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tWitch: What's goin' on ya'll? This is tWitch. Cameron: And I'm Cameron.
tWitch: And this is the great debate where we take on the oldest questions in the world.
Cameron: Puppies vs. Kittens. Instagram vs. Digital Cameras. Cap'n Crunch vs. Fruit Loops.
tWitch: They are so delicious, but they cut the roof of your mouth.
Cameron: Digital cameras? tWitch: No, Cap'n Crunch. What?
Cameron: Moving on! So Justin Timberlake. He's like super multi-talented and he has
tons of jobs. tWitch: Dancer, actor, singer.
Cameron: Pastry chef, astronaut, taxidermist. What? That's what I heard.
tWitch: Today we're going to debate Justin Timberlake the singer/dancer…
Cameron: Versus Justin Timberlake the actor. tWitch: This is going to be so easy. Round
one. Who has JT collaborated with? As a singer, I mean, it's the greats: Timbaland, Duran
Duran, Madonna, T.I., The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg.
Cameron: And as the actor, he's collaborated with Eastwood, Bridges, Diaz and Garfield.
tWitch: Garfield? I love that little guy. He likes lasagna and hates Mondays.
Cameron: I'm talking about Andrew Garfield, the actor. You're clearly thinking about James
Garfield, the former U.S. President. Common mistake.
tWitch: Round two. How many cool shows has he been on? I mean, JT's sang for so many
prestigious shows.
When it comes to singing, the guy has nothing to be embarrassed about.
Cameron: Hah! Really? Nothing? tWitch: Wait, no, you're not gonna show that.
Cameron: Oh, you mean this video?
tWitch: Just reach and pull. It's good that
they don't have any embarrassing videos of us though.
Round three. Saturday Night Live.
Justin has made many appearances as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and killed it every time.
Cameron: Yeah, and he's also killed it as the host of SNL.
tWitch: But you know what? I think we're both
right here. I mean, on SNL, the guy is, he's great being funny and singing.
Cameron: Round four. Who is sexier? JT the actor or JT the singer? Clearly, JT the actor.
tWitch: Agh, that's just….that ain't right. I mean, but, you know, you're probably right.
Cause millions of people probably didn't think that this was sexy at all.
See what I mean there?
Okay. Cam, Cam! Round five. Which JT had the worst fashion oops? Now I say nothing
is more embarrassing than when he ripped off Janet Jackson's top at the Superbowl.
I mean, there's nothing that JT the actor could have done that is worse than that.
Cameron: Did you see The Love Guru?
tWitch: Oh, God. Oh, God.
Cameron: That was rough. So that's our debate! tWitch: Who do you think won? JT the dancer/singer
or JT the actor? Cameron: I'll take both!
tWitch: Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.
Cameron: JT, I love you.