Mat Rebeaud's FMX training camp - Red Bull Under My Wing

Uploaded by redbull on 31.10.2011

There's no manual on how to become a freestyler
The only thing to do is to practice,
to practice and to practice even more
work a lot and stay motivated.
I came here to discover the world of freestyle with Mat.
He's one of the best riders in the world
Being here means learning a lot of things and new tricks
It's a great experience.
We are learning a lot, it's cool
It was great, wonderful!
It's cool to train with Mat Rebeaud
This weekend was really rewarding
We've learned a lot of things with Mat
Red Bull Under My Wing
Allows young people to discover FMX in Switzerland
It's the second edition
and this year there are twice as many participants.
I'm surprised by the level
So I'm very happy
We see real progress
They invited their friends
We immediately realized
from their jumps that some have practiced but
they took a big step
and are becoming familiar with this sport
It's an opportunity to take part in this camp with Mat.
He's one of the best riders on the planet.
We are in Payerne
the kids have the opportunity to jump into the foam pit
The aim is for the kids to have fun
and go back home with a big smile on their face
This camp is very cool
Mat explains everything very well
Hey Flo,
accelerate when your on the ramp,
for heaven's sake!
He gives us confidence
and we progressed thanks to him
The result is very positive
The kids had fun, the performance level was high
We reached all our goals, so I'm very happy
Thank you very much and I hope to see you next year.