Manorama Six Feet Under

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Lakhot. Maybe the name sounds familiar..
lt figures in the papers at least twice a year
First in summer..
when, about a 100 people drop dead in the scorching heat.
Then in winter when another 100 or so are claimed by the cold.
A small, sleepy, desert town,
.. which has a world of it's own.
Before last Diwali, who would have thought that..
.. everything here was about to change.
Like they say, creation is preceded by destruction.
lt hadn't rained a drop in three years and this..
.. town was starting to feel like my life - dry, withered..
.. ineffective and thirsty.
And iust like my life, work on the new canal had also stopped.
Maybe, that's how deserts are born.
This is a dream..
This is a betrayal..
This is a game of life..
The path of lies..
Even life partner is a betrayer..
The caravan of this world is farce..
Millions of people are traitors here..
Even today it is sold..
Here's a truth about the desert
many things lie hidden under the su_ace here.
Often, what seems like an illusion turns out to be real and what seems..
.. real turns out to be an illusion.
Like there under a grey, cloudy sky;
..right in the middle of the road..
Seducing me - Yana Gupta.
Love is life..
Friend is a betrayal..
The whole world is betrayal..
Nobody belongs to anybody here..
Nobody belongs to me..
Satya Veer-ii
Yes Bihari-ii.. You wanted something?
New motorcycle?
What do you think?
Loan or installment?
Single payment.
Single payment! iust what l thought.
Listen.. Babloo's messed his pants again!
Coming. - Come and help me.
What was Bihari Lal saying?
Nothing.. Just.
Where's Raiu?
He's gone for a birthday party.
l closed the parlour early today.. Tea?
Your editor called. Something about some deadline
Oh. And...
...your press card arrived.
Did they publish your story?
Yes, page 22.
ls something wrong?
Come, sit..
What happened?
Did the suspension order come through?
This afternoon.
For how long?
Pending investigation.
You are so gullible.
The whole department's on the take.
And you are the only na'ive idiot who gets caught.
Where's the remote?
Mummy-ii had warned me, l should have married that boy from Jaipur.
The family had four sari stores.
But l had to get stuck with a junior engineer in the PWD.
Why does your press card say; Surendra Mohan Upadhyay?
lt's my pen name.
Pen name? Why do you need a pen name?
And go easy on the water.
Your in-law's aren't gifting us a water tanker.
There comes an age in every man's life when..
.. he can't recognize himself in the mirror.
As a kid, l thought l'd be really famous some day.
Not a famous film star or detective.
Just a famous writer.
And 'Manorama'- my 'great' novel, my grand chance,..
.. my one last hope
.. my one last hope
The biggest washout in the history of writing
- only 200 copies sold.
.. And a year later, where am l?
Neither here nor there..
ln the middle of this god-forsaken desert..
.. Leading a petty, nameless existence..
.. With petty problems, taking petty bribes.
Are we going to Rohtak for Diwali or not?
Brii can't go either..
.. all because of this canal issue.
You know, l think that astrologer was right about you.
What did he say Papa?
Quiet. Which astrologer?
That fellow your mother took me to -
he said that you've been pursuing me from a previous life.
Don't try and change the subiect -
Are we going to Rohtak or not?
We'll have to wait till the enquiry is over.
That means no.
You promised we'd play snakes and ladders
l didn't promise snakes and ladders
Yes. You did.
Really? It must have been Ludo.
Snakes and Ladders.
Ludo. - Ok. Ludo.
OK. Tomorrow. - No. Not fair.
Who said life's fair. Later.. ok?
lt's all because of your new bike.
lt iust drew attention.
You are acting as a very rich man.
But do you ever listen to anyone?
Can we go for a ride on the motorbike?
Come, Raiu.. it's time for bed.
My TV show's going to start.
You know what she says?
lf Iravati was so bothered, she wouldn't be sitting in Delhi.
l am seeing. This house has become hermitage.
Why don't you go write or something?
Don't feel like it.
You never feel like it these days.
So, you are here, Iravati.
And not iust your writing..
ls Satya Veer Randhawa-ji there, please?
Satya Veer-ii?
l need to talk to you..
.. alone.
lt's very important.
Come in.
This way.
Please, sit.
Sorry! - No! Please, it's ok.
Excuse me.
Yes, tell me?
Nimmi, keep your voice down. She'll hear you.
So? l don't care.
Who is she? What does she want?
Nimi, Please. l don't know. Look, she's a stranger.
She's waiting, l'm going back in.
So go! Were you Iooking for permission?
l'm going! - Go!
l can't see your book anywhere.
Oh sorry. l don't have a copy.
Not a single copy for yourself?
Please.. sit.
Your photo on the book's back cover..
You look iust like it.
Manorama is one of my favourite books.
Your hero - detective Raghu..
He must be based on you?
Uh, no.
Anyway he's iust a character
- And one can't hire characters, but creators..
l'm sorry l don't understand you?
Have you heard of P.P. Rathore?
The MLA.. ? The state minister for irrigation?
The Ex-Raia of Lakhkot?
Do you know of his wife?
l'm Mrs. P. P. Rathore.
And l need your help.
How could l help you?
lt's a matter of some delicacy -
Yes l think my husband is having an affair.
l need proof and l want you to get me this proof.
l want you to follow my husband
Catch him red-handed and take photos
But, why me?
lt's obvious. This is a small town -
l can't get a private investigator.
The closest l can get is you..
.. the man who created Detective Raghu. You.
l will pay you for your services, of course.
Ten thousand.
Once the iob is done, l'll pay ten thousand more.
ls twenty thousand enough?
l've written down all the relevant details.
When the assembly is in recess,
my husband spends his weekends alone at our ancestral home.
- l suspect that's the only opportune time for..
.. him to conduct his affair.
Can l ask you a question?
How come you don't have a copy of your own book?
Just that - it reminds me of my failure.
Now you want to play detective?
Are you nuts? l want to go to Rohtak, not the loony bin in Agra.
You know, l had some great marriage offers too.
Oh great - at least we'll get to see the Taj Mahal there.
Down with the Irrigation minister!
Down with P.P. Rathore!
Long live the Peoples United Party.
The canal is a death trap.
Down with the canal.
The canal will kill us all.
Down with the Irrigation Minister.
We agree that the region needs water..
But what will be gained by fleecing poor farmers?
When we all know that the water will never come..
Why are they taking our land away?
These feudals iust want To lord over us again.
l've taken some photos of your husband with the woman
They were having some sort of argument.
l was too far away to hear the details.
Well then..
There was one other thing..
Was there something else?
The photo studio was shut..
so l couldn't get the photos developed. Sorry
That's alright.
Don't mind me! l'm iust the maid!
Quarter Kg carrots.
And half kg peas.
The whole world stands one side and wife's brother goes to Malpur.
lt's said that there was a time when the people of Lakhot..
.. believed in love, not war.
The world may have changed..
but there's one man who has kept the tradition alive.
Every morning, a big bite of a sweet pancake..
.. finds its way into his mouth..
And two words of love spill out. - Ass-hole!
Are you trying to feed me left-overs from your father's wedding?
What are you saying inspector?
You know my pancakes are my best-selling item.
There's no question of them being stale.
The question has already been raised.
Are you calling me a liar, a cheat, a fraud?
Why don't l iust arrest myself?
Come now, Inspector. Try one more.
So this is Sub-inspector Brii Mohan - my brother-in-law and best friend.
Oye, Brother-in-law, on for tonight?
You know the trouble with women?
lf they can't snare a good husband, they'll cry for a lifetime.
But if they are lucky enough to get a good one,
They'll make him cry for a lifetime.
Know why l haven't tasted the fruit of marriage?
So that l could savor the sweet pancakes of life!
No woman, no problems.
Single and happy.
Nimi's not that bad.
Really? You've married a demon.
That makes you a demon too, doesn't it?
So, have l ever claimed to be a god?
Did l ever say it? Never.
She's iust been under a lot of stress, lately - And so have l.
Go away for a day or two with Nimi..
.. take her for a - what's it called? - a second-hand honeymoon.
Second honey moon.
Yeah that's what l mean.
lt'll make a world of a difference. l'll keep Raju.
Did the astrologer really say that?
Astrologer? About our past lives?
He did. Your Mummy-ii told you, didn't she?
So we've been together for two lives, at least?
No. He said you'd been pursuing me in the last one -
You only managed to get me this time around.
Oh really? Stupid!
Show me that blue one.
You won't find a Sari like this..
.. anywhere else in Jaipur. - l'm just going outside.
Ok.. and don't smoke.
Show me that one.. - Yes.
One pack, please.
Madam.. Meenakshi-ii..
See! l bought the blue one.
Doesn't the colour suit me? - Yes.
Were you smoking?
Um. Just one.
Naughty boy! You promised you wouldn't.
That Reshma will be so envious! See, feel it, it's so soft!
See! - Yes..
He has been chosen for the post of prime minister.
Now we have to wait to see who will be..
..appointed as the president of India..
ln Raiasthan's Lakhot district, the construction of a new..
.. water-sports complex for children commenced today.
The State Minister for Irrigation,..
.. Mr. P.P. Rathore was present on the occasion.
The foundation stone was laid by..
.. the Minister's wife Mrs. Meenakshi Rathore.
Mrs. Rathore is rarely seen in public due to health reasons.
However, she said that any development efforts..
.. for children must be supported in every way.
.. We'll give Mummy and Papa this tea set on Diwali..
They'll be so happy.
l wonder what Brii's been feeding Raju..
or teaching him. He himself barely scraped..
.. through school by cheating..
Poking your nose in affairs of the ministers..
.. and messing up with a dog is not a very good idea.
lf you do, then in the first case you have to inject..
..yourself for 14 times and the second, you are ruined.
But since the entire incident is in the past tense and..
.. the lady in question has paid you for your services.
l suggest you forget the matter. It doesn't matter who she was.
There was something else..
l think someone saw me that night.
Raiu! Come here.. How are you?
Brii. Not in front of the kid.
On the contrary, l am of the opinion that..
.. children should be exposed to the realities..
.. of life as early as possible.
Right, Raiu?
Yes Uncle!
But who was she?
What do they say in English?
Curiosity kills the cat.
ls there another bottle or did you drink it all?
Can l ask you a question? - Yes.
Do you remember that condom ad?
- Yes.
A little bit of caution goes a long way!
A little bit of caution goes a long way!
Satya Veer! Satya Veer, please stop!
My life is in danger. Please if..
iust a minute.
Just making sure you're real.
Been imagining all sorts of things lately -
Please. If something happens to me..
You know, there's this girl l see
No it's a woman
No, a girl. l see her.
l need you to remember my name - my real name is Manorama..
.. iust like your book..
Hold on. Sorry for interruption But did you really like my book?
Did you even read it?
Manorama. And l am 32.. Please. Remember
Please remember if anything happens to me. Please.
32? It that your age or your waist size?
Nimi, l'm going out. Need anything?
The name l was trying to forget had come back to haunt me.
This time not a heroine in a novel but a living, breathing woman.
And she betrayed me once again.
Raiu, want some iam on your toast?
Mummy-ii had called..
Are you listening?
Death of a social worker..
.. Manorama Shukla, who was part of an organisation..
.. campaigning against the Rajasthan Vikas Canal,..
.. was killed in an accident on the highway.
Preliminary investigations haven't indicated any foul play
though the police suspect it could be suicide.
lt's her. She committed suicide.
Nimi - if you were committing suicide,..
.. would you kill yourself by jumping in front of a truck?
l should tell you l don't have much inheritance coming my way.
lt's all going to Brii, unfortunately..
What's wrong with you? The paper said suicide.
You believe everything that the papers print?
You lied about a college education, didn't you?
Social worker killed.. if anything happens to me..
Please remember my name.. campaigning against the canal..
My name is Manorama and l'm 32 years old.
.. Who would be against bringing water to this desert?
But we believe that the Irrigation Minister Rathore is..
..using this promised canal only to win votes.
The 1981 water agreement between Punjab,..
.. Haryana and Rajasthan is in dispute..
And the other states are refusing to release water..
l'm sure l'll find all that in here. - Yes.
So, Manorama Shukla, was she also part of this protest?
Yes.. ?
Manorama Shukla was working in your organisation?
l'm sorry but l'm confused.
What's your article about?
lt's about your organisation but we need to ..
..have a human interest angle as well.
Like the suicide. It attracts the general audience and..
..this way we can get the readership for our socio-political views.
So, did she have any family here?
She was from Jaipur.
She lived here with a roommate..
The roommate's name? Maybe you have it written somewhere..
Thank you.
Ah. Here it is. Sheetal.
Sheetal.. and their address?
Remember the readers.. - Yes. Sure.
House 105, 1st Floor, Talati Haveli..
And you are.. ?
Satya Veer. Sorry. l needed to talk to you ..
You're not some kind of salesman, are you?
Because l have a bus to catch.
No. No. It's about Manorama - she was a client of mine.
l'm sorry but whatever you're saying doesn't make any sense.
Look, l can't tell you more here.
Manorama came to meet me the night she was killed.
She was in a state of panic.
What do you mean?
Manorama's suicide is not what it seems.
l'm sorry but l'm really getting very late.
My bus.
Was there anything unusual in the last few days?
Did she say anything?
Please try to recollect.
This is my home phone number.
lf you remember anything.. anything at all, call me.
lt's very important.
Satya Veer Randhawa.. the writer?
Your stop, get down. Come on, get in. Iet's go.
Yes. That's right. l'm her father,
Gyan Chand Shukla. 1990 - Year of graduation. Correct.
Are you sure? There's no Manorama Shukla in your records?
Could you check 1989 or 1991?
l'm sorry, there seems to be some confusion.
l'll call you back. Thank you.
Mrs. P.P. Rathore.
Meenakshi Rathore.
Manorama Shukla.
And now - apparently there's no Manorama Shukla either.
Who the hell was she, Nimi?
Take this. Come let's go.
Catch hold of him. The Bastard..
Get him!
You scoundrel!
Hey, wait! Stop there.
Hey wait or l'll shoot you.
Stop there. l am telling you to stop!
l'll shoot all the six bullets in you.
Yes, tell me. - Soldier.
You know peanuts are bad for your asthma, right?
Yeah! l know.
What did that woman tell you that night?
Speak the truth.
Were you banging her?
What woman?
Remember now?
Not so easily.
Can't hide your stomach from the midwife, jerk.
Won't talk? Won't talk?
Was she telling you a ioke? We want to hear it too!
Yeah, we want to hear it too. - Tell us!
Nothing, she didn't say anything. - Speak up.
She said nothing?! Asshole!
What did she say? Talk!
Your turn. You question him.
l don't know anything.
Can l shoot him?
Are you nuts?
Listen. - Just this one time.. Just once.
Three here.. At least three - please!
ldiot, If you kill him, how will we find out anything?
Here - break his fingers. Snap them in two.
l don't want to. You do it. - What?
l won't break them.
Do your own dirty work.
You're iust scared.
Wanna talk?
She iust..
All she said was that her name was Manorama.
And that her age was 32. That's all. l swear.
Why would the bitch tell you her age?
You weren't filling in a damn application form for her. Were you?
How should l know! l told you what she said!!
Give me your right hand. C'mon!
l don't know anything else.
l think he's telling the truth.
You shut up! Stupid Chicken! What do you have?
What do you have there?
Hey. Catch - Bike keys.
You mind your own business..
..from now on. OK?
And with full honesty.
Let's go water the canal.
What did you call me? Chicken?
Yes chicken, come let's go.
Had a wild night, huh?
You know why tourists go to Jaipur?
Because it's the pink city.
That's what we need - a pink city.
Nimi kept calling all night long.
You owe me one brother-in-law.
Doctor can't we hurry this up?
The entire state machinery is waiting for you.
Done doctor? Thank you Doctor.
And You know what's the icing on the cake?
Because of you, l'm not getting any pancakes today.
Those two. Why don't you find who they work for..
What's the point?
The maximum charge would be assault and battery.
They'd be walking free in 15 minutes.
Brii. We're not talking about an extra pancake here.
A woman's been murdered!
Really? And what proof do you have?
Any evidence? Anything?
As of now, the only provable crime is one of criminal trespass
Slowly sneaking into the minister's house illegally and spying.
Now, should l register a case?
We cremated her body yesterday.
No family members came forward.
Look, l'm still telling you she was murdered.
And l'm still telling you this is stupidity.
Go write a novel or something and stop playing detective.
And for your kind information,
we released the truck-driver involved in the accident.
lt was a simple accident case.
She ran out in the middle of the road.
lt was dark. He didn't see her and she got run over.
Sir, the commissioner is on air.
What does he want now?
l'll be right back.
Jayesh. Jayesh Pathak.
LIC and General insurance agent.
ln today's world, one needs adequate insurance coverage.
One never knows with life.
Anything can happen.
That's why l say
- A little bit of caution goes a long way!
What are you doing?
What do you want?
You could have asked me.
What do you want?
The Truck driver's name? His number?
l'll give it to you.
But one last time - then forget all this nonsense.
Look, l'll file a report for the stolen motorcycle, OK?
You won't even have to come to the police station.
No, thank you. It's ok.
Come on now, don't sulk.
lt's not that.
What is it then?
The thing is..
l - Uh - It was a 'gift' from Sima Construction.
lt's still registered in their name.
And with this department inquiry on..
This isn't for little fish like us. Understand?
These politicians are big fish.
And what do big fish like to eat?
Little fish.
That's right. Tell Nimi she owes me big time.
You know what Mummy-ii told me when we were getting married?
lf you keep your man happy in bed, he'll never stray.
You think that's true?
ls that ceiling fan more interesting than me?
SV, what have you got involved in?
OK. Whatever it is, it has to stop.
They could have killed you.
Or me. Or Raiu.
l'm going to Rohtak with Raiu.. with you or without you.
lt's not like you're ever here for us anyway.
So go then..
.. without me.
You're going to ride this bucket of bolts?
l thought you said you were going to Rohtak.
What do you care?
l called the insurance company office a million times Mr. Pathak.
We work 26 hours a day.
We run a very tight ship here.
You, come here!
Hey you, you think you're paid for smoking?
You know smoking is not allowed near those drums!
What's your salary?
800.. Here!
You're fired. No room here for your type
Go. Go on get lost.
That boy, how long has he been working here?
That boy? He doesn't work here.
He iust brought Iunch for Fateh Singh.
Shyam Lowry!
This is Mr. Pathak - from the insurance company.
Tell him about the accident. Ok.
We were coming back from a delivery - on the old Jaipur highway.
Suddenly this woman - she iust came running out of the dark
straight in front of my truck.
l iammed the brakes - but it was too late.
Every thing happened so quickly
. My cleaner, Bhura and l got out to check.
We checked her pulse. She was still alive
We put her in the truck and took her to the hospital
But - - she died on the way.
Was there anyone else there?
Where exactly on the highway was this? - Just before Sobara village.
Near the canal site?
This means we are not safe too.
This is astonishing.
Satya Veer-ii! - What's wrong?
Some men were trying to break into your house.
Luckily l noticed and raised an alarm.
Nimi and Raiu?
Nimi had gone to the market with Raju.
Aren't they back yet?
Nimi said she was Ieaving for Rohtak.
You weren't at home so she left a note for you.
Men realize the truth about marriage too late
That its not a single word, it's an entire thesis.
Mr. Editor
Yes sir, the story's almost ready.
Just a few days more. No.. Not later than that.
Seriously, without fail, yes.
Hello? Satya Veer-ii?
This is Manorama's roommate Sheetal.
l'm sorry to be calling so Iate but l'm really scared-
Someone iust tried to kill me.
What happened?
l came home early.. and there must have been someone inside..
l opened the door and someone hit me on the head.
When l came to..
Did you know Manorama well?
Just as a roommate..
lt'd been only a year since she'd come from Jaipur.
l've never met a writer before..
Where do you get story ideas from? Your cases?
l'm no detective.. this is iust..
That's pretty nasty
but it'll be fine.
Still, maybe you should see a doctor..
No. l'll be fine.
Shakuntala! Where's Shakuntala?
Did they take anything else?
No but all my papers from work, my college degree, etc, are ruined.
ls this your first case?
Somebody may have seen something.
Manorama and l lived alone.
The rest of the rooms are empty.
Where do you work?
At the Rathore Orphanage. l teach the kids.
Rathore? Any connection to the minister?
lt's part of the royal trust.
Mr. Rathore is our head trustee and chief donor.
That day - you said something about Manorama..
.. That it wasn't suicide.
l don't think they came here to kill you.
They were probably searching for..
..something - you just walked in on them.
Your mind is iust like detective Raghu's - razor sharp.
What if something had happened to Shakuntala?
What if they come back?
Do you have family or friends here?
l - l grew up in the orphanage.
Maybe - l could stay with you?
No. l'm sorry. l'm sure you have family at home
- It wouldn't be right to trouble them.
l'll take that.
Looks iust like a writer's home.
New friends.
My son Raiu's..
He's in Rohtak.. with my wife, visiting his grandparents.
How old is he?
My wife - Nimi.
And Brii Mohan - her brother.
Your moustache was quite splendid.
She's very pretty, your wife.
l'm sorry l've put you in a tight spot.
What will your neighbours say? And your wife..
A woman - a stranger - in the house..
Snakes and ladders! l love snakes and ladders!! You?
Sure. l play with Raiu all the time.
So, l think Manorama was trying to blackmail..
.. the minister with those photos you took
- And those people must have come to search for those photos.
But what was in the photos?
Was it something illegal?
l'm sorry, l can't tell you that. - Professional ethics.
Hey Fauii! Fauii!
At night, people play bedroom games and
this idiot here is playing Ludo.
And we are watching a dull reality show.
Shhhh Chhaila.
First learn the damn difference between Ludo and Snakes n Ladders.
Oh l'm sorry. Did the TV wake you up?
l iust love Cartoons.
What are you doing? Please, you don't have to do this.
lt's no big deal, l do it at home anyway.
Did you sleep ok?
l was a little scared.
You're safe here..
l know.
Breakfast is ready.
You didn't even call before leaving, Nimi.
l'm sorry for leaving so suddenly.
When are you coming back?
Why don't you come here for Diwali?
l can't come.
l spoke to Mr. Sharma in the department. He said
.. there was no reason you could not leave while on suspension.
l'm sorry l lied about that. At that time..
.. l couldn't bear the thought of Daddy-ji and Mummy-ji and
.. all the things they would say - about my suspension.
Ok forget that.. iust take a train and come here today.
And remember that tea set we got for Mummy-ji from Jaipur?
Get that along too, l forgot it there.
Nimi, l said l can't come.
You can't come, or don't want to come?
So you can prove she was murdered?
No Nimi. So that l can prove myself.
lt's the first time l've taken a decision in my life.
My career - Uncle decided that. Marriage?
Uncle decided. The Kid - You decided.
The kid? My decision? Really?
Raiu was born 9 months after the wedding. That was my decision?
Have you ever asked me how l feel about ..
running that stupid beauty parlour?
And running about after Raiu?
Have you ever thought that maybe l had dreams and ambitions too?
Why will you think about me?
Or are women not allowed that?
My decision, my foot.
You should have used a condom that first night!
Sorry, l broke your tea set. Was it very expensive?
No.. it's ok.
Today is our Annual Diwali function at the orphanage.
l don't have to get to work till later.
What time will you leave for work?
l don't have to go. l'm on leave for Diwali.
Then why didn't you go to Rohtak with your wife?
l had some writing to do and this Manorama case..
The breakfast was very good, l ate too much.
Please, let it be.
Shall we play Ludo now?
Uh - l need to get the scooter repaired.
Where's your new bike?
lt's at the mechanic's.
Nimi's left rather suddenly .. without informing you
ls everything alright at home?
Yes. Daddy-ii wasn't feeling well. But he's better now.
This is..
Sheetal. Satya Bhaiya's cousin. From Jaipur. Hello.
Listen! Last night there were some men outside your house..
Thank you.
Are you sure you'll be safe?
Here? Yes, of course. Please don't worry. Bye.
My esteemed friends in the opposition forget that
We live in a democracy -
And in a democracy, real power lies not with the ruling party
or the opposition
But with the people.
Our government is here because of the people.
l remember an old song.
lf you listen to the poor God will listen to you.
lf you give a little, He will give you in abundance.
Due to my wife's unfortunate accident -
She could not bear a child.
We have.. no child of our own.
Considering this as God's will.
We tried to immerse ourselves in community work for our people.
And God, in his infinite wisdom, has blessed us -
With the love of these innocent children.
This gave us the strength to start ..
.. work on the Rajasthan Vikas Canal
So that not iust these children -
- But every single child of this state may have
a brighter future ahead of them.
Thank you Honourable Minister for sparing your valuable time for us
And for your inspiring words.
We are very fortunate and honoured to have you as our patron.
As you know, Minister sahib has a place for these little children
not only in his heart but also at his home.
Now, if l could request you all to pray for little Deepti,
who has been missing for some days.
The prayers are coming out as my desires..
The prayers are coming out as my desires..
Let we burn like the candle which gives light to others..
Let we burn like the candle which gives light to others..
The prayers are coming out as my desires..
The prayers are coming out as my desires..
You were supposed to do something, right?
What about the iournalist? Wasn't he coming this morning?
l called him. The bastard was sleeping out a hangover.
He said he'd come in the afternoon.
You all stay out.
What was she doing here? l told you to keep away from her.
What do you want?
l need to get my dressing changed.
Come tomorrow.
Dr. Poddar?
He's at the Orphanage clinic.
l know, Madam. Actually, he asked me to speak to you.
Are you the iournalist?
Early, aren't you?
l need the media's help.
l want to be recognized - by my father.
Your father?
My name is Sameera Rathore.
P.P. Rathore is my father.
But l thought he didn't have any children.
Well.. l didn't know until a few months ago either.
Quite convenient to run an orphanage..
.. where you can hide your 'accidents'.
Please wait in the Doctor's office. l'll get the tea..
And your mother? Where is she?
She died when l was three.
My mother was his mistress.
Please excuse the crude word.
You have good taste in books.
Books? They are all Anil.. - Dr. Poddar's.
Give it to me.
l noticed he had hurt himself.. an accident?
Nothing maior. Please sit.
He cut his hand at work.
And his leg?
Polio since childhood.
l'm sorry. Perhaps l'm probing too much.
No. Please. It's your iob.
Journalists - Always probing about
One spoon.
So how did you find out?
l fell in love.
ln Love? - with Anil.
My father brought Anil from Jaipur about five years ago.
He is my father's personal physician.
And he also manages the clinic at the orphanage.
He told me the truth about myself.
And how did he know?
He stumbled upon the records in the orphanage.
Anil's family - they - they are conservative people.
They are opposed to the match because l am an orphan.
That's why l approached my father but..
.. he's worried about a scandal..
Not iust that. My mother was Muslim and..
my father, well, as you know,
is one of the star politicians of a right wing Hindu party..
What did he say?
What would he say? He's refused to accept me.
He reiected me - didn't even let me call him Papa.
The very next day the orphanage records were destroyed.
Now let the public decide..
if l deserve the right to my father's name or not.
Will you do that for me, Mr. Uphadyay?
Sameera - yes, she grew up in the orphanage.
l know her - but - l wasn't aware of her connection with Rathore.
Sameera herself only recently found out.
But Manorama had nothing to do with the orphanage.
l'm sure she didn't know Sameera..
.. or her connection to Rathore.
And in any case why would Rathore kill Manorama
for some photos of him arguing with ..
his alleged illegitimate daughter.
lt doesn't make sense.
Are you sure there was nothing else in the photographs?
Do you realize what my eyes are trying to tell you?
My eyes are talking, l know you are aware of it..
My life is incomplete without you..
l can't live without you..
The desires are melting..
..they are guest for couple of minutes..
Let the fire of love..
..burn in the eyes..
Shakuntala will miss her new friends so much when she returns home..
My Diwali vacations start today.
So the next time you go out..
investigating or whatever. Can l come along?
You'll get bored.
Really? l think it would be exciting.
l get it. You're worried -..
.. what if someone sees us together.
lsn't it?
The sickeningly small mentality of small towns
Here, a woman's life - or death - is less important
Than who she may or may not be sleeping with.
Sir, tell me.
The canal work is going to start again real soon..
l can guarantee that.
They've released two new Iand blocks for auction today.
The prices will double in just two weeks!
The canal will make this desert the new Dubai.
Sir, you don't have to worry.
Just say the word and l'll hold a plot for you.
Sir, where are you going? My money!
Where are we going?
l got a tip.
A tip? Are you a waiter?
Sorry, bad ioke.
Gentlemen, Plot number 302l4 is now Open for bidding.
The reserve price for this plot is Rs. 2 Hundred Thousand.
So come now, bid for the plot. Who will bid 2 Hundred Thousand?
l came to this auction today..
Two hundred thousand - One.
Two hundred and ten thousand. Two.
Three Lakhs!
Three Lakhs.
Three Lakhs.. one.
Three Lakhs.. two..
Three hundred and twenty five thousand.
Three hundred and twenty-five Thousand! one!
Three hundred and twenty-five Thousand, two!
Three hundred and twenty-five Thousand, three! Sold!
Where are you headed, grandpa?
What can l say? We are just moving along -
We'll go where our hunger takes us. Our land is gone.
What happened to your land?
l'm iust a peasant, son. All this land belongs to Rathore.
Our families worked this Iand for many generations..
.. eked out a living from this dry dirt -
But now this canal's coming - the Raja's barren land will yield gold..
There's no room for us or our hunger here now.
May God have mercy on us!
Shut up old man! Don't talk too much.

l told you it would be boring.
Who said l got bored?
l was iust passing by..
Thought l'd drop in and see how you were doing.
This is Sheetal. My cousin from Jaipur.
She's here for a few days.
From Jaipur?
Why, Forgotten me, already?
But l remember you from the wedding very well.
ln that handsome pink turban of yours,
you looked like you were the groom.
l don't remember.. it's been many years.
And anyway, marriages are hardly things to remember..
lsn't that so?
l was iust going to leave.. to get my hair cut.
Okay then. l'll come along and get some trimming done myself.
Brother-in-law, lose you hair. Just don't lose your pants..
Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
Hail Lord Ram and Goddess Sita.
Hey wait!
Scoundrel escaped!
Those goons were Rathore's men.
l saw them coming out of the party office.
Manorama knew that he was in the canal scam.
He would've tried to blackmail the minister with those photographs.
So that the canal is not constructed.
lt is clear that water will not pass through the canal.
Or the canal wouldn't be constructed at all.
Only the people will hope about it.
lf there is hope, then the land around the canal will hike in price.
Most of the land is in minister's name.
He will sell all that and move away from here.
Manorama knew everything about this, so she became a danger to them.
Rathore moved her from his way.
Yes, but the truck driver said that..
..nobody was present there.
l think you are right.
.. you need to think this over with a clear mind.
Hello Nimi. - Who? Oh. Brij.
..Remember my aunt in Jaipur. Her daughter.
Wake up! There's call. It's the doctor.
Doctor? What doctor?
Dr. Poddar, the one from the orphanage!
Why would he call me?
How did he get my number?
Dr. Poddar?
Dr. Poddar?
ls anyone there?
Dr. Poddar.
l hear there's been a fire cracker of a murder?
Double murder! A doctor and his fiancée.
Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali!
Happy Diwali!
The maid saw the murderer.
Damn idiot must have been counting his loot.
Left his fingerprints all over!
And don't forget the bike!
Yes! The Idiot ran away on foot!
Left his motorcycle behind in his panic.
Scoundrel would've pissed in his pants.
Please tell Brii Mohan, l had dropped by.
Excuse me.
The office is closed for Diwali. Please come back in two days.
l need to meet Ms. Sheetal. Can you tell me where l can find her?
Ms. Sheetal? - Yes.
l know her. l have some personal work.
Don't you know? She -
She's dead.
When did this happen?
Eight-ten days ago..
Eight-ten days ago!
Such a happy girl, but she committed suicide..
There she is.. Look at that smile.
That's Sheetal?
ls there another girl named Sheetal who works here?
No, why?
lt's all your fault.
l was only sent to Manorama's flat to search for the photos..
lf you hadn't mistaken me for Sheetal,
l wouldn't have had to play this game.
You are pretty good at games.
You used me for your purpose.
Look - Rathore iust wants the photos. You are in big trouble -
You needn't be if you just return the photos.
He has the proof with him.
They can prove you tried to blackmail ..
.. the minister with the photos for money.
You then tried to involve Sameera in your little scheme.
And when that didn't work - you killed her - and the doctor.
Your motorbike was found at the scene..
You're doing this for the money aren't you?
Not everything is done for money.
Happy Diwali, Chief!
Left high and dry are we?
Humpty and Dumpty are here too?
You'd better return those photographs..
l gave the roll to Manorama.
You know that!
Fond of playing detective, aren't you?
So go and find the damn photos..
Otherwise, l'll put a memorial photo of you on the wall.
Hello? Nimi?
Happy Diwali.
Oh well. At least you remembered me.
Happy Diwali.
l Know it's late - but l iust - l just wanted to hear your voice.
What's wrong?
l - l think l'm in deep trouble.
l told Daddy to have a word with Mr. Sharma in the department.
No, Mr. Sharma can't do anything.
SY - l'm missing you very much.
l wish l was there with you.
Do you remember our Jaipur trip.. our second honeymoon?
Yes.. SV, please come here.
Nimi, l can't come.
Please take care of yourself. l'll call later. Bye.
Did you understand, Jaipur?
Please check.. Under the name of Manorama Shukla.
Around the first of November..
Yes, l remember her.
The lady wanted to process the rolls herself.
.. said the photos were private.
l loaded the rolls and then went outside.
That's 350 for two rolls minus the advance. So - 200.
Two rolls?
She took one with her. Didn't your wife show them to you?
So, Mr. Randhawa, how was Diwali?
Please sit.
l'm trying to quit.
As should l. Nasty habit.
Well, l believe you're a writer of some repute.
l like people like you - who can think.
l think for my people too.
And Sameera -
Any thoughts for her?
Sometimes, personal sacrifices have to be made for the common good.
Like building a canal that will never carry any water?
You're a fine one to talk.
Suspended from work - for taking bribes..
Anyhow, let's talk about other things.
How are Nimi and Raiu enjoying their holiday in Rohtak?
Like l said, l'm always thinking about my people.
You disgust me!
You iust don't get it, do you Mr. Randhawa?
You're a small, petty man. -
With petty dreams, taking petty bribes, living a petty life.
The world is divided into two halves, Mr. Randhawa -
The rulers and the ruled..
The strong and the weak..
The hunter and the hunted.
Now, you can close your eyes and will it away but
That's the way it's always been and that's how it always will be.
Call it natural selection or the law of the jungle.
This is the natural order of things.
And who are you to try and change it?
And what gives you the moral authority to preach to me.
Truth be told, You remained a part of the system as long as
it seemed to serve your interests!
Nice, isn't she?
Want her?
Power and money. It's all about that.
ls this your idea of a ioke?
While these photos are certainly interesting - On the whole
- l'm not too amused.
l don't understand..
Don't test my patience, Randhawa.
Now - stop messing with me and get me those photos.
Manorama wanted me to take Some other pictures.
The photos that were in the second roll -
that Manorama took along with her from the photo studio.
Those photos hid a darker truth - but what was that truth?
Where were those photos?
And what was she trying to tell me that night?
My life is in danger..
My name is Manorama and l'm 32.
Please remember if anything happens to me. Please.
Thirty two.
32. Thirty two.
She wasn't filling in an application form, was she? -
Manorama.. iust like your book..
32.. Page 32.
The Hotel Manager's leery eyes
were glued to Manorama's voluptuous body.
Grabbing the keys, Manorama started towards Room 101 with quick steps.
What she didn't know was that this very room of Hotel Natraj
was going to prove to be her own coffin.
Today in Raiasthan, the controversy over
the Raiasthan Vikas Canal came to an end.
The Opposition parties have reached an agreement with
the ruling coalition over the construction of the canal.
ln a statement, the leader of the opposition, Mr. D.K. Saxena said
that the construction would soon resume keeping in mind
certain obiections that the opposition had..
The fog in my head began to clear.
Manorama's roommate, the real Sheetal, worked at the orphanage.
She noticed that little girls from the orphanage
were being sent to Rathore's house.
Sheetal sensed that something was wrong -
in the way the minister interacted with the children -
Not only that, but the orphanage was an accessory to the fact.
Sheetal voiced her suspicions to Manorama who decided
to use this information to stop the construction of the canal.
She hired me but l took the wrong photographs.
The next day, she went herself and clicked the photographs
- of the minister with that young girl, Deepti.
That night, something went horribly wrong and
the little girl died while at the minister's house.
She was buried in the safest place -
At the canal construction site.
The truth was before me -
the canal construction had stalled.
Then what was that fresh concrete block doing at the site?
Sheetal knew the truth so they got rid of her.
Manorama tried to blackmail the minister with the photographs.
But he was too smart for her.
He faked a meeting to discuss an amicable settlement..
..but instead set his thugs on her to retrieve the photos.
To acquire the photographs from her..
..they beat her mercilessly..
..but before they could Iocate the photographs..
Manorama escaped and accidently died under the truck.
Meanwhile Sameera was threatening to go public.
And even l was becoming a headache for Rathore.
The Minister killed two birds with one stone.
The Minister may have bought out the opposition,
but if these photos reach the press,
he will be finished - forever!
You're really slow on the drinks today brother-in-law..
here, have one more.
There's iust one thing that doesn't fit
How did Manorama..
.. and Dr Poddar..
know each other?
How many times did l try to make you understand..
A little bit of caution goes a long way!
But you iust don't get it.
Hello. Sacred Heart College?
Records department, please.
Let me in.
l have something that belongs to the Minister.
You can't go inside.
Sir, there is somebody who wants to meet the minister..
Let him in.
Nimmi had called - She's returning with Raju today.
l saved your life, SV.
They would have killed you. And your family.
Try to understand. l had to do it for all of us.
Welcome Mr. Randhawa. What can l do for you?
The safety catch is on.
Actually, do you even know what a safety catch is?
You forget Mr. Rathore -
l write detective stories.
Mr. Randhawa, using your pen is one thing,
Using a gun quite another.
l don't need to use this.
Your fate is already sealed.
Wait in my office. l'll be there.
How's Shakuntala?
And you?
l am standing in front of you.
l was eight years old..
This is the only life l've seen.
You could have left anytime and started afresh.
Who else do l have besides Mr. Rathore to call my own?
lt wasn't ever about the canal, was it?
Manorama and Dr. Poddar were brother and sister.
l called the college again. Manorama Poddar - Batch of 1990.
Manorama also worked for the Minister.
He needs his 'eyes' and 'ears' inside these NGOs.
But she became obsessed with getting her brother and Sameera married.
What was it you wanted to tell me?
That she was Manorama Poddar and not Shukla.
That she didn't really work for the NGO?
ln fact l was the one who..
.. planted her there. l know.
Neetu told me.
So Neetu still takes care of you.
Neetu, show me how you take care of him.
Show me.
Show me!
Leaving already?
Let me know if you change your mind!
Hey engineer! Look - Superman.
You know that Manorama was trying to blackmail you
To make you acknowledge Sameera as your daughter
So that Dr. Poddar and Sameera could get married.
Even though you beat Manorama mercilessly for the photos,
She still didn't tell you..
.. that Dr. Poddar was also involved in the blackmail plan.
They knew something about you that you don't.
Your property.
Being the sole heir, everything would go to Sameera.
and by default, to the Doctor and Manorama.
They were in a rush..
and the reason for their hurry was
your last health check up, Mr. Minister.
You have been silently dying for the last six months.
Cancer. Lung cancer
You really should have quit smoking.
Your doctor knew but didn't tell you -
He told you that you were suffering from a minor breathing disorder.
Those iniections you were getting..
They iust cover up the symptoms of your cancer.
They wanted to let you die..
You were right.
lt's all about power and money.
The natural order of things.
And now?
lt's already too late now.
What is it?
Why? What happened?
Spit it.
Spit it.
The big fish doesn't always win.
Sometimes - the little fish, it gets away.
Or an even bigger fish turns up.
The wheel of life - it just keeps on turning.
it iust keeps on turning.
Fauii! Fauii's dying!
And that's when l realized that,
in this whole sordid mess - there was only one innocent
iust one - and though she was under six feet of concrete -
She too had a god. .
A god who's there for all of us.
And If you really knock hard and say loudly -
Hello is there anybody home?
lt may take a long time,
sometimes a very, very long time
but eventually somebody's going to answer -
Another wild night?
..are thirsty..
Rain is coming..
ln the rain of tears there is a story of happiness..
The flower of happiness has bloomed..
Beloved who was lost in the crown, l've found him today..
This is a story of love..
O darling, let me drink..
..the peg of happiness..
Sometimes it rains in November, Nimi.