Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2010 - Highlights - Jerez, Spain

Uploaded by redbull on 11.05.2010

Welkomen to Jerez. Bienvenuti Jerez.
Bienvenudo de Jerez. Welcome to the Red Bull Rookies Cup.
I'm so excited but also nervous because it is the first time ever to be in the GP Paddock
to be honest and the KTM bike is fantastic, the Team. I can't believe everything is happening.
It is all a dream. To ride a KTM on the MotoGP circuit is absolutely amazing.
Beautiful day here in Jerez for the first round of the 2010, Red Bull MotoGP Rookies
Cup. And what an exciting race we have got in store.
Same Qualifying as last year and last year I managed to put off two podiums.
My plan is to just maybe follow the group and then like maybe like the last two laps
try to get up to first and just to like hold it.
Always mistakes start. So tomorrow I will good start.
The first race of 2010. The lights go out and away they go.
There are at least 10 guys battling for the lead now. Still 12 laps to go. So they are now touching. Now touching
and that is taking the first 3 of them ride. That is taking the first three of them out
of contention. Well that really is messing each other up. Hiura takes the advantage and
behind him comes Danny Kent. He is going to pay dearly to Daniel Ruiz for that mistake.
Out on the main street they are all on the slipstream there. Who has got the metal to
get it together. To get himself in the position for that last corner breaking maneuver into
the hairpin. It looks to me as though Danny Kent has just done it, he is out
And down goes another rider and that is Vavrous the Czeck rider. He has lost it out. It is Danny Kent that leads across
the line from Hiura to win the first race of the Rookies Cup season. Ruiz it is that
is the third ahead of Binder, Gagne, Alt and Antonelli.
Yeah it was a real hard race. There was about 6 or 7 of us running up front.
The race was pretty hard. The start was okay but after mistakes and losing
positions. And the people was in front of me they were like breaking me. And I couldn't
go forward. It was a crazy race. I'm glad just I finished
it. Some guys out there just didn't have brains. It was just crazy.
My race was shut off finished like 8th. I mean I was looking at battling for first
but then again people were just going totally wild like T-boning each other and stuff. So
then I finished at like 8th place. So I am not happy.
Now we have got another thrilling 16 laps. Can we really have the same 11 men battle
for the lead. It is the same grid. Same guys starting from the same row but who will have
learned what. Will they bump a little bit less this time. Will they get strung out.
Will somebody make a break for it. We will just have to wait an see.
16 laps. 24 Rookies. They are out. Not a bad start from Daniel Ruiz but it is Scholtz that
leads on the rush down to the first corner. Beautiful. And I think it is Ruiz into second
place. Oh and Daniel Ruiz comes up the inside. He can't do it. And just as he did in the
first race Mathew Scholtz is brilliant on the breaks. Very very hard to pass going into
the corners. Ruiz goes underneath Kent. Great move on the fast right hander. But he keeps
it on this race track. Brilliant stuff using a little bit too much road. They are up the
curve. And up the inside comes Hiura. He can't do it. Ruiz it is that is going to lead out
from the start and finish from Hiura, Kent. Absolutely great stuff. Half a lap to go.
Still with Ruiz from Hiura, from Kent, who is latest on the breaks. Who is the bravest.
It is Hiura up the inside. Ruiz is strong though. Ruiz holds it wide. He holds it but
he gets pushed out wide as they pull down the start and finish line. The three guys
side by side. It is Daniel Ruiz that is going to win it from Danny Kent. Ruiz it is from
Kent, from Hiura, from Scholtz, Stafford, Gagne and Antonelli. Well what an absolute
superb one. In the beginning of the race I tried to pull
away a little bit. But it was too hard. Then the group caught me again and we started fighting.
I think my mind was clever. And I knew more how is going to be the race and I knew that
I could go fast if I want so the sensation of winning is so so high. I didn't think it
was like that. When I crossed the checked flag I was like: "Did I win?" No, yeah. And
then I was so happy. I was like with the bike and doing wheelies. Ah so funny. I'm happy.