Best of Alvaro&Bea (9) - with English/Hungarian subtitles

Uploaded by tixy83 on 13.07.2008

Hi Bea!
What are you doing here?
I wanted to know how you were.
I know why you came yesterday and why you have come today.
I only wanted to know how you had woken up.
Here you are! Take what you have come for.
Bea, how can you think I've only come for the money?
I only want to know what's wrong with you.
Why did you leave my flat?
Why did you throw me out yesterday?
Don't look at me like this! Speak!
Have I done anything to you for you to behave with me like this?
Are you feeling unwell?
I'm feeling very unwell,
and with every minute I spend with you I'm feeling worse and worse.
Explain it to me!
You know you can trust me.
Don't go away!
Bea, please!
I told you that I didn't want to see you in this flat any more.
Carmelo, please!
This is a matter between your daughter and me.
Tell him that everything is OK!
Álvaro was already leaving.
Go away!
If you want to talk, you know where to find me.
Hi Bea!
This is me.
I only wanted to hear your voice.
And I wanted to say that no matter what had happened to you,
we can solve it.
We have already done it a few times.
But we have to stay together.
You and me.
I've just been in your office and
it smells of you.
Yesterday I looked into the diary you had given to me for Valentine's Day.
I was reading it and...
I couldn't help writing a few lines about what I felt
and that I'd like you to come home to me
and read what I wrote.
I miss you all the time, Bea.
All the time.
I love you.
Message erased.
Why should I go on suffering?
It's over.
I can't erase him from my past
but my future only belongs to me
and there's no place for him in it.
Bloody Hell! How sickly sweet!
If a diabetic read this, his blood sugar level would go up immediately.
Don't be a spoilsport! Let me read it a little more!
Keep still!
Why don't you want me to read it?
Because it's personal. Give it to me!
Let me alone!
And this?
The handwriting changes here.
Bea, I'm sorry for having to write to you.
No. I'm sorry for not having written to you earlier.
I didn't write to you because you were here with me.
While writing to you I feel you are near me and this makes me feel better.
Álvaro, tell me you didn't write this!
You are mad.
Don't tell me that my greatest fear has come true.
Have you fallen in love with Bea?