How To Detoxify Your Body : High Fiber Diets Tips for Body Detox & Healthy Colons

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.10.2007

This is Karen Fraser and I am doing a demonstration for Expert Village. Once again, every single
thing in nature has fiber; fruits, vegetables. You want to add these things to your system
every single day. What I like to do is with every meal that I have, I try to include some
kind of raw vegetables particularly with my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I try to add
some type of salad because this will ensure that you are getting the proper amount of
fiber and vitamins and nutrients for your overall body system. Beans are an excellent
source of fiber. Beans are very high in fiber, high in protein and is very good for the overall
healthy of your body. Stay away from the sugary cereals that are on the market. Try getting
cereals from the health food store. Natural cereals that have the whole grain in it as
well as have the pure and unrefined sugars. Refined sugars are also very detriment to
the body; that's the white sugar.