I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (8/10) Movie CLIP - Career Day Fights (2007) HD

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Any questions?
There never are.
Thank you, Mr. Auerbach, for that very nice trip down Wall Street.
Our next parent is Larry Valentine, Tori's father.
Hi, everybody! I am a firefighter,
and I'm proud to be one because it's my job to protect the community
and make sure it's a safe environment for all.
Whoa! We got some questions already.
I don't like girls, either. Does that mean I'm gay, too?
No, no.
You were married to a woman, right?
Does that mean you're half-lesbian?
Kids, Mr. Valentine is here to talk about his career today, okay?
Mr. Valentine? You said you're a fireman.
Yes, that is correct.
Do you have two jobs?
Because my dad said that you're also a butt pirate.
Rough crowd, huh?
Kids. Yeah.
So, listen. We're all set for the Boy Scout overnight this month.
Oh, great. We're all set?
No, we're all set, like we don't need any more fathers.
All right, well, then, I guess I'll see you at Little League, then, all right?
Oh, you know what? We're good.
We are good.
No, no, no, we're not good.
We don't need you for Little League. We're good.
Okay, Steve, what's going on? I signed up to coach three months ago.
Larry, I don't want to get into this with you here.
Hey, you know what, Steve? You're really starting to piss me off.
I'm trying to get Eric interested in baseball.
That kid interested in baseball?
You got a better chance getting Colonel Sanders interested
in a hamburger, buddy.
STUDENTS: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Your dad's gay and so are you.
CHUCK: Oh, my hair! Oh, my hair, my hair!
ALEX: Oh, my clothes!