Churchill Congress and the Day of Infamy

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After the japanese %uh bombed pearl harbor
churchill within about three weeks less than three weeks i think the twenty first
and twenty second something like that of december nineteen forty one
came over here and made an address before congress what did he say about
the japanese and about about the americans and the british and about he %uh
he spoke three weeks
later to the podium when roosevelt said
day of infamy
he recites this litany of 0:00:34.410,0:00:38.080 abuses and atrocities by the japanese against
the u_s_ navy and the
%uh royal navy
what kind of people do they think we are
and boy
they all stood up
the american congressmen and senators they stood up and applauded for about ten minutes
he he established what he that was the most important speech he ever had to give
and this is why
he was afraid
that the united states would concentrate in the war in japan
because after all we regarded the pacific as our lake
and not germany
so that speech he first was trying to show look I am with you
my parents fought and my ancestors were americans they fought in the revolution
i am one of you and he said something about that I cannot
help but reflect
if my father
%uh an american
and my mother
english instead of the other way around
I might have got to this chamber on my own
and they all cheered and he established that he was
with them
a fellow politician a fellow american in a sense
and but he didn't make the argument in that speech that he would make privately which was we gotta
have a priority on germany abut he wanted
to set it up first
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