Gönülçelen )) Episode 42 - complete [English Subtitles]

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Shall we leave?
we haven’t discussed the most important issue
We have news to share with you
Give me your hand
My best friend, you're my closest friend in this life
Sometimes we're at each other’s throats but
We love each other very much
We've been friends for so many years, it's not easy
since our childhood
I used to have car magazines and he used to hold music books
when going home in the evening
I wanted the next day to come soon so I can see Murat
those days we didn’t even know what love meant, of course
We used to have just one love - our friendship
Nevermind. Let me cut it short
You've done much for me until now
now I would like to ask you for one more favour
Ok, go ahead
you'll be the best man in my wedding
I got the date
Everything is ready
All we need is the best man.. Will you be him?
with pleasure
But I have a request, too
Will you do what I want as my close friend?
Ok, tell it. What do you want?
You will be my best man, too
Jeren and I decided to get married, too
Hasret what’s going on?
Did something happen?
Did Levent say something to upset you?
Yes. He got a wedding date for
for 2 weeks later
so what will you do?
Just keep silent like this?
Or go and talk to Levent properly?
isn't enough this pain you have been enduring?
You blamed Murat without listening to him
Got engaged to Levent
now you're gonna marry Levent though you don't want to!
This is not a child’s game!
if you don't want to marry Levent Just go and tell him
And then you can go and talk to Murat
Murat is getting married to Jeren mom
I can't believe you.. What will happen now?
we will wait
you just sit and wait there.
Hasret will get married in 2 weeks and you sit and wait
Even rocks would crack sitting in front of you
Jeren there is nothing I can do at the moment. Can’t you see?
you know what will happen?
2 weeks will pass by so quickly
Hasret will marry Levent and you'll be the best man
All your life you will regret it and ask oh God what have I done?
And me, I will be sun bathing in St Tropez!
I need to drink coffee..
the people elected the one they saw fit for the position
Of how confortable this chair is,
a person won't want to ever get out of it
girl the mayor's position suits you very well
thanks aunt Kadriye
Now our neighborhood is entrusted to you Gülnaz
of course I'm here to servives
and not to hack around
I'm sorry.. I have nothing here to treat you
one vote! only one vote...
I trusted in you and lost
I wish I supported Gülnaz
girl did you tell Hasret?
AH! I didn't.. I'll call her now
we can't use this phone for private calls
Cobra give me your phone
here you go!
oh stop thinking and upsetting yourself
We cannot do anything tonight
We will talk tomorrow
I can't sleep
my sister
how are you sister?
very good.. I have good news
I'm the mayor now
congratulations.. I knew you would win
thank you
you don't sound well you seem upset
did anything happen?
what's wrong my sweet sister?
Levent fixed the date for the wedding in two weeks
what? I am coming there right away
no need...
No way.. I'm coming
what's wrong with Hasret?
Ok everyone.. that’s it for tonight.. see you tomorrow..
that's it for tonight.. bye bye..
what happen girl?
Mr. Levent has fixed the date of the wedding
they will be getting married in two weeks
Good. This girl really rescued herself
what rescue?? Call me a cab come on..
I'll call a cab and we'll go together
No I'll go alone.. You have no business going.. hurry
yes mom you heard me right
Ok Ok you'll meet her before the wedding.. I promise
Ok.. talk to you later
what was that sudden idea of “we are getting married too”?
Let me guess, when Levent began his attack
you did not want to remain silent
this has nothing to do
this was the surprise I told you about
even if Levent didn't say anything
I was going to say we'are getting married
so to loose Hasret
on the contrary, in order to make her move
Bravo!.. you succeeded
the girl made a move
but there is a slight problem
she didn't move towards you but towards Levent
Oh. Ok.. stop sulking.. I am sorry
Look I have an idea
Let's have a double wedding
I will put sleeping pills in Levent’s drink
and then you can run off with Hasret..huh?
Oh you liked that idea. Accept it
a little
I can't believe you announced that we're getting married tonight
what do you mean WHY?
We 've been friends for so many years
then you propose to me at once
I never thought something like this would happen
I knew you would be shocked.. But I had no other choice
I had to say it
thank God it is all a game
imagine I married you..
how I wish everything was just a game
Mrs. Nesrine
AYYyy Mrs. Nesrine
guess what happened?
must be something on the internet
Not on the internet.. In REALITY!!
I heard Murat and Jeren talking
they decided to get married
Jeren said it's just like a dream
Murat said I have to marry you
Nakiye are you sure?
I'm sure.. I heard it myself
I just gave you a great news
I wanna go tel Mr. Ethem
OMG what are you saying??
Murat hoca is marrying that girl
the one with the orange hair
And you are getting married to Levent
All this happened in one night
Murat and Levent were waiting for that same moment
Mrs. Saime I don’t understand
my mind is all muddled up.. what's happening to them
I think levent is so sly!
he doesn't wanna waist any time
Anyway he's right after all he's engaged to her
but he should have asked me first
why like this all of the sudden
It's not late for anything Hasret..
if you don't want to marry him than don't
you can just go talk to Levent tomorrow
Mrs. Saime is right.. Just go and tell him
I told you Mr. Levent
we can delay all payments except the Clip payment
there is a fixed date
Ok.. I understand
I will try and solve the problem
Have a good day
Ms Hasret is here Mr. Levent
Such a nice surprise
Would you like something to drink
I can have a cup of tea
tea and coffee for me
how are you?
Are you still shocked with the news?
I came to..
It was so difficult to arrange a wedding date
without having your documents and ID
I even called the chairman of the municipality
and needed nepotism from 2 of my acquaintances
I came to talk about this
I don't know how to say it
maybe I should've talked to you yesterday but
I could not think of how to talk to you
I do not want to rush things
we're not rushing Hasret
We have known each other for a year
and we have been engaged for some time now
Ok.. I know we have argued some times
But this happens in every relationship
I assure you we're not rushing
I think we're even late in getting married
are you happy with the French course?
oh yes
I've good relatioship with both the students and the administration
they wanted me to sign a contract for a long time
I guess you've accepted their offer
well no.. I told them I would think for a while
so you want to do another job?
No.. I think I will go back to France
fresh pastries, piping hot out of the oven
How can she go back to France if they're getting married?
I don’t understand a thing..
Ok Nesrine.. You will learn what is going on in due time
stop pushing the kids
thanks Nakiye.. very delicious
Bon Appetit
this is yours Mr. Ethem.. as you like it
so you're going back to France
I'm not sure.. Maybe I can stay here.. I have not decided
so did you like the pasrty?
lovely Nakiye
Bon Appetit
eat.. eat guys there is plenty more
don't you have a lot of stuff to do
someone getting married in 15 days should be very busy
I don’t think we can get ready in such short notice anyway
At least we should postpone the wedding
there is the wedding gown, the invitations
the place to have the wedding
inviting everyone
we didn't even talk about fourniture
It is impossible to get all these ready in 2 weeks
and anyway I've something more important to tell you
come here.. listen to me
Whatever you have in mind
thoughts, suspicions, doubts, concerns forget them
there is only one thing
one sentence
we will get married and we will be very happy
I want to spend with you a long happy life Hasret
I will do anything to achieve this
If I need to get that wedding ready to be with you in 2 weeks
then I will do it
All you have to do is to find yourself a nice wedding gown
don't foget what I told you
And this afternoon
you will sign your album at a music store
Yes.. It’s time for you to meet your fans
Your mom is suspicious
Why don’t we just tell her everything
I told you if she learns this levent will learn it too
We will tell her when everything is over..
and when is that?
I don't want to remind you of this but Hasret is nearly married
won't you do anything about this?
I won't but Hasret will
either she'll get married to levent or come running to you
there is something I don’t understand
You know she thinks you're getting married to me
Do you think she will still come running to you?
of course not
I just want her to make her own decisions without being influenced
that is all
dear Jeren
I've got new flowers for you. I put them up in your room
thank you.. I've been such a burden to you guys
no way.. you're from the family
I go crazy everytime I remember
I've never seen any candidate forgot to vote for himself
don't stress out.. it's over now
Good luck for the next election
look Cobra you made of us a joke for people like this
and here you are left alone
How am I left alone?
from now on I'll be taking care of all of the mayor's stuff
how is that?
Isn't Gülnaz my wife?
she's my partner in life as well as the mayor's issue
how? I didn't understand
I've taken all necessary measures
what is this?
how is your day my flower
congratulation! I bought you sweet
Eat some sweet so we can talk sweet
did you start working immediatly?
the stuff you took from me when you openned the restaurant
I mean a list of your debt.. take it
china set 200.. silverware set 75.. cups 25
which mean a total of 300TL
Hopefully it's good news
your account for this month 365TL
OMG I'm done for
it was in good standing when you printed all your ads
what am I gonna do?.. I'm being attacked from all sides
- Hello.. How are you? - welcome
thnak you
how can I help you?
residency certificate
he who doesn't have a job can go out
go out Cobra
my Gülnaz I want to serve the people too
I might belp him
don't call me Gülnaz
here I'm the mayor
go out.. please go out Cobra
welcome.. have a seet please
what's your request?
a residency certificate
here have some
Oh! God look at the position I am in now
I want to show you something
look at this one.. beautiful right?
Ah! very beautiful
but isn't early for this?
the groom didn't even show up yet
so? I've to start from now
what if he appears suddenly?
I think you must start looking for one too
for what?
and you're asking?
aren't you getting married?
I've no intention at the time being
no intention...
I don't understand..
I didn't understand too.. here just look
Nakiye who came?
is Levent not here
no I came alone
give me
Is Jeren here?
I wanted to ask something to her about French
she is upstairs.. come with me
Well come on then
Ceren: do you want tea?
can we have 2 teas
can you get us 2 tea Nakiye
I will
He is working on his new composition
He has been working ever since I came. He is meticulous.
why did you eant to see me?
Hasret: I came to have a chat.
really... let's sit
let's sit
iis Nesrin not home?
they are out
then we can speak in private. Its better.
Did you get a wedding date?
no not yet
you know it has been happening all so fast
so fast..
you can relax Hasret.. We can talk about everything
We are friends now
here’s your tea
here you go
you're welcome.. here you go..
you forgot your magazine
she is so silly
She has a secret admirer
so she is already looking at wedding dresses
I thought it was your magazine
I'm not looking at wedding gowns
why? didn't you accept Murat’s proposal?
well I actually did but not exactly..
so you said no
I didn't say no..
I just said everything is happening too fast
it is, isn't?
same here..
I mean it was also surprising to me.. I even told Levent
you did?
and I can't get ready in such short notice
right.. It is so easy for men..
they say this date will be this.. and this date will be that
they say it to you at the last moment
they surprise you
They want everything to happen whenever they want it
And we have to say yes
I hate that. We should say no and see what happens for once
exactly.. Let's say no
Ay.. How beautiful white as cotton
I'm not disturbing you right?
it's nice to look at the magazine while listening to the piano
oh why is that cut so straight..
this one is not bad..
don't you have anything to do in the kitchen?
Oh! I have something in the oven
Jeren, marriage is not easy is it?
People have to really get to know each other
How well do you know Murat?
Yes. Of course you may know him for a long time
you might even have history together
but this doesn't mean you can get along well in marriage
You know as well as me.. Murat is a difficult person
He is picky. He is stuck up and also very stubborn
And when he thinks something is right
he won't change it even if he knows he is going to die
And he is a little obsessive
I don’t know
look seeing as you're my friend
I am warning you.. Don’t rush into this marriage
postpone it as much as you can
so you shouldn't rush into marrying Levent either
actually I'm warning myself too.. So what do you say?
you're right..
marriages shouldn't be rushed
I'll talk to Murat too
talk to him.. look
if he says anything don’t let him walk all over you
If you have to argue, argue with him..
oh.. I feel better.. Now that we talked this
me too
I was stressed about this marriage issue
can I tell you something
if I were you I would pack my stuff and go back to France
I'm sure there are much better looking guys in France
Of course the final decision is yours
How can I pay 365TL
Shh! Wake up Jafer.. we need money..
we need to extend the business.. cook some food
The food is ready
make some sweet
Cobra you know what we need to do exactly
I don't know
Cobra we need a licence for the restaurant
I tell you money and you tell me licence
Cobra.. to extent the business you need a licence
a well respected business is important for a customer
Ok.. What should we do?
a copy of the ID
rent agreement
what else?
a residency proof
Gülnaz can do it and we don't have to pay her
what about the sweet?
what about it?? she liked it
no difference between us.. what's mine is yours
can you call the radio so they broadcast Hasret's song more often
tell them we're ready for whatever they need
let them announce the date of the signature day
Ok Mr. Levent
you should know I'll be on leave two weeks from now
I will be gone for 15 days
are you giving yourself a vacation Mr. Levent?
It's my honeymoon. Me and Hasret are getting married
Really? I'm so happy for you
Ms Hasret must be very excited now
Hasret is leaving
so are we.. We can drop her off
where are we going?
you forgot.. we have an appointment
what appointment?
a very importnat appointment.. don't you remember
oh right.. how did I forget
we must go we have a very important appointment
let's drop you off
you can drop me off to where I can get a cab
come in
good day Gülnaz
we have an important issue
I'll help you
the residency issue
give me your ID
Ok.. here you go
it's not good.. it's expired
what expiration.. does ID have limited validation?
Mr. you have to change your ID every 10 years
go get a new one then come back..
what are you doing Gülnaz? I'm you're husband
No. the ID stated you're a bachelor
does what written matters? what's written in my heart only matters
Mr in an official office we have to deal with each other formally
get your papers ready and come back
then you can take a resedency proff
look here's the paper and here's the signature
get a proper ID I'll sign it and you take it and go
let's go man
good day Gülnaz
I'm the mayor bey
the mayor bey
Bravo Gülnaz
she didn't favor not even you
are you crazy?
what we would do if I don't get a resedency proof
should we close the restaurant
you're right Cobra
the extended period they gave us finishes tomorrow
if we get the residency proff we'll get the licence if we dont..
Ok.. I understand.. I'm thinking...
let's follow that car
this car is next..
where are we going
you will learn soon
you're planning something
oh Hasret was so curious on where we are going
she will learn soon too
Hasret is following us
they have an appointment.. They can't sit at home for one day..
did you say something?
no no I was thinking out loud..
are you not that singer??
I'm not her
I only resemble her.. Don’ t loose the car
Ok sister don't worry
thank you
Oh! you bought a lot of stuff
I'm so tired
was it bad?
it's being a while since we've gone shopping together
should I make you a cup of coffee to relax
is Murat and Jeren out?
No.. They went out all three of them
all three
Hasret came then they went all three of them
I go out for two minutes then everything get mised up
I can't believe you Murat
you're gonna drive the girl crazy
I want her to believe we're really getting married
I'm not coming in
Hasret is watching us.. Don’t spoil everything
thank you
what kind of government post is that?
a wife doesn't give her husband a piece of paper
of course she's being arrogant
and who's entitled to be arrogant more than Gülnaz
she's the new mayor
what will happen? how will we get the residency certificate?
we'll get it Jafer
we will get it OR we will get it
how did you Hasret would follow us
cause I know her
I can't recognize you
look at us
The callous lover Murat is doing is work
One day you'll pay for all what you're doing for the girl I hope
Hasret will get her revenge from you
are you not on my side Jeren?
It may change any minute
Is she still out there?
yes she is watching us
and what will we do?
we will choose a wedding gown
such a liar
she says she's thinking like me
we should say NO
and now she's looking at wedding gowns
what did you talk with Hasret?
normal day stuff
you have to tell me everything you talked about
she told me not to rush the wedding
then she criticized you
what did she say?
she spoke ill off you
But she was right
what else
if she was me she would go back to France
that I could do better than you
I wanted to tell her she could do much better than you but I couldn't
Good.. don't forget our agreement
If I knew she would hurt that much
I would have not agreed to this game
we're lying to everyone I have to deal with your mom and levent..
Hasret, Levent, your mom, Nakiye
what did she say about Levent?
she doesn't wanna marry him of course
she is trying to find a way out
Hello.. Welcome
can I help you?
thank you.. we were just looking
Gülnaz run Hasret needs you
Hasret? give me your phone so I can call her
the battery ran out while I was talking to her
call her from the market.. run.. time is running
who's gonna guard the office
I will.. go
look, if you do anything behind my back
what will I do?
I'll just wait here
don't worry
No one would do your job better than you my friend
I said it
I will be the secret mayor of this neighborhood
What's happening Cobra?
what are you doing here?
what do you mean?
a thief came.. the paper on the door
so he won't steel anything I stood by the door
I got it..
what did you get?
you're doing stuff behind the mayor's back
I caught you Cobra
my brother Jafer
my dear handsome brother
Gülnaz’s stamp is my stamp.. you know that?
still.. I'm telling so she Gülnaz knows
why would you tell her? don't you tell her.. what's the purpose?
what's the purpose for that?
that depends
what do you mean?
give me my ring
are you gonna start blackmailing? Bravo
that's my experience from working with you
the ring.. the ring
I was gonna return it to you anyway
I was waiting for the right time.. take it
thank you
excuse me Cobra, I can't be an accomplice in this crime
what are you saying?
I mean I will tell Gülnaz everything
Forgery of official documents is a serious crime Cobra
what a despicable person you are
Ok Hasret yes.. Oh! here she is wait!
what happen Hasret?
something awful sister.. very awful
don't scare me
Murat and Jeren are picking the wedding gown
Ok.. and what are you doing there?
I followed them
you followed them?
forget about me now
I'm telling you they're picking the wedding gown
if they're picking the wedding gown
it means the're really getting married
is Hasret picking a wedding gown?
tell her not to buy one..
she can take my wedding gown..
look Hasret
I didn't like that girl at all
who knows what Hasret is thinking of me now
I was good but I don't believe she would see me this way
she's not thinking anything good about you
all this is because of you
What about this?
not nice
try it on
you're dreaming.. not to that extent!
what do you say?Hasret says she will wait until they come out of the store.
let me think
sister what should I do now?
tell me what should I do
come here we could have a cup of tea and talk calmly
No.. I'm not moving from here until they get out
you ask me my opinion but you do as you please
I don't even know what am I doing anyway
first and foremost think.. don't do anything stupid
I am not sure if I can control myself or not but
I'm about to enter the boutique and rip that girl into pieces
tell me where is this boutique located?
I don't know
a wedding gown boutique across the university
ok wait for me.. I'm coming there
Hello Koray
I called Hasret but her phone is busy
is she with you by any chance?
Hasret went to a wedding gown boutique Mr. Levent
I saw her by coincidence
which boutique?
don't you have a home or work.. just go
I'll tell her all what you did
are you my misfortune man..
why are you interfering between a husband and wife?
and why did you interfere between me and Balçeçik?
I won't ever forget the ring issue
I'll wait for the mayor and tell her everythng
it's my duty as a citized to be righteous
the hell with you and your rights.. just go
look Nakiye
I'm gonna ask you something very important, think good
you might have misunderstood
No Mrs, Nesrine
I heard them saying that they're getting married
and what about what happened today?
I didn't understand too
Jeren said something weird too
I showed her the wedding gown magazine
she said she wasn't intereted
It's becoming like a game, I don't understand anything
look Hasret
let me go first, I'm short no one will notice me
and what would i do?
wait here
No way, I want to see them
Murat hoca musn't see you.. just wait here
Oh! God..
girl.. they're here.. hide
let's go upstairs
look let's give it up
we will get caught.. It will be disgraceful
nothing of this would happen.. don't be scared
Oh! God
are you crazy?
Can’t you see we are talking in private hear
how shameful!
Oh my God
can’t we go. I am bored
of course you'll get bored if you just sit
just come and look at these gowns
I could not care less
every girl dreams of a wedding gown
I'm not from these kind of girls dear
this is the last thing i might think of in my life
come girl.. come.. come.. come..
may I help you?
of course
Who is the gown for?
for her
I mean for me
for both of us. We are having a double wedding
Woman: ok. you look around and if you want anything ask me.
Ok we'll ask you.. thank you
how nice are these gowns
look these are the style I wanted
sister I hear nothing from here.. I wanna go upstairs
wait girl wait
we will get caught.. wait
I'm so curious.. What are they talking about?
Hasret we're caught
you didn't tell me
you were buying a wedding gown
did you find anything nice?
I didn't like anything
I did not like this place either.. isn't right sister?
I did not like it too.. right girls?
all their gows are awful
did you look at all the dresses? I know this is a good boutique
we looked.. we looked..
we looked everywhere
we looked
let's go.. I'm starving
yes I am craving kebabs
seeing as I am here
maybe we should have one last look around all together huh?
come on.. I'm so curious about the dresses here
so beautiful! where did you find that?
did you like it?
I love it.. It's awsome
you can try it on.. we've plenty of time
I'll try it on of course
oh good you are now taking this game seriously
this has nothing to do with you or the game.. I just want this dress
you've chosen one of the most special dresses of this year
Shall I help you put it on?
yes please
this way please
this one?
I am about to faint.
he's coming
and this one?
no. I did not like that either.
my sister is a little picky
I don't think we will find what I'm looking for in this store
we're waisting our time.. shall we go
come on
we have dresses upstairs too
see.. they've dresses upstairs too
thank you.. Let's go have a look
I don't want to.. I mean no need
why? Maybe what you are looking for is upstairs
for sure what she's looking for is upstairs
see.. Gülnaz thinks like me
well maybe..
no maybe’s let's have a look
darn we have to go up now..
is there a model you have in mind?
I haven't decided yet
oh dear..
I would never have guessed
we would run into each other in a wedding gown store
just a coincidence
I guess
so I see you've started to get ready for the wedding
you know we don’t have much time
when I heard Hasret was here I came to see if she needed help
Maybe she'll find a dress and we'll buy one for her
I don't know.. maybe
where is Jeren?
She will be here any minute
sister, shall we look around at the dresses then?
yes let's look
shall we sit?
of course
aaaa! Close the curtain..
stop shouting..
sister come here
as if we've have something we've not seen before
shame on you
nothing wrong.. just a mistake
no problem
I couldn't find Jeren
Maybe she is across the room but I can't go and check
It looks lovely
I think you look very beautiful
What do you guys think?
I think it is lovely
and you
I think it looks a little gruff
I mean if you gave like 3 or 4 kilos from this area
the dress would maybe look better?
I think it doesn't suit her
I liked it a lot
Would you like to look at yourself in the mirror. Come..
oh. Watch out.. sorry.. my mistake..
I will put it back on..
good one Hasret!
what's happening?
nothing my flower he just loves to create chaos
Gülnaz this man...
good day.. I need a residency certificate
Ok give me this
Gülnaz there is something very important
Jafer can't you see the man needs some papers
get out.. come on
Mr. Jafer didn't you hear the mayor.. she's busy
come on my dear.. come on my baby.. come on handsome..
I'll give you what you need now
this is the paper and this is the stamp
where's the stamp?
sister, what happened?
nothing brother, can you go and come back later
what happened?
the residency paper needs time..
go finish all your other works come back I'll have it ready
Ok.. my ID
take it
it's like it was swallowed by the earth
brother, don't stir up problems.. let's make an agreement
No.. I won't be an accomplice in this crime
crime? what crime my brother? there is no crime
I just got a residency certificate
Jafer I just wanted to find a solution to our problem
believe me once we open the restaurant you'll forget everything
I don't care about all this
didn't you enter to an official office without permission? Yes you did
didn't you forge some document? yes you did
my conscience won't let me do it
you don't have a conscience in the first place
slow down and think a little Jafer
I won't slow down and I won't stop
I won't stop Cobra
Hey you!
are you sure you did not like it? I think it looked nice
I thought it was lovely till I put it on
I guess Hasret is right.. It is not a flattering dress
yes I didn't want to lie
so we'll look somewhere else..
We'll buy one that you like Ok
I have to go to school. What are you guys doing?
Hasret has a signature day
We're going to the shopping center
I was going to invite you guys but..
I don't have time. Sorry.. I've to go to school
Jeren can come with us
Yes. And we can talk on the way
oh ok.. I'm free today anyway
ok.. Ladies.. this way please.
see you later..
Oh! God where is that stamp
I couldn't preserve my stamp
Gülnaz this man committed a crime
don't mind him he's crazy
he did something without your permission
what permission?
He's gone crazy from doing the dishes with cold water
get out both of you I'm a bit tense.. I can't find my stamp
that was what I wanted to tell you Gülnaz
what are you doing?
Cobra did it
did what?
I saw him looking for something on your desk
lies, slander, political conspiracy
the real thief and traitor is Jafer
shame on you Cobra
didn't I catch you when you were taking it from here?
don't believe him Gülnaz he's lying
I think he's the one who stole the stamp
aren't you ashamed of slandering others?
I'll search your pockets and I'm sure it's with you
come and search.. let's see
so what happened?
what is this?
what is this?
how did it get in there?
I wonder?
here's the evidence.. you can't lie now
go on defend yourself if you can
thank you
you're welcome
hello.. what's your name
thank you
did the radio station advertise properly for today?
yes I followed all their ads in addition to the newspapers ads
your welcome
why didn't anyone come?
how is it going?
very calm
we just started
after a while it's gonna be very crowded
where is Jeren?
there.. she is looking at CD’s.
Hello Ms Hasret.. would you please sign my CD
of course, what's your name?
how can a person be thankless like this?
I thought my home and wife would be safe with you
now you want to betray me and separate me and my wife
how did this happen?
Gülnaz, he's conspiring against me and unfairly accusing me
he took the stamp without your knowledge
shut up! enough lies
of ok both of you shut up and get out...
but Gülnaz..
enough! get out
I said stop it now and get out
go Jafer.. go
you're done for my son
go out!
now we'll see what rally happened
oh kadir?
how are you sister?
What are you doing here? who told you?
No one told me
I saw the poster for the signature day so I came
have a seat
so tell me how is everyone
everyone’s fine.. Nothing new
how is your training?
who is he?
He’s her little brother Kadir
He has a music group too in the neighborhood
I'm so curious about the neighbourhood it sounds such a fun place
It looks fun from the outside, but
everyone there has a different and sad story
They have difficult lives
Hasret had a difficult life too?
she still has a hard life
why is that?
I mean her musical training, etc.
are you leaving?
see you
ok. see you.. say hi to everyone
I will
hello Ms Hasret
oh you're gorgeous.. Come here cutie..
this one
take it
yes you can write
look here is the cap
pen cap.. close cap
you're so sweet...
Hello sir
How are you Kadir.. did you see Hasret
yes I was there just a minute ago
But there is no one there
So what are you doing sir? You haven't come for a while
I have been busy.. are you still training?
we try.. but my friends don't take it seriously in your absence
say Hi to them and tell them the teacher's coming and you'll see
I will tell them
ok see you
you dropped this at the school yard
thank you
there is no one here?
it was packed a few minutes ago.. I even got tired from signing
I did not know you were coming?
the meeting ended quickly.. So how is it going?
fine fine..
it seems calm here
I will be back in a minute
your coffee?
I will drink it when I come back
where is Jeren?
she was looking at books
you tricked me
We agreed to postpone
but you went to choose a wedding gown
Hasret, Murat arranged it.. I didn't know about it
you could've said no
You could have not agreed to go .. but you went
he insisted.. what can I do?
excuse me but you also came with Levent
didn't you say you'll say no to the marriage
my situation is a bit complicated
and so is mine
we have to solve this complication
Oh God yes
so your mind is set up on postponing the wedding
me too
So how will we manage this?
I don't want to get married in the winter
we're in the winter and I always dreamed of a summer wedding
the weather is nice, trees are green, flowers are blossemed
I want a countryside wedding and it can’t happen before june or july
a countryside wedding.. hmm..?
they are coming.. grab a book
so we found you at last
we were engrossed in books
Murat and I decided
to all have dinner together tonight? What do you say?
Ok for me too
what are you reading?
(Getting Ready for Motherhood)
come on, didn't you find it?
sister let me look in peace
let see this one
did you find it
sister you already asked me 60 times
there's thousand of recordings here
ok.. go ahead
Huh Ok
you found it?
yes I did
what did you find?
the file of the recordings and will find what we need shortly
ok show me what you can do
let's see this one
suddenly she came near me
She was about to beat me up for going to that store
She said I promised her to postpone the wedding
what did you say?
I told her I want a summer wedding at the countryside
countryside wedding?
countryside wedding
countryside wedding?
yes countryside wedding
it has always been my dream
A wedding on grass, there will be trees, flowers
colourful lighting, wooden tables
Would it not be nice?
Ok.. why not?
if you want it
yes but we've to wait a little if we want a countryside wedding
no way.. why should we wait?
There are organization firms that arrange everything
but the weather is cold
they put up outdoor heaters
They handle such stuff.
but it might rain.. you want us to get wet
then they have these huge tents.. And it looks pretty too
You shouldn't be worried about such things
Whatever you want I'll sort it out
if you may
take a look at these invitations.. You should choose one
so shall we play a game of chess?
I don’t feel like it now
why are you so thoughtful
Hasret's album sales aren't going well
I noticed this during her signature day.. no one came
so what will happen?
Levent has lots of debt and liabilities
He signed a lot of agreements and made commitments..
If the sales continue this way
He will be in a lot of problems
so what will happen to Hasret..
will her flame just go out in 1 album?
come on choose one
I can't choose.. Can I choose it later
Ok. Ok..
we have time till tomorrow.
Levent, how are the album sales going?
why do you ask?
I was worried
don’t worry everything is fine
I wanna know if it's really bad and you don't want to tell me
Hasret please where are you getting these ideas
Levent no one came to the signature day
it was my fault
I didn't pick the right day and didn't do enough advertisement
it's normal
these are all catalogues you wanted
congratulations Ms. Hasret I wish you happiness
What are those?
hotel presentations for our honeymoon
Wedding organization company listings
and a few wedding gown designs
when did you do all this?
look these are some alternative invitations too
You have to have a sleepless night maybe tonight to decide
We are running out of time
“did you like my present?”
I like it.. I like it.. why didn't you write something else
this is how he took the ring
if I didn't promise I would vote for him
he would have not returned the ring for me
what a lyer and traitor you are.. what are all these lies
don't use the ring issue to make yourself innocent
Jafer who am I gonna believe?
how did this happen? explain it to me in detail
Balçeçik don't you know me?
would I do such a thing?
did you see me take anything from someone without permission
we found the evidence of the crime in your pocket man
Yeah! you put it in my pocket
don't make up lies Mr. Jafer
Balçeçik, please don't believe him
who am I gonna believe, Jafer?
Oh! I can't believe my eyes
He's the one who stole it
you'll face the result of your doing Mr. Cobra
you'll see Cobra.. Just wait
I needed a residency certificate
Brother I forgot about it.. wait
Hasret will have to make decisions tonight
like what?
I mean some details regarding the marriage ceremony
like the invitation card
won't you show them the samples
what now?
yes it's nice to get our best friends' opinion
you voiced out your thoughts about Jeren’s wedding gown
maybe we have a thing or two to say about the invitations
of course but not just only the invitations
she has to choose the honeymoon's hotel, and the wedding gown
there is a lot of samples and styles
this is her homework for today
some invitation samples
these are very pretty aren’t they?
yes they are
I liked this one best
me too
which one did you like?
this one
and how is that one?
I think it is a little
too over the top
Cobra.. Come on we have to go
where would we go?
there are some prolems in managing the neighborhood
I want to consult you
you want to consult me?
of course, you're a knowlegeable man
who else am I gonna consult?
Oh my flower.. you finally recognized my value
girl.. are you gonna appoint me as your consultant?
No. You'll become much more important than this
come with me now and you'll see.. come
Oh my God
If you like an invitation from this catalogue I will order it for you
No. We don’t want invitations
aren't you gonna invite anyone?
we'll invite our close friends only
very nice idea
so you've decided on everything
yes we're planning the wedding next month in Paris
don't.. don't you dare..
Hasret what are you doing?
this is rude..
Excuse me.. I am sorry..
what is this non sense?
we're very sorry
excuse me please
can you add the Sir bill to mine
of course sir
sorry again.. bon appetit
did you see me?
yes I did..
It was a fantastic shot..
but don’t do it again.. ok..
don't.. don't you dare!
are you ok?
what happen? are you ok?
do you want water?
Hasret are you ok?
what are you doing?
you.. are coming with me right now
it really slipped on the floor
let's ask for a new fork
Excuse me
please can you get you get us a new fork
of course
I've to go to the ladies room
will you come with me
excuse us
I thought you wanted a countryside wedding
didn't you say you'll postpone the wedding to June?
yes but I couldn't tell him
so you'll have a countryside wedding in Paris
why are you so angry about this?
I'm only thinking what’s good for you
you'll tell him tonight that you want to postpone the wedding
I don’t think I can..
why not?
it's so hard to refuse Murat..
Hasret what are you doing? Are you insane?
I'm insane ok
I've gone crazy because you didn't keep your promises
Open the door.. Jeren.. Jerenn.. Open the door
Hasret calm down
they are still not back?
they will be back soon
so tell me how did it happen.. you never told me
tell you about what?
deciding to get married then the proposal?
it all happened fast like yours
is this how things are in France?
you promise something and do the exact opposite later on?
is that true?
look Hasret..
murat and my relationship is..
I mean there are things I can't tell you
I don't care about your private life
I care that you didn't keep your promise
you're my friend Hasret
but I can't offend Murat either
Hasret no! Don’t do that!! Stop it..!!
promise you won’t try to trick me again ok?
Hasret! Hasret stop it.. Hasret stop it
what is that you are spraying on me?
Oh don’t be scared its only soap and water..
Hasret please turn on the lights. I'm scared of the dark...!!!
where have you been?
I put a little make up on
where is Jeren?
her make up takes longer to apply apparently
come.. come and see.. come..
come.. come..
let's see what do you think of it?
what is it that I'm gonna see?
go on Kadir open it
I'll open it
open it
what do you think?
you like videos.. you used to SMS them to people
this is not me
who is it?
this is the stupid Jafer
he dressed up like me to trick you
he did all this so he'll become the mayor and separate us
this is not me
you started lying too much
you did this right Kadir?
did you like it?
shame on you..
this is not me
I sware this is not me
what happen? what are you thinking about?
what else? Murat and Jeren.. of course
I'll make them sit and ask them about everything
Mesrine why do you insist that much?
let things take their natural course
But this is a serious matter
there's nothing serious in the first place
I think they are only friends
I don't understand.. they do things that are contradoctory
They seem like lovers at one time and just friends at another time
it’s like a little game
we forgot the invitations. I will go and get them
I forgot my eyeliner in the toilet.. I'll go and get it
I lied today
The wedding gown suited Jeren a lot
Jeren is such a beautiful girl
You make a good couple
I hope you will be happy with her
don’t say anything
I just want to say
only one thing
tthis florist girl will never forget you Murat Hoca
In every note she hears even in the last note she will only remember your music
Now it is the time for both of us to ttay silent
where are the cars??
my flower let's go and watch the video again
I was looking for something else there
there is a misunderstanding.. I sware I didn't do anything
forgive me please
I can forgive you Cobrettin but the issue is more complicated
you stole an official stamp from an official office
and you forged documents with it
you used it to foul people and framed an innocent man
you'll be in prison for 3 to 5 years
do you want to torture me?
I can turn you in but you need to pray for your babies
because they are the reason I'm not sending you to jail
I pray for you my flower and my babies always
may God take my revenge from Jafer
I locked myself into a toilet booth
and she started attacking me from the next booth
I am really getting scared of the girl..
my tongue froze or I would've confessed everything to her
Why are you so sulky?
Do you regret what you said at during dinner?
Oh! Murat you haven't said a word since we rode this car
what's happening?
Ok..if you shut up I will shut up too
Hasret just bid farewell to me
I will be waiting for news from you
Tomorrow you will tell me which one you chose
And we should meet mom tomorrow
we can just hop in the car and visit her
Ok. we will discuss this tomorrow
Good night
how was dinner?
What happen Hasret?
it’s over mother
everything is over
what is it that's over?
I can't speak to Levent
He didn't listen..
maybe he didn't want to listen
He planned everything in his head.. He made his preparations
look, he gave me all these catalogues
I have to choose what i like
invitation cards, wedding gown, hotel
he wants me to meet his mom tomorrow
there is something else bothering you..
I saw Murat and Jeren picking out a wedding gown
And next month they're getting married in Paris
I told you it’s all over...
won’t you call her?
do as you please.. I am just picking out a book. I will go to my room
(Jeren finds a note in Murat’s book -- It is Nazim Hikmet's poem..)
I became an unbearable man again
Sleepless, cranky, doomed
I'm in the wrong as always
There is no reason.. and there can’t be a reason
What I am doing is outrageous, disgraceful
But I cannot help it. I am so jealous of you
Please forgive me
It is Valentine’s day today
and you are not with me
I do not feel like doing anything today..
you wrote this for Hasret and you couldn't give it to her
If someone wrote something like this for me
I would leave the other man at the altar..
Such a shame
Hasret where are you?
(The number you're calling is not available try your call later)
Where did you go Hasret..
Hello Gülnaz..
yes Mrs. Saime
Cobra can I speak with Gülnaz
Mrs. Saime
yes Mrs. Saime
Gülnaz is Hasret there?
No. She didn't come here
where did she go then? She's no where to be found
she's gone? what are you saying Mrs. Saime
she disappeared Gülnaz.. disappeared
is Hasret with you Levent?
No.. isn't she's home?
No.. she's not
did you call her sister?
I called and she's not there
Oh! it smells so good
yeah I'm skilled in these things
who's calling that early?
Hello, yes Levent
I have no idea, what happened?
Hasret disappeared
are you serious?
where's Murat? Do you know?
He went to school this morning
why doesn't he answer his phone then?
He might be in a meating
Ok.. I've to go now
what happened Mrs Saime? Any new from Hasret?
No news
I called everyone and no one knows where she is
Oh my God
where did this girl go to?
isn't possible that she just needed some fresh air?
Impossible! once you see her room you'll understand
she had torn apart and threw away everything
let's go she might have left a note.. come on
(The number you're calling is not available try your call later)
Ah! Hasret
Oh my god, where is this girl?
didn't she say anything Mrs. Saime?
she didn't say anything
she was sad last night but I didn't expect this from her
otherwise I would have never left her alone
what if something happened to her Gülnaz?
God forbid!
don't think this way.. she'll be back for sure
where is Hasret?
she is not here
where is Hasret?
she is not here
Is something the matter?
I can't find Hasret
she has disappeared
I can't find her anywhere