Internet Explorer 10 Overview

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 12.04.2011

Today I'm here with a first look at Internet Explorer 10. So yeah, you guys heard
me right, this is already Internet Explorer 10. Internet Explorer 9 just was released
not too long ago however Microsoft is already hard at work at the next iteration
of their browser so let me give you guys a quick little overview of what all is new.
Now before we begin anything I want to point this out, this is a Platform Preview,
this is not a beta, this is not an alpha, this is really really early in the development
and as such they are not using any UI at all, as you guys can see here this is just a
super super basic UI, don't worry this is not going to be what the final version of
Internet Explorer 10 looks like at all, this is just purely for testing the browser, I'm
sure they'll have a nice shiny UI with tabs and a back button and all of that kind of
good stuff a little bit later on. So there are a couple of key things that are brand
in Internet Explorer 10 let me demo them both for you. So the first one is support
for CSS3, now this is a pretty big deal of course a couple of the other major browsers
such as Firefox and Chrome now do support this and as you can see here Internet
Explorer 10 does as well so purely using CSS3 we can go ahead and take a look
at a couple of different gradients, if you're not really technically inclined you're probably
not going to know or care about what this means however if you're a web developer
it's definitely really nice to hear that Internet Explorer 10 is really staying right up
along with everyone else, not falling behind like they have done in the past.
Another benchmark I'd like to show you is the Fish Bowl, now again these are all
Internet Explorer 10 specific benchmarks however they do work in other browsers.
As you can see here this works really quite nicely, this fish bowl is basically an
HTML5 so this all is done in HTML5, there's no Flash or Java or anything like that
it's all running in HTML5 and it's being accelerated by the GPU. Now this is something
that Internet Explorer or rather Microsoft has been pushing with Internet Explorer
since the version 9 and they've improved the compatibility and all of that kind of stuff
in Internet Explorer 10. Now my screen recorder might show this looking a little bit laggy
but as you guys can see here it's running nice and butter smooth, about 50 frames
per second, really quite nice. Now as far as speed tests and all of that kind of stuff
this has only come out this morning so I haven't had my time to run all of the tests
I would like to, however I've spent about an hour or so testing it against a couple
browsers as well as Internet Explorer 9 overall I've got to say it's really impressively
fast, now I wasn't expecting too much out of this obviously Internet Explorer 9 just
finished up, they haven't had a whole lot of time to work on it but what the tweaks
and mods and all of that kind of stuff that they've done has substantially increased
the speed. It seems to be a decent bit faster than Internet Explorer 9 and even in
some tests it is approaching or even surpassing Chrome 10 which is pretty much
the fastest browser around so definitely very good news, looks like that Microsoft is
going to continue to keep an eye on the speed and not let Internet Explorer
fall behind the pack like they have done in the past. Anyway guys that's it for my
first look at Internet Explorer 10, if you're interested in learning more feel free
to download it for yourself, I will have a link in the description of this video,
you can download it. It is available for both Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7
so download it, give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below.