[101208] SJ Foresight Part 1 Eng Sub

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[Music floating in the studio]
[Enjoy chatting - Super Junior]
[But. Regardless of anything, an impetuous that cannot be hidden]
When there is senior, there is no junior
A world without senior is just like seaweed rice without ham
A red bean bread without red bean paste
A kimchi soup without kimchi
Gathering Korea entertainment industry top 100 seniors
Most unique in the world. A talk show dedicated to seniors
Super Junior's Foresight
Nice to meet you, nice to meet you
This is really incredible
That's right. It is a matter really worth celebrating
Super Junior finally
Became talk show MC
[Super Junior Career First Talk Show MC]
Our entertainment industry seniors
Accepted missions directly and gathered together
Gather gather gather already?
Yes only here
Only invited one person. Only one person
Both of you had a weird conversation
[Please be normal~]
Because Super Junior hosted, is the world most unique talk show
The only talk show available in MBC ONLY every1
Yes. Looks like our Eunhyuk has prepared a lot
That's right
Wow you prepared yourself right? Last night
Okay because we invited a senior
[Yes!] -We, Super Junior looking in the long run
[Long run!] -There are many things to learn still
[Don't tell us the things we prepared cannot be used...]
Okay we not only have invited seniors we respect
Who is the one? Kyuhyun you say first
[Who is the senior maknae kyuhyun concerned???]
For me there are different stages
Starting from Shin Seung Hun senior
Then Sung Si Kyung senior
Recently Park Hyo Shin senior
Ah the ballad world
Yes near that type
[Ballad 9th album singer]
The seniors I am concerned about belongs to the dancing world
Park Nam Jeong senior
Oh Korea's Michael Jackson
Yes starting from Park Nam Jeong senior
To Lee Hyun Do senior
And Jang Woo Hyuk senior
All belongs to the dancing world
Yes yes dancing world. Now the dancing world is mine
Now is Eunhyuk?
Yes yes I am Eunhyuk!
To me, I respect Jyani-yun senior
Oh Jyani-yun senior. MC world, MC world
Ju Byung Jin
Then Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk
And between them
There is right? There is
[Talking about me? I have never been an MC before???]
Our Lee Soo Man director
And among the many seniors behind me
[Ah... Already came and awaiting senior]
This person..
Scare me
[When did he came??]
Kim Jang Hoon senior is a person who I respect very much
I say, the seniors in MC world
There is Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk. Behind them there is Boom right
Let me sort this out
Jyani-yun, Ju Byung Jin, Lee Soo Man
Kim Jang Hoon, Kang Ho Dong seniors
So it is like this
But he is not MC
For the first episode, we will introduce our guest in this way
This atmosphere is weird
[Can feel a weird aura]
Getting tired while waiting right. Let's welcome Kim Jang Hoon senior
[VIP of Performance - Kim Jang Hoon]
[Finally an appearance the first senior!!!]
[Direct direct direct] [The first senior to visit Super Junior Foresight!!!]
[Witness of history Korea performance Kim Jang Hoon~!]
I thought is hidden camera
You are tired right
[Tired at the beginning??]
From the start of recording until now I am here it has been past 40 minutes
[The opening time to invite senior for an appearance had spend 40 minutes]
As you said, standing behind only
Looking good today
[Own motivation(?) Filled with energy senior] [We'll see]
No matter what must thanks again
For coming to Super Junior Foresight as the first guest
I feel very honored seriously
Super Junior this talk show is very incredible
[The courtesy after seeing each other] It feels like you will be famous
Do your best
Ah senior please do your best
[Quickly end by shaking hands]
Because this is the first episode
[Showing the cute side~ Super Junior first time as talk show MC] Because of this, we have prepared something
[Prepared an event for the first episode!!]
Quickly and show everyone?
[In order to allow the senior to take a good look, showing their handsome side Suju]
[The clothes they are wearing?]
The thing we prepared today for Kim Jang Hoon senior is the concept same as Kim Jang Hoon
Kim Jang Hoon and idols
Recently this pant is very trendy. Looks alike to Taekwondo pants
[The clothe Kim Jang Hoon senior wore during live performance]
It is corduroy material
In such a cold country
[Similar to the clothes wore during Christmas performance]
This is a winter clothing design for winter season
Firstly we should say "please teach us skills senior"
Then proceed to the start of formal talk show
[Have we decided our greeting method?] -Do we say together?
Just decide now
That is how?
Senior, please teach us!
[Missed timing - Eunhyuk] [Senior, please teach us!]
[Do it again, just one more time] No way! Must as a group to show our respect
[YS: Respectful senior, please teach us] [EH: Stand and say it] [Noisy Noisy]
We say after this
Don't you decide beforehand?
[LT: Excuse real talk show] Real talk show
During recording it should have been decided right after the adjustment
[Children~ Pass with one go] Okay start. Senior we respect you. Please teach us!
Wrong wrong. What's going on today?
You bow after you say finish
[Can't tolerate anymore] -Before saying and bowing, you look at me first right
Ah sorry
[Teaching him]
You look at that
Okay let's start
Senior! We respect you. Please teach us skills!~
Although we Super Junior has done many variety shows
[First time hosting talk show and getting nervous Super Junior] But talk show to us is the first time
How does senior feels about our talk show whether is there any chance of success?
I feel burden
[New show 1st place]
Everyone will anticipate this new show, so I feel more burden
That's quite sharp
Correct right?
Done lots of preparation
Before recording our producer said lets try, we will start next time
We did not organize properly, so just try first
This is unprecedented during recording. My first time seeing this
The content in the script has too much to remember
Wow incredible
Eunhyuk. Very nervous right? Don't make your legs like that alone
How about this
Since senior came, because I am the youngest in Super Junior
But this show invites mostly senior, so I am still the youngest
Of course
So I have prepared
[Maknae aegyo time!] Specially prepared for Kim Jang Hoon senior, Kim Jang Hoon brand coffee
Kim Jang Hoon flavor coffee
Firstly is one cup of original Columbia coffee bean
Half cup of milk
[Step 2 Obtain From Cattle Farm Freshly From Cow Half Cup]
[This is not lucky or unlucky?]
Why do I feel like I have walk the wrong place?
That is not liver right?
[Useless interruption]
Need to add in white sugar as well
[Step 3 Add in 13g of White Sugar] [Uneasy]
After 13g of white sugar, next is the most important part
Mix right 4 times
[Step 4 Most Important Step!! After mixing right 4 times, sweet Kim Jang Hoon brand coffee is done!]
This is joking right, really
[Kyuhyun after finishing, atmosphere went down rapidly]
-Just serve like this -How to say this, really..
Senior shall try the taste first
[Anticipating] [Uneasy]
[Eum~ Tasting]
-Please try the taste -Tasty?
[What is this kind of mutual silent situation]
Did you add in the wrong thing?
[No!] I do it according to the menu in the internet
[Very curious about the taste Yesung]
This is my first time drinking such coffee on a show
[A taste that is difficult to describe]
Is a taste that I can't judge
[Amazing stuff needs to share the taste~]
[Extremely nervous]
[Somehow getting isolated maknae Kyuhyun]
[In that case, I will be fine if you people can finish my drink] -This taste is really
Although we want to recommend to our audience
Seems to be very popular. The drink has finished
[Drinking drinking an attractive taste??] -Senior has drink finish
[Felt the sincerity of the junior, one shot drink Kim senior] -Our junior has done his best
[No matter how bad!!] No matter how bad the coffee is I will drink it
[Proceed to the next topic!!] Super Junior Foresight
Just how can our Kim Jang Hoon senior help us
And can we actually gain anything from it
For this our yesung has conducted a research
[KH: Aigoo it's yesung?] [LT: Yesung prepared something right??]
[After Kyuhyun coffee thing, Yesung needs help] -Did I conduct a research?
Before that let me ask how is Kim Jang Hoon senior doing?
[Until we proceed back to the original plan of the show, find it quickly~!]
Our foresight show motive is to solve Super Junior members problem
In fact most shows invite guest to help them solve their problem
On the contrary, we invite guest to listen to our problems
That is how we come about the issue of problems
[Eh? Such a sudden comment!!!!] -Actually when we ask questions about problems, we had a tough time thinking
[You found an order???] -But after listening to what senior say
[Confirm found it!!!!!]
[KH (uneasy): Found it? Really found it??]
[Confident I will show it now] -Really found it
-Yes just a while later -Then you say it later
For now just hold on there
Didn't you want me to do it just now!!
Our yesung only care about his own part
[Heaven up and down, Yesung dictator]
A sudden imitate of voice "Didn't you want me to do it just now" our yesung
[Consistent complaining] [Aigoo my head] -You make me very nervous just now
Rest for a while now
I thought my order is right
Until now it still feels like hidden camera
How can there be no understanding between one another
Because this is the first time
[Not even this lively during rehearsal. Seems to be more nervous in front of senior!]
But. It's weird
No no
This is asking me the issue of problems
But if it is not any big issue
Starting from next week it is possible that you have to solve our problems
Can Kim senior actually solve our problems
Is there any qualification
[Yesung himself wants to do this part!] -Our sharp yesung has conducted a survey
Finally is my turn
This year August at daeseong grand live performance and SM..
Grand live performance and
[EH: Performance!!!!]
SM LA performance Super Junior
But because it is the first time so there are regrets
So we decide!!
In order to prepare next year performance
But our strength is still insufficient
Currently looking for a senior
We finally found this senior
Debut on 1991
Has debuted 19 years and 4 months
19.4 years in between the number of performance participated and the money earn is approximately 2500 times
Not 25 or 250 is 2500
Performance that pays?
There is pay there is pay. Able to receive money
But I heard those money has donated away
Yesung don't keep talking about taking money taking money
It is commercial concert
[Please use the correct way to express] [I am a person crazy towards money]
Yesung, money is not the important thing
Important is the number of performances
[3 days 1 time, 19 years is 2500 times] -Took the money and participated 2500 times sounds really
So we invited the VIP of performance Kim Jang Hoon senior
To learn from him the true spirit of performance and the skill of performing
VIP of performance Kim Jang Hoon is here
Well done on the research
Senior I respect you
[Now is kyuhyun's turn to express problems]
Senior. There is a probability that we will hold the 4th Super Show next year
[2011 year Super Show performance. How to have the greatest impact to reach the audience?]
Yes concert. But what is the most effective to way to reach the audience
Because is the important person in performing industry...
Yes performing industry monster
The important person
[Today lost many times under the hands of youngest Kyuhyun Kim senior]
Is the performing industry important person
[Like a monster important person - Kim senior]
[Super Junior problems] [Senior! We want to become the important person in performing industry]
In fact when I am doing public performance
I am different from others. I like to do interesting performance
Like a cross-dressing show, dance many songs
Happy songs and ballad songs show together kind of performance
From that time is already..
No matter what type of singer you are there is cross-dressing show
[Cross-dressing is for someone who done it before]
Someone who is experienced have to do it
That is why
Last time Sung Si Kyung
Ah... Yes...
Wore the hot pants SNSD GEE
[Not nodding his head Kyuhyun] Yes almost hot pants
Sung Si Kyung?
Done that kind of thing...
Seems to be too hasty
[The level of hasty...]
People think of stage performing when someone mention performance
Yes feeling that public performance is the most important
I heard that you are very different towards the detail of public performance
Just like people who came to the performance booked a taxi and prepared sandal
It seems to be important before and after the performance
So we are afraid someone is thirsty half-way. There is water, vitamin, replenish energy foods in the emergency bag
[Use it when necessary. Or take it away as souvenir] -You can wear sandal when you are tired
It turns into a memory when you bring back home
If not because you have to wait outside, it's cold
Isn't there is something like Mongolia tent? Rented 50 and put it there
Won't you lose money in that way?
It's quite good originally so...
I heard there is even subway performance
Yes there is such thing
Don't you bother some minor things?
Just focus on your own things
There is challenges and efforts gathered after the long years. That is why he is now the VIP of performance
Let's start formally now, our explore of everything about Kim Jang Hoon senior
Name is Gains And Losses talk
Then, there are 30 people here who is Kim Jang Hoon senior fans
Firstly let's take a look at what image fans thought of
The image you can think of, please raise board
The image you think of when mentioning Kim Jang Hoon. Have to choose some... Really many fans
[Justice. Performance. Fashion. Beautiful curve line. Robot. Donate. Chicken etc..]
I am very curious. Beautiful curve line is?
That. What is it?
Write wrongly?
Can you show us your beautiful curve line?
I prepared tape measure
[Why did you bring tape measure??]
Actually in our members, there are many who have skinny legs
Our members skinny leg include Eunhyuk
But to compare with Super Junior curve line, mine is not fit enough
Anyway we start first
[I want to measure my leg too...]