Best iPhone Accessory - Yofo Unboxing & Review

Uploaded by libertyforgeeks on 17.10.2012

Hey guys whats up! In today's video I'll be going over an unboxing and review of probably the best iphone
or smartphone accessory the yofo
Taking a look at the box we see information like the devices
a small sneak peek in the box and a sample image of the yofo
On the back we see diagrams with different uses for the product and instructions
of the yofo
Also around the box we see logos and other branding
Opening the box we see a couple of things like stickers which do serve a purpose
which I'll say later and the yofo itself
Taking a look at the yofo we see it is made of a flexible plastic with some
grooves, whole in the middle and logo
Using the yofo is super simple by just sticking it to the back of your device like
a suction cup. It has a great fit but only works on the plain back of
the phone
to use with cases you'll have to utilize the stickers which kills the look
of most cases
The yofo is the best phone or device accessory with multiple uses like a stand
for watching video
or viewing pictures
a raised surface for scrolling to text with ease
and as earphone wraps for easy transportation
The accessory is pretty handy for almost any occasion. A few things hold it back like
the $20 price tag which could and should be dropped and the stickers which
could at least use a redesign. So that's been my full review on the yofo
smartphone accessory
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