Operation Christmas Child

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 04.02.2009

At this time of year it’s easy to get caught up in the festive season, with simple
pleasures taken for granted.

This year the department dug deep, donating one-hundred-and-twenty gift-filled boxes to
Operation Christmas Child, bringing joy into the lives of underprivileged children.

I think one of the most pleasing things has been the support from the senior executives;
from getting authorization to put out news flashes, authorization to set up in the foyer.
We've had staff who've taken a box for each one of their children to contribute to, to
help them understand what Christmas is really about.

Staff contributed to the boxes with something to love, something for school, something
to wear, something special, something to play with, and something for hygiene.

For people in disadvantaged countries where the most rudimentary possessions – like a
toothbrush – are scarce, receiving a box of gifts can be overwhelming.

Things that if we gave our own children for Christmas they'd probably turn their noses
up at but trust me, these children don't.
They get very little in the lives so anything they get is received very gratefully.

For some children who have never before received a gift, opening a gift box can be a
life-changing experience.

I have seen children open their box and look through it and take, say, a tennis ball
out, put the lid on and give it back.
They cannot believe that an entire box is for them.