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Friday, November the 30th, 2012. This Week on GOG: In case you missed it, here’s what’s new
Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD reprises the cherished, yet bizarre, first person shooter by the Oddworld Inhabitants team, in mesmerizing high definition.
As the badass bounty-hunter known only by the name "Stranger", you hunt down alien bandits and bring them to justice,
always seeking a bigger challenge and greater rewards.
This colorful mad western-like game brings a whole new meaning to the term "live rounds", as the crossbow you're packing literally shoots living creatures at your foes.
Power to the people! Or little wooden dolls? Stacking, the amazing adventure from Tim Schafer's Double Fine,
gives you a unique perspective of things like industrialism, labor rights, freedom, and economy.
As a little matryoshka doll you face the blood-sucking Baron, who's been living off the sweat of the workers far too long.
It's up to you to put an end to his dominance and free your family from forced labor.
With a large world to explore and interesting mechanics to master, Stacking was very well received by both gamers and critics.
Here's your chance to find out why.
Miasmata, the unique survival horror adventure creeped up on everyone as unexpected as a giant, ferocious cat-beast.
Which is ironic, since the game features a giant, ferocious cat-beast.
Although, with the very unforgiving wilderness survival mechanics, a deadly plague circulating in your veins, and a large mysterious island to explore,
full of secrets and dangers, it may just turn out that the relentless monster hunting you down isn't the biggest of your problems.
Fans of challenging games! This one will haunt your nightmares!
Roaring engines, a cheering crowd, burning rubber--Screamer 2 arrives on GOG with excessive speed.
The sequel to the classic arcade racing game features highly detailed racing tracks, a nice selection of cars, and a 1990s-style background techno music,
that will instantly put you in the mood to race faster than the wind!
Screamer 2 managed to create an impression of extreme speed and after 16 years it's quite safe to say that it still didn't lose its freakish pace.
This was last week's hinted-at classic release, and the first of the new Interplay games in our catalog.
This week has been particularly busy for GOG.
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, the fast paced RTS made it's way back to our catalog and is now available with a bonus soundtrack.
We have also announced full Windows 8 support for 90% of our games. That's over 430 games fixed and tested and certified as compatible.
If you're going to switch yourself to a newer OS, you can be quite sure that your favorite games will stay with you.
Not a Windows user at all? Not a problem.
Our Mac catalog is growing fast and with this week's addition of 12 great games such as Master of Orion 1+2, and the Broken Sword 2 it's now over 80 titles for your Mac-gaming needs!
Here’s your clue for next week’s classic game release: the protagonist of this game DID NOT guest star in the Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon back in the 90s.
Wrapping things up, be sure to check out our Nordic Games November weekend promo!
Pick and choose from a set of 18 games including the Gothic series, the Spellforce series and many other excellent titles.
All of them come with a 60% discount this weekend, so don't miss out!
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