really precious.
You, don't even think,
you bastard.
She, she is the most famous girl in here
She is really famous
Everyone want do have it with her.
Waiting line is very, very long.
My brother-in-law, went out early morning.
You, till next life, damn.
Brother, leave him alone
Let's check this whorehouse tonight.
Hurry, hurry up, give me one.
Why are you so late tonight?
Before I settle her, how can I come?
Okay, Let's get in.
Wait, wait, this is your number.
What for?
Your number is 167
167, what is this for?
Please sign up inside, bit for it.
Whoever have a higher bit can spend a night with Lily girl
No way? This is too much.
Hey, I came here many times, I didn't get my turn yet.
Kid, What's wrong?
Brother, don't wait in line.
If we wait for our turn, she will be too old, get back home.
Back to home.
I got an idea.
It all depends on you.
Sorry... come earlier next time.
How come you were here too, sign up too
You ain't got a chance, she is mine for one month
One month? I have to congratulate you, master Wong.
If you want to know Lily girl's special technique.
I will tell you tomorrow
Master Wong, upstairs please.
lt's all your fault, what a good idea.
You stupid.
What a girl, wasted by your boss.
This is just like a flower sitting on a pile of bull shit.
You are awake.
Enough resting, so I get out.
Big brother, find me a red ribbon and wrap me.
If you wrap me really good, I will fulfill your wish.
Is it all real?
I am a dick of god, so they called me magic dick.
Many gods before become a god, their dick can leave their body.
To search girls and make love with them
Lieu teased White three times, it's the same way.
That's why female monk tied their pants.
They all afraid of flying sword coming through their pants.
Flying sword?
You mean that you can leave my body
To have good time with Lily girl?
Of course.
Really, hurry then.
Help me with that red ribbon.
Kid, is it right?
Starting count down.
Ready to fire any time.
Boys serve his country, dick without pussy
Master Wong, I solute you with this cup of wine
No more solute.
Lily girl, let's straight to the bed.
Don't be so hasty.
Smell so good.
Master Wong.
Honey, what's the matter?
Nothing, nothing, you go to sleep ...
Do you need to see the doctor?
No need ... you go to sleep ...
What are you doing?
Cramp, my feet.
May I get you a doctor?
No need, you to to sleep, I am fine.
I am fine, you just go to sleep.
Who wrote this article? Chu ErDan.
It's him.
What are you shouting about?
Still thinking of Lily girl?
What a wonderful girl.
How can I forget her?
Big brother, You miss Lily girl.
I miss Lily girI's pussy too.
Wet, slipper and soft.
I can do anything to get in there
Too bad she is that kind of girl, I can't own her.
Isn't you wife great?
What did you know? Man can't be satisfied
Why don't you ask Master Lu Pan?
Let him help you to have both of them
Right, I almost forgot, I go right away
Are you Mr. Chu.
Yes, I am.
You are wonderful man, something strange happened.
Can you help me to solve my puzzle?
I ... I don't know.
You know for sure.
Really, I don't know.
That flying object must have something to do with you.
I... I have emergency to take care of.
Some other day then, excuse me.
Brother Lu, did I have fate with Lily girl?
Something bad will happen, this girl is no good
One night stand is too much.
But I can't forget her.
Yes, I can't forget her pussy too.
It's all because of you.
None of my business.
If not because of you want to eat, you won't get that girl.
Chu ErDan, it's been a while.
I treat you as my brother.
I advise you, don't touch that girl again.
Brother Lu, I...
Who's dares to peek?
Lily, Lily,
Lily, are you all right?
What a twisted heart, brother, leave her alone.
There is no good result with her.
Brother Lu, I can help you change her.
I have told you before, you can change everything.
Only you can't change character.
A woman won't change because of you.
If she do, just for temporally.
She will back in no time.
Brother Lu, please let me try.
You don't listen to me. That's it for our brotherhood.
Magic dick, take good care of your big brother.
I know.
Don't be afraid, I am here.
Don't you leave me, Mr. Chu.
Don't worry, I will never leave you as long as I live.
Mr. Chu, I will be with you all my life.
No problem.
I have an idea.
I didn't have a chance to free myself yet
I am dying to leave here, I need money.
Don't worry, I will take it for you
That Master Wong wants you to be his accountant
You manage all his money,
if you take it from him quietly.
We can go far away together.
I can't, this is against conscience.
Why not? You boss are so mean.
Besides, wait till you get enough.
That means I have to sleep with other guys, can yo stand it?
Of course I can't stand it.
If you can't, do something.
Okay, I will do something.
Being here alone, I was lonely.
Wen brother, this hot little girl.
I thing she wants some.
How can I do?
Do you wan to do it?
Of course not
I don't want to neither.
Look at her, I don't have interest.
What should you do?
I don't know neither, how about you?
Why don't you just fly away?
Okay, good luck, I am leaving.
Madam Wong, how are you? How may I help you?
I have a poem, like to show you.
Being here along, I was so lonely, I am hot
What the next? What the hell is this poem?
What is really poem? Teach me how then.
Madam Wong is it bad if Master Wong sees it.
Don't be afraid, he is not home, why are you so afraid?
No, no, madam Wong, don't
Don't Madam Wong.
Don't, Madam Wong, don't
Push it in. 00:53:29,573 --> 00:53:30,862 Don't, Madam Wong, don't 00:53:39,375 --> 00:53:40,403 Push it in.
It's a virgin.
Virgin again, what a luck, what a luck.
What is this, so you are not a man.
When did I say that I am a man
People come.
What about it? What about it?
Don't stop, keep on beating
Honey, you have to do it for me.
What about it ?
Chu ErDan, he raped me and beat me.
Let me see
I don't want ot live, let me die.
No, don't, you can't
I am innocent ...
What is this, you are dead meat.
What's this got to do with me?
You are the one who raped Lin Lin and Long Long
I was born for this
It's you, all because of you.
It's all because of you.
What that noise? Someone here to see you
Honey ...
Master, thank you, thank you.
Thank you Master.
Honey ... Sweet heart ...
Did they torture you?
No, honey, I feel sorry for you.
Don't say that now, all the way up here.
Let's just figure out how to get you out of here.
What can we do?
Stop, don't yell, will you? Get back.
Honey, only brother Lu can help me now
But you just don't listen to him
So you got into this, I am scared.
That is why you need to steal his judement book
That's what he afraid most
No one will die, the whole world will be a mess
How to steal it?
At Satan's temple.
I don't want it.
Honey, you have to go, I will die if you don't
If I go, he will know.
I have a way out, he wouldn't know.
Say it if you have a way out.
You just go to Satan's temple
Put your red underwear around Judge's head.
To him, woman's underwear is his nightmare
He will lose his power for at least an hour
Really? You help me, don't you afraid of Brother Lu?
I will help you, we are in same blood
If you die, I will die for sure
Honey, hurry up then.
How dare? Who told you to put your underwear on me
Master Judge, this is for saving my husband,
please forgive me.
Your husband deserved it
Master Judge, please save him.
Please, master judge
Please save him, please
Woman, get up first.
If you don't promise me, I won't get up
Get up.
You have two underwear,
take it away...
Sorry, master Judge,
I have to save my husband.
I will return this judgement bood someday
Sorry, sorry.
Give it back ...
I don't have judgement book.
There will be no one die in this world.
the whole world will be a mess then
Help, help ...
Hurry up ...
Good, it's so good.
If I know it, I will ask her beat you.
You wish
Chu ErDan, you got nerves.
Brother Lu, are you coming to rescue me?
Give me back the judgment book, then we talk.
Hold it.
Brother Lu, it's so confused outside.
You think that I don't know.
If you save me, I will give it back to you.
You rascal. Do you believe I can make you die now?
Will you? Satan wants me die anytime.
But even he doesn't know when I should die now.
Dare you offend holy rules and want me to die right away?
I promised to get you out,
but return book first.
Is it that easy?
Not only get me out, but also revenge for me.
I want my boss, king Wong, get in here.
And all his belongings.
You are dirty.
Will you help me?
Chu ErDan, it was a mistake to take you as my friend.
Now I want to ask you, will you help me?
Brother Lu,
you will die without the book.
Chu ErDan, Okay.
King Wong, you torture good civilians.
Rape girls and do very bad deeds.
Besides, you rub Chu's property with ganster.
In the name of governor, return everything to Chu.
Take him away.
I am innocent, I am innocent.
Master ... Dad ...
Congratulation, Chu brother, finally get these all back.
I need your help later on.
Yes, Chu brother, you are really something
If you lead us from now on, this town won't be the same.
It all depends on all your help.
Of course.
Master Chu.
What 's up.
Master, you wanted me to check on Wong's wife
and his two daughter Ling Ling and Long Long. I got it
Where are they now?
Ru I and her uncle, gone with dirty money
His wife and two daughters, Ling Ling and Long Long
Now are begging in ChangSha.
Gorgeous, you got lots of ideas
What do you think?
I think get them three back, tease them.
Okay, bring them back. 01:03:15,024 --> 01:03:15,752 Yes.
Come, hurry up.
Knelt down.
The world is round, now is your turn to suffer.
Master, we didn't eat for days.
Want to eat? Great, come
Give her ten bowls of rice, let her eat
Eat ... Swallow all.
Master Chu, please let go of my mom, master Chu.
Yes, we can do anything for you.
I beg you, please.
Yes, Yes.
Okay, Lily girl, take them both to clean.
So they can serve me well later
You were very foxy, right?
Were you dying for fucking?
I won't promise, you asked people to beat me.
Do you remember?
Forgive me, master Chu.
Now you fed up here.
I will feed down there, come.
All the men in house take turn to feed her well, Ok? 01:04:44,050 --> 01:04:45,247 Great...
Come back, don't run.
Don't, please don't
Trying to escape? Brother Wong, Chen
If you like her, you can gang rape her
We will do it then.
No, don't ...
Sir, do you think it is to much.
the things you did?
Mind your own business,
I have to do this
I gave you all the precious things, what do you try to do?
Master Judge.
Shut up
Chu, you got wealthy and famous.
Don't build your happiness on others sorrow.
I just do what they did to me
No matter what, give me back the book.
If I give it back, what can I do if you turn against me?
You break your words
How about that, you increase my property ten times
I might think about returning few pages.
You are blackmailing me.
Brother Lu, if I were you,
I think you would do the same
If you dare to do that, you will be sorry.
Sir ...
Cut it out, go back to your room.
Ling Ling , Long Long.
Front ... Back ...
How boring.
Magic dick.
Lady, please give brother advice
He won't listen to me now.
He do with all his strength, I will be dead
No way, there is no book now, no one will be dead
Lady, it is worse
Deceived god or ghost, is a major thing for human.
He keeps on doing this, will be punish by heaven.
What should I do?
I think you better find a chance.
Return the book to Judge Lu.
Search ... Yes ...
Chu ErDan,
you have murdered Wong's, you are ruthless.
What more can you say?
I didn't, I didn't
Here is a witness and a proof, are you still trying to get away with it?
Where is witness?
I am
I couldn't watch you torture three of them
So I decided to call the police
Lily girl, you are righteous,
Take Chu away.
Sir, I am innocent, I am innocent.
please, you have to return all his belongings to me
I know what I should do.
But you should know what you must do
Master, What will you do then?
Somebody, save me.
What is this about?
I regret now.
lt's no use now.
You will be beheaded this time.
So party is over.
Will you let me go this time?
Magic dick, please don't go.
If you left, I am useless.
Magic dick, I won't let you go
Without the book, I will not die.
It's worse than die, I have information.
They will torture you everyday.
Beat you till you half to death, I would rather die
Magic dick, magic dick.
I don't even have a dick now,
my wife won't come to see me.
She must be gone.
Master, I know I was wrong.
I saved my husband, and he got worse.
I know my mistake.
now I am returning the book to you.
Hope that you can save my husband's life
I am willing to give my life for this
Hold, get down
You don't have to die for this,
don't waste your life on Chu.
Master Judge.
This is Chu's fate.
He will enjoy all the foxy ladies and then torture to death.
Master Judge, please save him, I beg you.
Lady, this is God's will.
I know my husband was sin.
But I am his wife afterwards.
I don't want to see him like that.
Master, if I can save him,
I will do anything.
God loves his creation,
but there are rules
Win some, lose some
Although I can make an exception for your husband.
Change your husband's destiny.
But it will cost you a lot.
I don't care about the cost
Good, take off all your clothes
I have to use your body.
Listen well, Chu broke the commitments
To avoid hatred, I ask all the heavenly guards.
Fall upon you, to give you some punishment.
Your suffering will deduct your husband's sin
Will you do it?
I will
Get in, let call it a day.
Let's go on tomorrow
I beg you, just kill me
I beg you.
Brother Lu, I beg you.
Please let me die
Will do.
Where did you get this book from.
Your righteous wife, she returned it.
When should I die then
One more day then you finished.
Tomorrow night they will kill you.
That's good, this is a release.
I promised your wife,
besides your death.
I can help you one more time. What is your wish?
I ... I want to get even
I... I want you to give my magic dick back
Okay, I will help you.
It's useless, only ten times then out of stock.
So quite, you are masturbating
Who, who is it
lt's me
Magic dick
Long time no swim, I jump
I think she is almost there, retreat
Where did you go? You don't go
Chu is missing me in jail, I want to see him
Settle me, then you leave.
Okay, there is nothing you can do now.
Don't come, no matter what you hear.
What are you try to do?
I miss you.
Give it back to me.
What is this
This time brother Lu not only gave me magic dick
He gave me another evil dick
Don't ...
Don't ... it hurts, don't
Don't, please, don't treat me like this.
It hurts, don't.
Help ...
Don't ... Help, don't ...
It hurts, don't ... help.
Don't, don't do that ...
Please don't ...
Are you asking for death?
Brother Lu, you said that I am done.
I have nothing to worry about.
Please let me die
Who said you have nothing to worry about
You have a wonderful wife,
she sacrificed too much for you.
I understand
You deserve to die,
but to let Lily to be a widow for a life time.
This is unfair to her.
Master, forgive my wordiness.
Actually Chu is a good man
His problem is he is too smart.
So master, you have to take some responsibility
You are right.
Okay, I retrieve back your wisdom
Let you to become yourself
We don't have to die then
You don't want to die, you will enjoy
Honey, honey
Honey, honey
Sweet heart, did you bring something to eat
It's great, really great, nothing changed
What did you say?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, go back to sleep
What the hell is this?
Thank you brother Lu
Hope those bad things
won't show again.
Shit ...
It's me, big brother.
I just can't leave you and her pussy.