Romance & Dating, How To Score a Hottie (DiGiTS - S3 Ep.2)

Uploaded by digitsshow on 22.06.2010

>> COLLEEN: Heyya, I’m here with my boy Justin from Say hi, Justin.
>> JUSTIN: Hi. >> COLLEEN: The sense of smell is so powerful
that it can be an aphrodisiac. I’m going to send my boy Justin over to the candle store
and get some advice on what scents to pick out. Now when the girl goes home with her
candle and lights it up, Justin will be poppin into her mind and we like that don’t we?
>> JUSTIN: If I’m popping into her mind, who knows were I’ll be popping in next?
>> COLLEEN: Oh, Justin, you naughty boy, get outta here.
>> JUSTIN: You guys think this is a very girly smell?
>> GIRLS: This one? >> JUSTIN: Yeah.
It’s kinda weird if you go into a guy’s room and he lights candles right away you
know? >> GIRLS: [laughs] Then you know something’s
gonna happen. >> JUSTIN: And then you can tell him you need
to blow those candles out. Which is a good like manly smell?
>> GIRLS: Yeah, no this one’s good. >> JUSTIN: That’s not bad.
>> GIRLS: I like that one. >> JUSTIN: A little like pina colada.
>> GIRLS: Yeah, exactly. >>JUSTIN: Well, I might be having a party
next weekend at my house, you guys should give me your number and come check it out.
You could tell me if I got a good selection of candles or not.
>> GIRLS: Themed room. That one smells really good, the coconut one.
>> JUSTIN: Welcome to the coconut restroom. >> GIRLS: [laughs] Exactly.
>> JUSTIN: Well, give me your email or number, I’ll let you know when the party is. I think
it’s going to be Saturday night.
>> COLLEEN: How’d it go? >> JUSTIN: It went really well. The candles
gave us something to talk about right away. >> COLLEEN: And nice, you know what else?
Every time she smells that candle she’s going to be thinking about you.
>> JUSTIN: Nice. >> COLLEEN: And we want that, don’t we?
>> JUSTIN: Yeah, absolutely. >> COLLEEN: Nice.
Now I want to hear from you guys. What are some other ice breakers that you could use
to have the girl thinking about you later on? Write them down in the comment box below.
I’ll see you next time. Tschuss!