Black Jack 21 - Full Episode 14 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Black Jack 21!
Uncovering a frightening conspiracy of a mysterious organization.
What is the connection between the frightening Phoenix Disease and my father, Hazama Kagemitsu?
Today, Dr. Kuma, the man who lives deep in the jungle and knows the truth will tell us everything.
Shine... The love is Believe... the truth
Even if life is filled with sorrows,
no one will ever be truly lonely.
When I look up at the sky as I pray,
I feel as if I can hold your dear smile.
Although I struggle through a forest of dilemmas,
my feelings will endure for all eternity.
More than a thousand I love yous,
I want you to be here.
No one can replace you.
Your smile will be the light leading me to tomorrow,
and towards the sun in the sky.
Ever since the reunion with my father, Hazama Kagemitsu, a mysterious organization has been after my life.
The truth about the mystery of the Noir Project...
was that it was a project researching the secret of eternal life.
Twenty-one years ago, why did my father leave me and my mother and join the research team?
Everyone I've met who knew the truth is now dead.
We came to Africa to meet Dr. Kuma, who is supposed to know everything.
And now we're heading deep into the jungle to find him.
The Terrifying Phoenix Disease
Based on "Black Jack's Disease" by Osamu Tezuka.
Doc, there's nobody around.
And I smell something strange.
Pinoko, go back to the helicopter.
Huh? Why?
Just do as I say.
This is...
and cardiac arrest.
They all died from different causes.
It is even possible to have an epidemic that produces so many causes of death?
Could it be?!
How was it, Doc?
This village is hopeless.
I told you.
All the villages in this area have suffered from an epidemic.
I'm sure the Dr. Kuma you're looking for has fled from here too.
Is there another village around here?
You want to visit another one?
I'll pay whatever you want!
Just take us!
This is as far as I go!
You'll come to Arnol Village if you head west through the jungle for about three hours.
Th-Three hours?!
I'll come pick you up if you send me a message.
It feels like lions or something are going to attack us.
Lions don't live in the jungle.
Let's rest for a while.
Who are you?
Hey! Mary!
What do you want?
We want to go to Arnol Village.
That's our village.
What are you doing?
We're visiting our grandpa's grave.
There's some weird disease spreading around,
and we lost our dad and our grandpa to it.
Many villagers have already died.
Aren't there any doctors in the village?
There aren't.
We're looking for a doctor named Kuma.
Do you know him?
Dr. Kuma is...
No! We don't know!
Let's go!
Wait up!
Get lost!
I have no business with Kuma!
Are you one of those demonic doctors?!
Get lost!
What should we do, Doc?
So, you want to go see Dr. Kuma?
Hey, you're...
Don't tell my brother about this.
Is he really way out here?
Dr. Kuma once saved my mom.
There! He's in there!
These are ancient ruins.
Our ancestors once lived here.
Grandpa told me so.
It looks a bit run-down.
There are many places like this around here.
Everyone is scared of Dr. Kuma,
but I like him.
Are you Dr. Kuma?
Please excuse our sudden visit,
but there's a matter I'd like to talk with you about.
Who are you?
He's a world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Black Jack!
And I'm Doc's wife, Pinoko.
Black Jack?
The notorious, unlicensed doctor?
There are no patients who can pay your fees around here.
Get lost.
I want to ask you about the Noir Project.
The Noir Project...
Dr. Kuma!
I'm sorry I...
Mom suddenly started suffering from a stomach ache!
Please help her, Dr. Kuma!
She has intestinal necrosis caused by lack of blood due to a blood clot.
Doctor, please save her!
She needs an emergency operation, but we don't have...
What are you doing by allowing him in this village?!
You demonic doctor!
Get out of this village right now!
But Mom will die if he doesn't treat her!
Remember, strange diseases started spreading as soon as he came here!
He's a demon!
We definitely don't have much time.
Hey, what are you doing?
You're going to operate on her here?!
Are you insane?!
You'll kill her!
I want everyone not related to the patient out of here!
Pinoko, boil some water right away.
We'll make a median incision and remove the dead cells in the bowels.
Pinoko, scalpel.
I've seen those eyes before...
As soon as I confirm the blood is flowing through the arteries in her abdominal membranes...
What's wrong, Doc?
I suddenly feel nauseous...
Doc! Are you OK?!
What's wrong with me?
What did you do to him?!
Doc! You're finally awake.
You had a very severe fever and were unconscious for a whole day.
You must have been bitten by a tsetse fly.
You were probably infected then.
It's African trypanosomiasis, also known as sleeping sickness.
You suffer from sudden high fevers and severe drowsiness.
In a worst-case scenario, you may die from it.
I took care of the rest of her operation.
I only needed to do a simple suturing.
How are you involved with the Noir Project?
Hazama Kagemitsu is my father.
So you're Kagemitsu's...
Doctor, please tell me what the Noir Project was about.
You have a right to know...
everything about the Noir Project.
Over thirty years ago, renowned doctors from around the world were gathered to undertake a major project...
that had the potential to revolutionize medical knowledge and change the future of the human race.
Dr. Stein and your father, Hazama Kagemitsu, were involved in the creation of artificial organs.
Dr. Kreutzer specialized in cancer.
Dr. Jorujyu specialized in the development of medication.
Dr. Honma specialized in transplantation and I was his assistant.
And lastly, Zen Mantoku headed the entire team.
Each doctor approached the possibilities and limits of human life and longevity.
What we were doing would later be known as the Noir Project.
The virus Dr. Jorujyu accidentally discovered during his research drastically changed the course of the project.
Although under limited conditions,
this virus can generate electricity by itself.
We can use it to power the artificial organs.
Dr. Jorujyu named the virus the Blood of Phoenix or B.O.P. for short,
and we celebrated his discovery.
Dr. Honma did not welcome this discovery with much enthusiasm.
We need ample research and clinical testing before we can put it to practical use!
Honma-kun, and yet you're the one who has already made successful transplantations with it.
The project has already started moving.
We can't stop it now.
I agree with him.
Because he disagreed with everyone else, Dr. Honma was expelled from the project.
Dr. Honma, I would like to believe in the potential of B.O.P.
You must walk the path you believe in.
I succeeded Dr. Honma's position as the designated transplantation specialist.
The transplantations of the artificial hearts were successful every time,
and we were very close to announcing our results at a conference.
It was then that the recipients of the artificial hearts came down with mysterious diseases.
That was later known as Honma's hematoma.
Just as Dr. Honma had feared,
we believed the condition was caused by the electricity-generating virus, B.O.P.
But we couldn't find the cure.
The rumor says that it's caused by the artificial heart you developed.
Was that operation actually an experiment on a human being?
Eventually, Dr. Honma took responsibility for the whole thing,
and retired from practicing surgery.
Because they were afraid of the truth being traced back to them,
the other project members locked all of the research data away.
Even Dr. Honma, who was trying to find the cause, had no choice but to give up on his research.
So, Dr. Honma isn't...
No, Dr. Honma isn't responsible for it.
He fought against the mysterious disease by himself until the last minute.
He was a courageous physician.
Dr. Honma...
I've also left the academic circles of medicine,
settled in this land,
and I'm working to treat those who can't otherwise afford treatment,
and to protect endangered animals.
That's the whole story.
Wait a minute!
I have one more question.
What's the relationship between the project and phoenix disease?
How do you know about that disease?
Dr. Stein and Dr. Jorujyu died from phoenix disease.
They did?!
Is the disease spreading around this area phoenix disease?
Dr. Kuma!
Thank you for saving Mom.
Would you stay in the village like you used to?
Many people are still suffering!
Those are pretty flowers.
Yeah, I'm going to take some to Mom too.
Right. I'm sure she'd love them.
Dr. Kuma!
Watch out!
A black panther!
Don't move!
Get out of here while I lure him my way.
Calm down.
Go back to the jungle!
Doc! Dr. Kuma is...
Come on!
Settle down!
Dr. Kuma!
Dr. Kuma!
How ironic it is for me to be attacked...
by a wild animal.
Dr. Kuma...
His breathing is weakening.
I think he's bleeding in his peritoneal cavity.
Can he be saved?
Pinoko, go find as much blood as you can for a transfusion.
And you two, bring everyone from the village here right away.
All right.
Let's go, Mary!
It's OK.
I won't survive even with your skills.
This must be my divine punishment.
The punishment for bringing phoenix disease to this land.
You brought it?!
Zen Mantoku came to visit me a few years ago.
Dr. Kuma,
I've been looking for you.
I want you to test B.O.P. on the animals that are on the verge of extinction.
Why B.O.P.?
According to Dr. Jorujyu's research, B.O.P. also has the ability to halt the aging of living organisms.
Halt their aging?
That's right.
With this, we can acquire an eternal body that will never age.
Don't worry.
We guarantee its safety.
We only need to see the results.
Then why me?
You want to save the animals that are dying out
and people who are suffering from complex diseases, don't you?
B.O.P. is the hope of the human race and all living organisms on Earth.
I injected B.O.P. into the animals just as I was told to.
In the beginning, it showed astonishingly good results,
and Zen Mantoku was very satisfied with the report.
But in about a year,
the animals that were injected with B.O.P. fell ill,
just like the victims of Honma's Hematoma.
At the same time, people in the villages around here also fell ill,
and came to see me.
Some had cancer,
while others had suffered from strokes or cardiac arrest.
The symptoms varied wildly.
That was the major difference between it and Honma's hematoma.
I kept searching for the cause,
and I finally found it.
It was the evolved version of the B.O.P. virus.
It evolved?!
The new virus is now more powerful and contagious than it was before.
I devoted myself to creating a vaccination for that virus,
and so I lived in the ruins alone.
But the phoenix disease evolves at a fast pace and...
Zen Mantoku made a contract with me fully aware of the risks.
All the living creatures in this land were his test subjects.
Doctor! Are you going to run away again?
The phoenix disease is still spreading as we speak.
You're responsible for stopping that!
Black Jack...
Please help us!
Are you kidding me?
You want us to give our blood to help that demonic doctor?
He deserves it!
This was divine punishment!
Dr. Kuma used himself as a decoy to save Mary!
And he saved our mom too.
You guys were helped by Dr. Kuma before too!
Am I alive?
Dr. Kuma.
He's awake.
Black Jack, why did you save me?
Dr. Kuma you're needed in this village.
They all gave blood to save you.
For me?
You're a valuable doctor in this village.
Thank you.
Doctor! I've got a message for you!
Your father is in a coma!
They want you there right away!
The shadow covering the door, an obstacle we can't see yet.
I take notes on everything from north to west.
There's a frail, pale flame whose
glaring rays
pierce into my eyes.
I'm stuck in an endless loop.
This costume shines light into the darkness.
The black grove is producing buds.
If you set off on your journey before dawn,
the image of the moon shatters on the sea of miracles.
To the wind headed for the future, make a gust!
Uncovering a frightening conspiracy of a mysterious organization.
We received news about my father, Hazama Kagemitsu, being in a coma.
And now we directly battle against the mastermind himself.
She's Kagemitsu's and my daughter.
Am I Renka's daughter?
You're only my assassin!
You destroyed my family.
Never see us again.
That undetonated bomb?
Black Jack 21 - the Next Karte.
The Truth about BJ's Father
I'll tell you,
since you are a member of his family.
Time to find Sharaku!
He was right here!
Look for me next time!